10 Best Crepe Material Gown Styles In Nigeria

If you follow fashion trends, you must have heard about crepe material gown styles in Nigeria. And if you’re here because you’re looking for relevant information about the latest crepe material gown styles in Nigeria, welcome, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’re about to roll out the best crepe material gown styles in Nigeria. But before we list them, what is a crepe gown? We’ll answer that next.

What Is a Crepe Gown?

A crepe dress is sleeky. It’s a nice affordable gown, usually smooth, elastic and draping beautifully. The crepe fabric can be described as a flowy, flashy and striking material to the eyes.

It’s often sewn in the wedding style gown. Brides often use them for their wedding dresses. It’s loved for its quality in thickness, comfortability, elasticity, versatility and uniqueness.

Again, it’s been asked a couple of times if the crepe fabric is good. Let’s briefly talk about that too.

Is Crepe Fabric Good?

Crepe is a soft, smooth fabric. It gives a crinkled, pebbly surface. Crepe material adores you in a slim, elegant appearance. It’s a great fabric for formal events and ceremonies. However, some prefer to wear this material daily as it doesn’t need to be ironed all the time.

Also, its nature is such that it hardly ever appears rough. Moreover, the material is soft and very comfortable for women.

That said, let’s proceed to look at the top 10 crepe material gown styles in Nigeria.

Types of Crepe Fabric

Crepe can be made with a couple of natural and synthetic fibers. Common crepe types include:

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1. Areophane Crepe: This material is usually delicate. It’s often used for blouses, embellishments and dresses.

2. Canton Crepe:  This crepe fabric is from China. It’s used to make Asian-style garments.

3. Crepe de Santé:  This is usually a rough, rustic weave crepe.

4. Crepe Georgette: This crepe fabric is silk-like and is elastic. It’s often used for evening wear and bridal gowns.

5. Heavy Stretch Crepe: This is a scuba-like crepe material. It’s used in form-fitting silhouettes.

6. Spandex or Scuba Crepe:  Almost like the heavy stretch crepe, this smooth crepe is thick, luxe and elastic.

At this point, let’s proceed to examine the top 10 best crepe material gown styles in Nigeria.

The Top 10 Crepe Material Gown Styles in Nigeria

1. Wavy Crepe Gown Style

crepe material gown styles in nigeria

The wavy crepe gown style is a full gown with wavy finishing covering the legs. It’s best for events such as birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

Based on choice, it could also be worn on formal occasions. When you attend a ceremony or family meeting with this crepe gown style, eyes of admiration will be set on you. It’s a nice outfit you should consider to go out in, one of these days.

2. Ankara Crepe Gown Style

Just as its name implies, the Ankara crepe gown style has a mix of Ankara which gives it a unique look and a touch of African culture.

So, if you want a crepe gown style with a uniqueness of cultural elegance and style, choose the Ankara crepe gown style. It’s amazing for ceremonies, anniversaries, events, family meetings, and Friday wear.

3. Short Crepe Gown Style

Obviously,  the short crepe gown style is a  moderately short crepe gown style. It gives you a feeling of smartness and that official appearance you love. You can wear this on formal meetings, occasions and events.

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4. Bridal Crepe Gown Style

The bridal crepe gown style is sewn for brides on their wedding occasion. It’s a nice style and is used for wedding gowns.

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At times, women in the bridal train use the bridal crepe gown style for wedding events. And guess what? It’s always been a unique appearance and experience of compliment for them!

5. Indian Sari Crepe Gown Style

Have you seen an Indian Sari crepe gown style? If you watch Indian movies you must have seen something like this before.

The Indian sari crepe gown style is often worn by Indian women on their wedding events as well as other ceremonies.

6. Office Crepe Gown Style

Office crepe gown styles are nice and fitting to be worn to the office. The office crepe gown style includes full jumpsuits and formal crepe gown style in unique designs.

What’s more? It leaves you stunning in a thinning appearance.

The crepe is therefore an incredible fabric that can be designed for office needs, not just birthdays and informal parties or other events.

crepe material gown styles in nigeria

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7. Nightwear Crepe Gown Style 

There are crepe material gown styles used for night wears. They are usually soft, free and flowy. They’re comfortable to sleep in.

If you’re considering something nicer than just plain clothing for the night, go for uniqueness. You’ll get it with a nice nightwear crepe gown style.

8. Stretch Crepe Gown Style

The stretch crepe gown style has stretchy designs that make it look appealing and nice on the body. It’s usually full and curvy, revealing the beauty of the Nigerian woman. As one the crepe material gown styles in Nigeria, this design is unique and classy.

Consider this classy, nice attire for your next event or occasion.

9. Flowered Crepe Gown Style

The flowered crepe gown style in Nigeria has flower designs in its material.

Do you like flowers a lot? And would you like to have clothing that expresses your likes? You can get the flowered crepe material for a flowered crepe gown style.

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10. One Shoulder Crepe Gown Style

As the name indicates, the one-shoulder crepe gown style leaves one shoulder down in its making. This could be a short or long gown.

But the one shoulder (either the right or the left) is left armless. It’s majorly worn for events, fashion shows and occasions.

10 Best Crepe Material Gown Styles In Nigeria 1

More crepe material gown styles in Nigeria for you.

10 Best Crepe Material Gown Styles In Nigeria 2crepe material gown styles in nigeria

Wrapping Up

Crepe material gown styles in Nigeria are one of the latest fashion trends these days. The above types we’ve mentioned are the top best crepe styles out there. And if you’re thinking of sewing a beautiful gown, you can look through the above crepe gown styles for your fashion ideas.

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