Best Tips For Salon Business Ideas In Nigeria

The salon business in Nigeria is profitable. If you’re passionate about it and know what to do to make you stand out in the business, you would excel.

In this article, we’ve revealed useful tips for salon business ideas in Nigeria.

But first of all, let’s check out some useful details that relate to the salon business.

Let’s begin.

Unisex Salon

Unisex means that a single business serves both sexes (male and female). So, a unisex salon is one that styles both men’s and women’s hair.

Barbers, hairdressers, or beauticians who treat, cut, and style hair are generally called hair stylists. You’d find them in a unisex salon.

If you’re looking to start a salon business in Nigeria, you can offer services for males, females, or both. It depends on how you want to start. And of course, your capital size.

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Salon Equipment For Sale In Nigeria

salon business ideas in nigeria

If you really want to begin a salon business in Nigeria, you’ll need salon equipment. Before we talk about where you buy them, let’s start with the items.

Here below is a list of some essential salon kits you’d need for an efficient service.

  • Service Accessories
  • Combs & Brushes
  • Scissors & Hair Cutting Shears
  • Electronic Hair Styling & Grooming Equipment
  • Salon Chair Plus Accessories
  • Ring Light
  • Cart & Trolley
  • Shampoo Station
  • Hair Dryer
  • Mirror

You’ll find salon equipment for sale on Konga or Jumia deals online. Apart from the ease of purchase and delivery, you’ll order them at affordable prices.

Having talked about the unisex salon and where to find salon equipment for a start, we will now focus on the tips for successful salon business.

The Top 10 Salon Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. Master The Skill

Of course, no one will patronize you if you’re really not skillful with your art. Maybe someone who just wants to give it a try. And if you don’t do it well, you’re never going to have the chance again.

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But what happens when you style hairs that attract nice comments? It pulls customers to your shop.

If you seriously crave progress with your salon business, you need to first master the styling skill perfectly.

2. Write A Business Plan

Before you delve into any business, you need to write a very clear business plan. It’s like a torch that gives light to your business path. It’ll help you figure out the bigger picture of what you want to achieve.

From the capital demands to your vision, mission, and clear-cut objectives, the business plan will serve sufficient purposes.

3. Save Up Capital

With the aid of the business plan, you’re able to determine cost and estimate capital to begin. Next from here, is to save up capital. How much you’ll save depends on how and where you want to start.

You can start small on your home porch, open spaces, or offer home service around. With time, you can proceed to rent a shop.

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4. Find A Good Location

If you’ve gathered enough capital, you need a suitable, easy, and accessible location. For your salon business in Nigeria to succeed, have these factors at your fingertips:

  • Look out for busy areas, high traffic areas, and locations people often spend time. Eateries, malls, stores, and markets are good places to consider.
  • Ensure it’s easily accessible.
  • Check for a good power supply before you settle there.
  • Check for a good water supply as you would need water a whole lot to effectively run your business.

Your goal is to select a good location close to your customers. Hence, accessibility, power, and water supply are keys to note in choosing your salon business location in Nigeria.

5. Hire Competent Hair Stylists

If you can afford to hire hairstylists, go for highly competent, and experienced ones. Make them understand your discipline and work ethic.

What would you do, that others don’t? What won’t you do, that others do? Teach staff to adopt your unique style, principles, and methods. This will assist in uniformity, a common sense of responsibility, and professionalism.

6. Keep A Clean Environment

A clean and comfortable environment always makes people return. If you’d keep your customers, leave them a good first impression of your service.

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Cleanliness is vital, especially in the salon business. You shouldn’t be fine with litters of hair, dust, and nylons all over. Customers watch everything. They note the most insignificant detail.

Clean your shop and avoid dirt as much as you can. No one wants to stay in a dirty, unkempt, and littered environment. By being neat, you attract and jealously keep your customers.

7. Offer Related Services

There are many other services related to the salon business in Nigeria. When you take up these businesses, interested customers won’t go elsewhere.

Aside from fixing, braiding, washing, and relaxing hair, services that go in handy with the salon business in Nigeria include:

  • Hair Treatment
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure

People prefer to treat their hair and do pedicures and manicures in the same place. It saves them time and stress. In the process, you build a stronger mutual relationship with your clients. And they further develop confidence in your services.

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8. Value And Satisfy Customers

Do all you can to value and satisfy your customers well because customers are kings. Every business that’ll maximize profit must improve customer value all the time.

Get feedback from people immediately. Find out whether they enjoyed their moment in your shop. Know if they’re satisfied with your service. Honor, value and appreciate your customers.

Connect promptly with them by getting their phone numbers. Also, you can request the social media account they use most. Get a nice smartphone plus a SIM that offers data subscriptions at favorable prices. Find out their subscription codes, choose the one that works for you, and remain connected online.

9. Build a Strong Online Presence

Every business that really wants to benefit from the great traffic daily surfing the internet must get online. It’s an effective channel to create awareness and build a customer base. And if you’re skillful at digital marketing, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, hire a professional digital marketer.

The common way to start out online is via social media. For the salon business in Nigeria, Facebook and Instagram are the main base to reach out to clients. You can set up a business account or page, especially for this purpose.

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Update the page regularly. Also, always notify your clients of juicy offers up for grabs, new services, and more!

10. Create A Business Website

When you own a business website, you step up your goals to better boost your online presence. Here, you’re able to offer a wide range of services in a special way. To create your website, read this free practical guide.

You can have a blog section to better inform your customers on how to use your products better. Also, employ a professional content writer to manage the website. They’ll regularly deliver relevant content at regular intervals, and write compelling offers for your products.

Wrapping Up

The salon business is lucrative but starting it in Nigeria requires that you understand what you’re getting into. If you’re passionate about starting a salon business in Nigeria, this article would really help you with the best ideas to help you get started.

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