An Ultimate Guide to Save FB Videos Instantly

Are you trying to save your favorite Facebook videos?

Unfortunately, there is not any downloading option on the App itself. If the video owner deletes the video, you can never watch it.

How bad it is!

So what to do in this scenario?

No worries!

This is where an online Facebook video downloader comes in. Using a free Facebook video downloading tool, you can save your favorite videos instantly.

How to Download FB Videos without Spending a Single Penny?

save fb videos

In times like these, you can instantly download FB videos without spending a single cent.

In order to download your favorite reels, statuses, and videos, follow these three baby steps:

Copy the Video’s URL

First things first!

You have to copy the video’s URL you want to download.

Visit any Facebook Video Downloader & Paste the Video’s URL

You may find many websites, which gives you the utility to download FB videos; all you have to do is just paste the video’s URL to download your favorite FB video

FB video

Download the Video 

Finally, select your desired video quality.

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Now is the time to press the “Download Video” button to get your favorite Facebook reel or video download.

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Your video will be downloaded within a few seconds.

Features of a Standard FB Video Downloader

Preview Video Before Downloading

Do you fear that the online FB video downloading tool might not download the video of the same quality?

Panic not!

A standard Facebook video downloading tool offers you multiple options of download quality to choose. Therefore, you can download the video in your desired quality.

Fast Downloading Speed 

The online FB video downloader does not take more than a few seconds to download your favorite video.

Due to its super-fast processor, you can download as many videos as you want without restriction.

Simple to Use

The Facebook video downloading online tool is quite easy to use. You can get your video downloaded within a matter of seconds.

The entire downloading process is easy.

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Free Forever

As a web-based tool, it is 100% free to use. You do not need to pay for downloading videos.

In addition, no sign-up or sign-in is required.

Why Do People Download Facebook Videos?

To Extract Business-Related Material

While using Facebook, people come across multiple videos related to their business that can help them generate more leads for the company.

Facebook does not allow you to save the video directly.

In times like these, the Facebook downloading tool makes this job easier for you.

In this case, a free online FB video downloader tool can really come in handy.

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To Share the Video on other Channels

Most often, people watch some interesting videos on Facebook and want to share them with their family and friends via WhatsApp.

For this reason, they need an online FB video downloader. The video downloaded through it can be easily shared on other social media platforms.

To Save FB Videos for Referencing

Sometimes, people watch FB videos that can be used to give references to other people.

They can share video links with other people, but it becomes even more convenient to share the videos directly to save their time.

With that in mind, they benefit from the Facebook video downloader.

Things to Consider in an Online FB Video Downloader

Preferably Free

As mentioned earlier, most online FB video downloaders are somehow free yet there are a number of brands that charge for their services.

So as a common user, you must find one that doesn’t charge you for a few trials at least until and unless you are not a frequent user who needs to download FB videos quite often

No Additional Plugins Required

Well, this is another worthwhile factor to consider before selecting an online FB video downloader tool. Some random platforms may require the installation of an additional plugin that cannot be trusted and comes from an unauthentic source.

So one must keep from using such online tools that restrict you to install any additional plugins since there is always a probability of security breach

Easy to Use

This is certainly another consideration that one must bear in mind while selecting an online FB video downloader since all online video downloaders essentially have different UI.

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For some a complex user interface might be problematic and can take more time for the process. So just, make sure to choose one that simply does the job without any long stories.

Final Thoughts 

Briefly, using an online Facebook video downloader makes your tasks easier. You can save your favorite videos within a couple of seconds.

So what are you waiting for?

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