5 Nigerian Influencers You Should Follow On Social Media Today

If you’ve been on social media lately, you will notice these young, brilliant, and vibrant Nigerians shaking the internet with their engaging posts. Though there are others doing what they do, theirs are exceptional.

Here’s why.

  • They don’t give a rat ass about sentiments when they make their opinions known
  • They’re not doing it for the money
  • If you’re following them on any of the social media platforms where they hang out, you’d be blessed

And nope, by “influencers” here, we’re not talking about social media celebrities who post all kinds of stuff on social media for clout’s sake.

These are exceptionally selfless Nigerian influencers who’re helping people improve their lives.

We have proof of people who have been blessed by this set of brilliant Nigerians though they’ve only ever known them on social media.

This leads us to the next point.

Why Are You On Social Media?

Of course, people hang out on social media for several reasons. Some try to connect with friends and family members. Some do it to catch cruise! Others use it for business purposes. And for some, it is the place where they meet their destiny helpers.

But all together, we can’t underestimate the power of social media especially prominent ones like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in achieving all or more of our goals above.

So, the question is, what do you do on social media?

Or rather, whom do you follow or hang out with on social media?

All of these questions would make you decide (well, after we must have revealed these Nigerian influencers) how well you want to utilize your social media time.

Who Could These Influencers be?

nigerian influencers

Well, if you want to know, you gotta keep reading. 🙂

Actually, here are a few of the powerful qualities of these young Nigerians shaping lives positively on social media. Hopefully, at this point, you can begin to take a guess and imagine who they might be — if you’d like to!

These 5 awesome Nigerians affecting lives positively, engaging, and bringing the best out of people on social media have got the following amazing qualities, according to our research.

1. They have advanced in their careers

2. They’re selfless in their posts and engagement

3. They’re passionate about your success

4. Sentiments do not drive them

5. They’re consistent

Having looked at how to spot them, let’s now check out where exactly they hang out?

Where Do the 5 Exceptional Social Media Influencers Hang Out The Most?

While all of them use all the major social media platforms, they’re however more active on some than the others. For all we know, all of these people are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but not all are active on all these platforms. But don’t you worry, we’re here to help you identify the spot where each of these social media stars spends time the most.

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Now, shall we begin?

The 5 Exceptional Nigerians Touching Lives Positively On Social Media

They’re fierce, determined, focused, consistent, and highly inspiring. These 5 Nigerian online entrepreneurs have and are still making a tremendous impact in the lives of social media users. They give real-time, value-added advice, and are a source of inspiration to many.

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Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, we present you with a brief intro into the lives and impacts of these young, influential Nigerians impacting lives on social media.

  • Suraj Oyewale (Jarus)
  • Daud Sulaimon Abiola
  • Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
  • Remedy Nwankwo
  • Ismaila Adeleke

1. Suraj Oyewale


Suraj Oyewale aka Jarus is the founder of Africa’s biggest career blog, Jarushub. A chartered accountant with vast experience in the oil and gas sector, Suraj is a Social Media influencer with a passion for sharing tips and advice on navigating Nigeria’s labor market and advancing careers. His social media presence has been felt far and wide, especially among job-seekers and people who desire a career change in Nigeria. Needless to say, he has helped and still continues to help a teeming number of followers on social media, especially on LinkedIn discover themselves, and overcome their biggest challenges with regard to career and securing good jobs. He is no doubt an inspiration to many and no wonder he tops our list of exceptional Nigerians who are impacting their world. His LinkedIn walls are filled with amazing posts that will inspire and bring out the best in you. He constantly rolls out engaging posts about his personal experience, career moves, and lessons. In short, Suraj Oyewale gives real-time ideas on how to navigate the murky waters of the Nigerian labor market.

Are you even on social media if you’re not following Jarus!

LinkedIn: Suraj Oyewale

Twitter: @SirJarus

2. Daud Sulaimon Abiola


Call him the Freelancer encyclopedia and you wouldn’t be mistaken. Here is a man who knows the freelancing world like the back of his hand. When it comes to earning online from the comfort of your home, there has never been a guy better to point you in the right direction than Daud. He has practically helped thousands of people succeed through the freelancing lifestyle. Young and vibrant, Sulaimon’s passion to see people excel and actually earn money online working remotely is incredible. Every single one of his posts is laced with practical steps and tools that you can actually use to succeed as a freelancer wherever your country of residence though his focus is on Nigeria. His vast knowledge in the freelancing industry has exposed him to a wide array of networks that he dashes out to his teeming followers, just to spur them on — as many Nigerian youths still see earning legitimate money online as a myth.

Daud Sulaimon Abiola popularly called OmoAlhaja is the founder of Zero to $5k in a Month, a Telegram community peopled with hungry and hardworking Nigerian graduates who are willing to change their current financial realities by engaging in a legitimate online work lifestyle. When asked why he was so passionate about helping Nigerians make money online by offering digital skills, Abiola said (in one of his social media engagements) that he was usually disheartened by the negative news of Nigerian youths engaging in an illegal online hustle. And he wanted to become the reason many other youths looking up to these Yahoo Boys did not eventually join them; he wanted to let them know there was an alternative, that’s even more rewarding.

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Go on Abiola’s Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, and you would marvel at how much of the freelancing resources are at his disposal. And he has ever been so generous with them. From sharing resources on skills to acquire to teaching how to pitch potential clients, and writing a winning proposal, his Facebook and Twitter posts are — no exaggeration intended — much more beneficial and implementable than all of the resources any Freelancing guru out there could ever sell to you. You can read that again!

Facebook: Daud Sulaimon Abiola

Twitter: @omoalhajaabiola

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3. Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze_Nigerian_Influencers_You_should-follow

Another Social Media destiny helper is the exceptional Nigerian named Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. Her posts on social media are witty and thought-provoking. She has a camaraderie around her that makes you glued to her like a leech the moment you chance upon her Facebook post. You’re almost immediately drawn in by her simplicity, open-mindedness, and of course originality. She is so real that when you read her post, you feel connected in a way that looks like you’re in front of her listening. And best of all, when she reveals new strategies, she holds nothing back. The way she throws life-changing ideas open on Facebook, you’d wonder if that’s even possible.

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is the founder of Accountinghub. An astute digital marketer, she has helped many small business owners leverage the power of online marketing to upgrade their businesses. If you’re keen on making a positive turnaround in your business, you should waste time on Facebook no more. Chioma’s posts come in handy.

Facebook: Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

4. Remedy Nwankwo


I dare you to open your Facebook app and punch in the name: “Remedy Nwankwo”, and what you will see will blow your mind!

Bloggers abound in Nigeria and several of them have got unique, great attributes that have made their readers and followers stick with them. But of all bloggers we’ve known, Remedy Nwankwo seems to us the most real, transparent, and selfless. When reading any of his posts, you should notice a sense of connection that’s rare with Nigerian bloggers.

According to our research, he remains the first and only Nigerian blogger who will share mind-blowing, premium blogging strategies on YouTube, without leaving anything behind. Hardly would any serious-minded person watch the 9 video clips and still remain a newbie blogger. If this is not selflessness, we wonder what else is!

The founder of Skillar Academy, a reputable online learning platform for Nigerians, Remedy Nwankwo, also known as, The Zaddy of Abuja, is a successful blogger and digital marketer. His Facebook posts are so inspiring that you can’t check them out without catching the fire of his ever-consistent positive vibes and thought-provoking ideas.

Wonder what you’re doing on Facebook if you’re not already on his timeline.

Facebook: Remedy Nwankwo

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5. Dr. Ismaila Adeleke


If there is anything that sells the most in Nigeria today, it is anything linked to living abroad. Is it any surprise when almost every aspect of life in the country has become a privilege, including feeding?  Not to talk of much bigger problems like electricity, hitch-free tertiary education, pipe-borne water, and stable and affordable internet access, to mention just these few ones.

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This is why this man, Dr. Ismaila Adeleke, is a destiny helper. And he has been for a long time to many young and vibrant Nigerian youths that recent happenings in the country keep renewing their hope for their japa dream. Don’t stress yourself any longer, we’re all aware that the best route to finding yourself living abroad is education. Apply to study abroad, get admitted, apply for a scholarship and the rest is history. Thousands of proof of successful Nigerians who have gone through this means abound.

If you’ve been paying huge amounts of money to fraudulent agents or have been defrauded in the past, worry no more. Everything you need to know to speed up your japa dream from Nigeria through the study-abroad route is right there on Dr. Ismaila Adeleke’s Twitter feeds. If you’re not yet there, you’re on a long thing! Without the need to even reach out to him at all, you can follow his posts and gain admission into any of these great schools in the US, the UK, Canada, and others without a hitch.

Twitter: @Dr_Adeleke

LinkedIn: Ismaila Adeleke

The Bottom Line

Social media is a great tool for different activities. Catch fun, make friends, make money, show off, and every other thing we use it for. But as a Nigerian with the Naija spirit of determination for greatness, we think social media could be an avenue for you to attain success in every area of your chosen endeavor. That’s why we’ve gone through the rigors of carefully researching for you the 5 exceptional Nigerians who are destiny helpers on social media. We hope you find gold in it.

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