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Ada Jesus – Who Is She?

ada jesus biography

Mercy Mmesoma Obi is her real name. Ada Jesus is a famous Nigerian social media comedienne.

She started as a standup comedienne. She’s taken comedy to places and has graced many occasions as well as events.

You’ll discover much more about her as you follow our article on Ada Jesus biography until the end.

Home & Family

Ada Jesus was born on 19th April 1998 in Imo State, Orlu town, southeast, Nigeria.

Educational Background

Ada Jesus had her primary and secondary education in Imo State, where she was born and bred. She proceeded to pursue her first degree. She eventually graduated from Imo State University, Owerri.

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Ada Jesus Career

Ada delved into modeling after her first degree. Also, she attended several movie auditions and TV series.

To up her earnings, she worked for a retired pilot as a housekeeper. There, she earned a N30,000 monthly income.

In 2018, she dug deeper into her career as a comedienne. She had joined stand-up comedy and performed hilariously in several events and shows before she became popular.

How Did Ada Jesus Gain Recognition?

Ada Jesus took good advantage of social media. She used her Instagram and Facebook pages to share comedy skits she shoots. As a result, she raised thousands of fans, generated likes, created awareness of her profession, and built networks of friends. She began this in 2017.

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Her comedy style was amazingly different. She popularly does the magic in her videos with her local dialect, Igbo, as well as mixes of the English Language.

As a result, fans appreciate her skill with her local language, coupled with how she can blend into English. That way, she carries her audience along in her videos and performances. This unique approach didn’t just help her recognition, she stood out amongst other Nigerian comedians.

Ada Jesus has worked with top comedians in Nigeria too. Some of them include Chief Imo, Odira Nwobu, Skibo, Sir One, Kinemaster, amongst many others.

Besides being a comedienne, Ada is also a talented actor – of course as a comedienne – and singer. She featured Emma Mbe in her single titled “Ada & Emma Mbe In Love” released in 2020.

Ada Jesus And Odumeju, Rita Edochie & Chi Marine Temple

Ada Jesus openly accused Prophet Odumeju – founder of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry – of conniving with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles.

She added that Rita always arranged the people for fake miracles, while Odumeju rewards her by getting men to sleep with her.

She went on further to mock Chi Marine Temple, a native doctor based in Asaba, calling him fake.

All of these reportedly stirred up so many curses and words of revenge from the alleged parties.

Shortly after, she got sick.

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What Happened To Ada Jesus?

In December 2020, comedienne Ada fell very sick with kidney disease which paralyzed and confined her to a wheelchair. She was swollen all over, especially her face and tummy were badly affected. She received treatment from New Hope Hospital, Onitsha, Anambra State.

In these, she went to plead for forgiveness and prayers with regards to her claims against the Prophet, Rita, and the native doctor. Initially, she was ignored. But it was later confirmed that they all forgave her eventually.

With the help of Harrison Gwamnishu, a human rights activist, she was further moved to Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre, Abuja.

There, her health improved rapidly, and could do things better than before. Yet, she suffered a Cardiac arrest on the night of 20th April, 2021. Quickly, she was rushed to the intensive medical care unit of the hospital where the doctors monitored her closely.

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Eventually, she gave up the ghost the next day at about 7:15 AM.

Sadly, she died on 21st April 2021, two days after celebrating her 23rd birthday.

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Who Is Ada Jesus Husband?

Nnadi Kingsley, was the husband of the late comedienne, Ada Jesus. They got married on the 5th of April, 2019, and had a daughter by 6th December, 2019.

In his words, he never thought his wife could die at such a young age. He hoped strongly that she would recover from the kidney disease and other ailments she battled before her death.

Here below were Nnadi Kingsley’s exact words in quotes, as he spoke in an interview with Saturday Beats,

“I am not feeling okay at all. My wife was someone I loved so much. It is so heartbreaking and sad that she has died. I was with her at the hospital when she gave up the ghost. I was staring at her till she gave up. I never thought she would die at such a young age. Even when she gave up in my presence, I still had hopes that she would come back to life. I and Mr Harrison Gwamnishu were present at the hospital and none of us thought she would eventually die. I had so much hope that she would live and the doctors also raised our hopes as a family.

“On her birthday, April 19, she did not even make any wish. We were just happy that she was a year older. She also did not say any strange words that might have suggested she knew she would die soon. She thought she would recover. A pastor I knew through a friend came to pray for her at the hospital and when she asked him if she would recover, he responded in the affirmative. Everyone around tried their best for her. Money was not the issue. On April 5, our marriage was two years old. On the day she died, she asked me to bring her food, but after a while, she started shouting. I asked her what the problem was and she said I should call the doctors. After she received the injection, they said that her breathing was very bad. Her parents and my family members are still shocked at the sad news.”

He further ended on the note that things have been more difficult for him since her demise. The loss of her was an end to the happiness she brought from her comedies style which he loves.

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She is survived by two daughters, one for Kingsley and the other, which she already had way before marriage. He took on the responsibility of fatherhood for both children, adopting the baby outside wedlock as his stepdaughter.

Wrapping Up

Ada Jesus Biography is the painful history and life story of a young Nigerian comedienne, actress, and singer, whose exit was shocking and sudden.

She proved a smart Nigerian with her viral comedy skits generating thousands of views, likes, and popularity until death came knocking. Though she lived a brief life, her impact and strength remain an example for the young generations to emulate.

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