15 Awesome Mattress Sizes and Prices In Nigeria

There are various ways by which individuals sleep but the best sleeping is one that provides comfort. That’s why we’ve listed in this post the mattress sizes and prices in Nigeria for you.

We understand that a snug bed gives a positive result after a nap. So, this article will help you with a guide on mattress sizes and prices in Nigeria.

A good mattress will support the body system to be set and keep the spine in a neutral position, regardless of the sleeping position: lying on the back, front, or side. Although there is good etiquette to follow before sleeping, our concern here is you sleep on the right bed for maximum enjoyment.

Mattress sizes and prices in nigeria

The reason why the mattress sizes and prices in Nigeria would be shared is to help you discover easily a high-quality mattress or one that suits your body with adequate support and comfort which allows your body deep and restorative sleep. The first way that mattresses improve overall health and sleep is by increasing the deep and restorative sleep levels that are achieved after having a long day. Sleeping on the ground is out of discussion even though it isn’t a bad idea once in a while.

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To ease the task, mattress sizes and prices in Nigeria from Mouka products would be selected. Counting on the capability of the individuals in need, these are the simplest options. Other brands that produce awesome mattresses in Nigeria include Vitafoam.

Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Mattress

Research suggests that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress, especially one with adjustable firmness, promotes comfort, proper spinal alignment, and quality sleep. If body aches and pain are a priority for an individual, research suggests that the surface slept on makes a difference in one’s comfort. Therefore, the simplest is to sleep on a comfy bed set.

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Student Mattress Prices in Nigeria

Details on student mattress sizes and prices in Nigeria could be fetched easily on this blog. This is often just an addition to the above-listed awesome mattress sizes and prices in Nigeria. It’s much easier for students to get this little-sized mattress of their choice because of their temporary stay on campus.

Comfortable bedding helps you fall asleep faster. When comfort is assured, the body feels relaxed, and falling asleep is made easy. Having a congenial foam helps to remain asleep longer. This is like having a comfortable mattress, and cool bedding with a dark and quiet sleep environment.

Mattress sizes and costs in Nigeria could also be found on online markets like Jumia and Konga.

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Benefits of Using Good Mattresses

The following are the benefits of using a standard mattress.

1. It supports the back and eliminates pain

The spine gains the most with a firm mattress. The mattress supports the natural curves of the spine and keeps it in a neutral position that gives relief to the back while sleeping through the night.

2. Less motion transfer

If a mattress is too soft, one might often find himself tossing and turning to find a comfortable position. This in turn may cause a lot of disturbance to the other person who shares the bed. A firm mattress provides the right kind of support reducing the toss and turn. It also cuts off motion, to give a restful sleep. Memory foam mattresses or firm mattresses with a pocket spring base are good at curbing motion transfer.

3. Rejuvenates the body

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is important for the body to rejuvenate and repair itself. While sleeping, cells are re-established in the body, and hormones are activated. This is why proper sleep is critical to maintaining good health. With a firm mattress, peaceful sleep is achieved.

4. Easy accommodation of multiple styles of sleep

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A firm mattress can fulfill the sleeping requirements of several types of sleepers such as back and stomach sleepers. People who prefer sleeping on their back often find a firm mattress more comfortable than a soft mattress. This happens because a soft mattress triggers lower back pain as it leaves a gap between the mattress and the lower lumbar region.

5. Uniform weight distribution

Body weight is not equally distributed on a soft mattress, leading to an inadequate alignment of muscles and joints. In contrast, a firm mattress offers sufficient support to the entire body and distributes the weight uniformly. This helps the body relax and recharge so the individual can rise up with more vigor the next day.

6. Firm mattresses deter bed sores

A firm mattress is known to relieve pressure points which in turn wards off bed sores. When the weight is uniformly distributed, less stress will be applied to the pressure points causing the body to uncoil and rest more naturally.

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Mattress Sizes and Prices in Nigeria — (Mouka Foam Series)

1. Mouka Super Mondeo (84 by 84 by 10): N65,000 to N70, 000

2. Mouka Sunrise Mattress (Basic Density): N37, 000 to N42,000

3. Mouka Semi Orthopedic Mattress: N49,000 to N55,000

4. Mouka for kids (Zippy Kids Mattress): N33,330 to N38, 000

5. Mouka Comfy Plus (Basic Density): N30,000 to N32,000

6. Mouka Fantasia Mattress: N65,000 to N70,000

7. Mouka Legend (75 by 84 by 10 inches): N42,000 to N50, 000

8. Mouka Orthopedic Foam (Big): N115,000 to N125,000

9. Mouka Legend 6 by 6 ft (8-inch height): N48,000 to N55,000

10. Mouka Legend 6ft by 7ft (14-inch height): N100,000 to N110,000

11. Mouka Legend 6ft by 6ft (8-inch height): N60,000 to N70,000

12. Mouka Legend 6ft by 4.5ft (10-inch height): N55,000 to N60,000

13. Mouka Regal 6ft by 6ft (20-inch height): N250,000 to N300,000

14. Mouka Regal 6 by 6 ft (12-inch height): N165,000 to N190,000

15. Mouka Regal 6 by 6 ft (14-inch height): N200,000 to N240,000

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Bottom Line

Sleeping on a mattress is more soothing than on any other surface.  A mattress, in its simplest form, is a sleeping system with different parts which work together to do two main things:

  • It provides comfort
  • It provides support even in different sleeping positions.

Sleeping on the ground may cause body pains, hence the need for a mattress. But if there’s no financial strength, a naked mattress may be a good option if the original one is found. It’s also comfy and fluffy for proper healthy sleep.

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