Top 10 Best Auditing Firms In Nigeria 2023

If you’re looking for a list of auditing firms in Nigeria with a good reputation and excellent service, this is where to find it. These top audit firms were established a long time ago and many of them have become household names in the accounting and auditing industry.

Among these audit firms are individual establishments while others are full-fleshed corporate institutions. When it comes to top-notch financial advisory roles and management, names of these audit firms often come up.

In this article, you’re going to read about the top 10 audit firms in Nigeria and the services they render.

But before we jump in on the article, you should know about the roles of auditing firms.

What Do Auditing Firms Do?

Auditing firms in Nigeria and worldwide usually carry out certain functions that help in the smooth running of businesses. One of the primary roles of an auditing firm is to ensure that the financial management of a given company is accurately accounted for.

In short, auditing is a mandatory process of examining the financial statement of a company to prevent a false and misleading presentation of its financial status. Audit firms are established to assist in the fight against financial malpractices in corporate establishments.

Now, let’s read about the top 10 auditing firms in Nigeria and see how each differs from the other.

The Top 10 Auditing Firms in Nigeria

There are many auditing firms in Nigeria carrying out day-to-day bookkeeping, tax advisory roles, management consulting, financial fraud investigations, and more. But the list below is the top 10 best auditing firms in Nigeria in no particular order.

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First, let’s start with the big four.

Which Companies Are the Big Four?

auditing firms in nigeria

You must have heard the Big Four but always wonder what the term means. Well, it is used to refer to the largest auditing firms in Nigeria in terms of structure and revenues. These companies are said to have made in revenues a whopping N6.13 billion from auditing 11 Nigerian banks in 2021 alone. Wooh, that’s huge!

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The 4 auditing firms in Nigeria usually referred to as the big four include:

1. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational auditing company with branches across the globe including Nigeria. The firm is renowned for providing assurance, advisory, and tax services to different companies of sizes and portfolios. With its huge portfolio and staff base plus its fat yearly revenue, it is regarded as the largest of the big four.

2. Deloitte Nigeria

As the oldest indigenous auditing firm in Nigeria, Deloitte is regarded as one of the big 4 auditing companies delivering stellar auditing services to various companies of varying sizes and individuals. Established in 1952 by the business mogul Akintola Williams, the auditing company has been offering finance and accounting services to businesses that are growing or evolving for quite a long time so much that they have become a household name.

3. KPMG Nigeria

Wandering what the acronym KPMG stands for? Well, it stands for “Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler”, a name that was chosen in 1987 when the two companies, Klynveld and Marwick, merged. When it comes to choosing one of the largest auditing firms in Nigeria reputable for providing tax, risk, financial and business advisory, internal and corporate audit services, you can’t omit KPMG.

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4. Ernst & Young

Another of the big 4 is Ernst & Young. It is a robust auditing firm in Nigeria offering a wide range of services such as audit, assurance, tax, financial, and business advisory services. These render these services and more to government, real estate, entertainment, mining and telecommunication, automotive, and technology industries.

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Other prominent auditing firms in Nigeria are as follows:

5. McKinsey & Company Nigeria

One of the top 10 auditing firms in Nigeria is McKinsey. Established in 2002, the company has contributed immensely to the economic growth of Nigeria through deploring cutting-edge technologies to help various companies achieve sustainable innovations and performance. As a global management consulting firm in Nigeria, McKinsey & Company helps government and non-governmental institutions scale-up performance and achieve their goals.

6. Grant Thornton Nigeria

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading consulting firms. It is notable for providing audit, tax, and assurance advisory services to different government and non-governmental institutions in Nigeria. The auditing firm assists organizations to harness their potential for growth and outstanding performance.

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7. BDO Nigeria

BDO is a global accounting firm rendering extraordinary finance, tax, and management consulting services to many organizations in Nigeria. The auditing firm operates in 167 countries with about 97,292 members of staff.

8. Crowe Dafinone

As one of the leading indigenous auditing firms in Nigeria, Crowe Dafinone is made up of 7 partners with more than a hundred members of staff. The company is into audit, assurance, tax, and advisory services helping private and public firms reach their goals.

9. BAO Consultancy Services

BAO Consultancy Services is another reputable audit firm in Nigeria offering accounting, management, and advisory services to different institutions. With a good reputation in finance, tax, and advisory services, BAO Consultancy has helped improve the administrative performance of many different organizations of varying sizes and portfolios.

10. Ashford & McGire

Among the top 10 auditing firms in Nigeria offering priceless professional consultancy services is Ashford & McGire. Finance consultancy and advisory services require a high level of expertise that only a few companies like Ashford & McGire can handle. With their top-notch tax and audit services, they have successfully helped many Nigerian corporate institutions achieve improved performance and steady growth.

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Wrapping Up

Nigeria is a flourishing land for thriving global companies such as the numerous auditing firms in Nigeria mentioned in this article. So if you’re looking to work in any of these top auditing firms or researching them to know which is most suitable for your needs or you just want to know about them for one reason or the other, avail yourself of this article.

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