Top 9 Accredited Private College Of Health Technology In Nigeria

If you’re looking to study health technology in any Nigerian private college, here is a list of the accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria you should consider.

First, let’s have a look at some of the key terms.

What Is Health Technology?

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), health technology means to apply organised knowledge and skills to improve life and health. Devices, mechanisms, medicines and vaccines are integrated especially to derive technical approaches to solving health issues.

Why Health Technology?     

Health is wealth, so goes the saying. Technology in health has helped to extensively develop the Nigerian health sector today. Diseases and infections are diagnosed early. Solutions are proffered with the aid of research and practical technology provided.

3 Notable Ways Health Technology Has Improved The Nigerian Health Sector

1. Improves Public Health

Public health has tremendously improved over the years in Nigeria. Researches and experiments are enhanced by technology. General healthcare measures are facilitated. Data is tracked easily to focus on exact areas needed to be cared for.

2. Aids Research For New Treatments

With the aid of technology, research is consistently carried out. New discoveries occur, drugs and new treatments are introduced and health care is developed.

3. Predicts Epidemics

An epidemic is an outbreak of the infectious disease in a particular place at a period of time. With health technology, great insights are provided using several digital health records which help to suggest the possibilities of an epidemic and likely measures to be taken.

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Having read the above, let’s take a sneak peek into the history of the private college of health technology in Nigeria.

History of Private College of Health Technology in Nigeria

Generally, the college of health technology in Nigeria first existed in the 1970s. it was founded to train professionals to fill vacant positions in health care units across the country.

Political figures and policymakers tried to enhance health infrastructures to major on curative strategies. With time, health technology gained prominence and support. With the aid of Professor Oyikole Ransom Kuti, the Minister of Health in 1985, 52 local governments adopted Public Health Care services (PHC).

All of these culminated into creating more colleges of health technology in Nigeria. Most popular are the federal and state colleges, after which the private colleges emerged and became recognised over the years.

Now, let’s dive into the main story, the 9 accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria.

accredited private college of health technology in nigeria

The 9 Accredited Private College Of Health Technology In Nigeria Best For You

if you’ve been searching for an accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled for you this list of 9 accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria.

1. Fabotas College Of Heath Science And Technology

Located in Ado Ekiti, Fabotas College of Health Science and Technology is an institution set up to enhance students’ ICT skill towards improving health care services. The various areas of learning available in this college include Community Health, Environmental (ND & HND), Dental Surgery, Health Information Management (ND & HND), Pharmacy, Medical Lab, Health Assistant and Medical /Health Technician.

2. Garu Islamic College Of Health Technology

In Bauchi State, a recognized college of health technology you should consider is the Garu Islamic College of Health Technology. The three departments available in this institution include:

  • Environmental health department (EHD)

Under this department are 2 courses named Environmental Health Technician (ETH), and Environmental Health Assistant (EHA)

  • Health information management department (HIMD)
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In this department, you can offer a course on Health Information Technician.

  • Health Education department

In this department, you can offer a course in Health Education and Promotion, or study to be a certified health educationist.

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3. POGIL College Of Health Technology

Located in Ijebu Ode, Oke Eri Road is POGIL College of Health Technology. Available in the institution is the department of community health extension worker which provides these programmes: Diploma in Community Health Extension Workers and Certificate in Junior Health Extension Workers.

In two to three years, you’ll complete either programme and you will be certified health personnel in Nigeria.

4. Steduron College Of Health Technology

Do you want to spend quality time with intelligent teachers and mingle with students with great minds? Then, consider one of the accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria, Steduron College of Health Technology.

Community Health, Health Promotion and Education, Environmental Health Technology and Health Assistant are the courses you can offer in this institution.

5. Wecare College Of Health Technology

Do you dream of becoming a health technologist? Wecare College of Health Technology got your back. This health technology institution is located at Iperu-remo in Ogun State. As a top approved private institution in Nigeria, it commenced operations in September 2016. It aims to bridge the gap between rural and urban health workers and to increase functional and practical educational system in Nigeria.

6. Crestfield College Of Health Technology

Crestfield College of Health Technology was established by founders with substantial experiences in health care services at the state level. Due to high admission demands, Crestfield was created to serve students who aspire to pursue a career in the field of health technology.

7. Millennium College Of Health Technology

Located in Aaye Community, along Oda road, Akure, Ondo State, Millennium College of Health Technology is known to provide quality health education at affordable fees. Certificates and Diploma degrees are offered in courses like Community Health, Environmental Health, Dispensing Opticianry, Dental Health and Health Information Management.

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The institution aims to enhance health technology in Nigeria through the provision of quality education in health technology.

8. Newgate College Of Health Technology

Newsgate College of Health Technology is located in Niger State, Minna. It’s the first private college in Niger State. The institution has attained several other heights in its academic endeavours. It was the first to initiate annual lecture series, which equals inaugural lectures in Universities and the first to launch health journals.

9. Peaceway College Of Health Technology

Peaceway College of Health Technology is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. The aim of this institution is to create an opportunity for healthcare workers to be trained for health care services. Beyond this, career opportunities are made available through other means by the institution.

If you’re a student who dreams to become a health technologist, Peaceway College is one of the accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria you should consider.

Wrapping Up

Don’t just undergo programmes in a private college of health technology without doing a thorough check about their accreditation. Of what worth is a certificate from an educational institution that is not approved by the relevant authority? We care at TheNigerianWeb, which is why we have provided you with this list of the accredited private college of health technology in Nigeria.

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