Aso Ebi Styles For A Classic Look (Best Collection)

Aso ebi styles which are usually uniformly worn by a group of people in Nigeria for special occasions is the trend today. Everywhere you turn, whether in a wedding ceremony or during festivals, you see people looking classy adorned in different styles. It’s the trend. Hardly will you walk a step the street without seeing one beautiful lady looking all glamorous in the lace style.

This latest fashion trend does not only make you unique, but it also shows you as a woman of quality taste. People see you in an owambe and the next thing is, they want to have a picture with you. Some might even seek your permission to feature you in their fashion magazine. And gbam! You’ve become a star! Yes, that’s the least of what wearing a nice aso ebi or lace style can do for you.

Besides making you fashionable and classic, the aso ebi lace materials always are timeless and durable. Unlike fashion trends that come and go, the lace styles are here to stay. It’s been around for a while and will remain so, as long as people continue to thirst for quality clothing materials and styles.

We know Nigerian guys won’t stop rocking the Ankara style or the Atiku shirts, but the ladies are the real deal here when it comes to taking fashion to the next level.

Want to look classic and fashionable on every occasion? Want to be the focus of all eyes at an event? We gat you. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 different aso ebi styles and the latest lace designs that will give you the best look everywhere you go.

But before we delve into the collection proper, let’s have a quick look at how you can rock the trending fashion styles.

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Wearing Your Aso Ebi Or Lace Design In Style

First, let’s talk about colour. If you’re the type that likes colour, good news for you. The aso ebi or lace style comes in different colours. Whether you are a man or woman, you can rock pink, green, white, orange or gold. Depending on your choice or taste, the different colours of the materials can suit your goals perfectly.

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For a classier look, you can wear your aso ebi styles in different shades of colour and accessories. You can rock the lace design with fashionable glasses. If you’re a lady, you can top it with matching high heels and nice jewellery.

Apart from these, you can wear your aso ebi style with…

  • Flip flops and pumps.
  • Hijabs
  • Long curls
  • Straight hair
  • High necks
  • Ruffles and fringes

But really the choice is yours.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride or the groom or the best man or maid of honour, you can slay the aso ebi style or the lace design anyhow you want it. And be sure to get a perfect look.

Now let’s delve into the 10 trending aso ebi styles.

The 10 Aso Ebi Styles And Lace Designs For A Classic Look

If you’re looking to rock the aso ebi style or lace design for your next wedding or coronation or even a political event, check out the following collection.

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#1: The Blue Fly Aso Ebi

Fabulous, glamorous and glittering are the right words to describe this beautiful aso ebi style. With this wonderful outfit, you cannot escape being the cynosure of all eyes at that event you’re planning to attend.

It’s fitting for all types of occasion, whether it’s an owambe party, like a wedding ceremony, birthday party, naming or even a coronation event. Once topped up with nice jewellery, the gown provides a premium look that gives deserving attention.

For a flawless and classic look, you can slay in this blue fly aso ebi style with moderately done red lipstick. A nice pair of shoes that rhymes with a blue outfit will be a perfect match.

This is the number one aso ebi style and it’s trending. You might want to give it a try and rock it like the star that you are.

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#2: The Green Lace Style

What better way to rock the aso ebi style especially the green lace design than in uniform with friends and loved ones? With this style, you’re not only going to look smart and elegant, but you’re also going to have that classy look. So it’s not surprising that the green lace style makes it to the top 2 here.

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#3: The Pink Vibe 

Rock the pinky vibe aso ebi style and you instantly wonder why “all eyes on me” at that owambe party. This trending design is not only classy, it is also fitting for all types of events. Whether you’re attending a naming ceremony or wedding, this outfit is designed to give you the proper feel of a queen. It goes well with a nice handbag and beautiful jewellery.

aso ebi styles

#4: Unique Dinner Gown 

For a distinctive look, wearing the dinner gown aso ebi style is your best bet. You can wear it to parties looking unique and stylish. Not to talk of the orange flowing part that looks like a skirt, this flowing gown aso ebi is perfect for your wardrobe.

With its simplicity and elegant design, this aso ebi style is cool on straight hair. And if you choose to wear a turban head style, it’s great as well. It can also go with stylish gold earrings.

aso ebi styles

#5:  Formal Occasion Style

The formal occasion aso ebi is best for your proms, parties, weddings and other owambes. Wearing it alone brings out your natural beauty and makes you stand out at any event. You can adorn it with a cool silver bracelet. You can also rock it with high heels. Either way, the formal occasion aso ebi enhances inner beauty and brings out the elegance in you.

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#6: Stylish Light Pink 

You can rock this aso ebi style in many ways. Whether with gele or with flowing hair, it is cool. It is most fitting for weddings and other owambe parties. You can slay in it wearing a nice necklace and a beautiful gold wristwatch to match. Just get your pink lipstick on and you’re good to go.

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#7: The Flowing Gown 

This nicely curved flowing aso ebi style is all you need to rock your prom party. It will give you an elegant look as you attend that wedding. Its beaming colour is enough to make people look twice as you walk by greeting guests at the party. You can rock it with a silver necklace. It’s a cool vibe.

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#8: The Purple Lace Design

Elegant, superb and classy, the lace aso ebi style is perfect for all your outings. The lace material makes it a beautiful blend and the purpleness of it brings out a unique look. With nice headgear, the style is classic and beautiful.

aso ebi styles

#9: The Purple Net Style

The elegant purple aso ebi style is cool for all kinds of parties. The brown laced design makes you stand out at a party anytime. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe. Rocking it with nice jewellery and beautiful headgear or scarf can be fantastic. With classic shoes and sparkling jewels to go, you will be the focus of all eyes at the party.

aso ebi styles

#10: Formal English Style

Wrapping up this list of aso ebi style is the formal English aso ebi style. This style is so unique and elegant it doesn’t really require many embellishments. With this cool colour, you can rock it with a beautifully adorned scarf. It also goes with nice classic heels.

aso ebi styles

Whether you’re attending a party, a wedding or a coronation ceremony, rocking any of these carefully chosen latest aso ebi styles won’t be a bad idea. In short, you will look so classy and elegant popular fashion magazines would like to feature you.

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