7 Reasons You Should Use An Electronically Controlled Pressure Regulator

electronically controlled pressure regulator
          By William Knight

There are many reasons to use an electronically controlled pressure regulator. In this article, we have highlighted some of them. These devices are used for different purposes and serve different applications in both big and small industries. This is because they are better than the mechanical regulators which were used in the past. If you want to know why should you switch to electric pressure regulators then consider these 7 reasons:

1. Electric Pressure Regulators Are Robust

One of the most important reasons why we would suggest you use the electronically controlled pressure regulator is because they are better than the old mechanical regulators. The main purpose of these regulator devices is to ensure even pressure management. Now mechanical regulators are unable to manage the output pressure in a pneumatic system because there is always a chance that the inlet pressure is going to be uneven. This results in fluctuation in output pressure which is both dangerous and lossy. The electro-pneumatic regulators on the other hand can promise even pressure distribution at the time of delivery. The digital pressure regulators can manage the output pressure even if the inlet is fluctuating.

2. Electrical Regulators Are Easy to Install

Another reason why it is important to use the electronically controlled pressure regulator is that they are very user-friendly. You don’t even need an expert to install these simple devices as long as you have basic mechanical knowledge. You can install small air pressure control valves or similar devices in household items like grills, heaters, and even stoves. Also know that you don’t have to worry much about learning how to use them. You simply need to enter your desired pressure on the digital control system and sit back.

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3. Energy Saving and Effortless Technology

Mechanical regulators needed to be manually operated and monitored. This required a lot of energy and effort but today you don’t have to worry about spending time with the pressure regulators as long as you are using the electronically controlled pressure regulator. The modern electronic air regulators can make your work simpler, easier, and more efficient! This is a big reason why you should switch to these digital devices!

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4. Zero Loss and Leakage Guaranteed

Pressure regulators are used for multiple purposes and have different applications. Common mediums involved in pressure regulation are liquids, gases, steam, and air. In mechanical regulation, there was always a chance for leakages and loss. This was very dangerous and financially damaging, especially in large industries. But today with the help of an electronically controlled pressure regulator you can avoid all leakages and losses because they are more solid and efficient than the old devices!

5. Cheap and Low Maintenance

Another reason to use devices like the electronic water pressure regulator is that they are cheap and easy to maintain. Usually, people think that these digital devices would be expensive to use but this is not true. They can be purchased at low rates and do require not much maintenance! The old mechanical devices were quite expensive to use in the past. This was because they were not robust nor reliable so one had to keep on changing those devices. If you want to control pressure on a low budget then your best shot is with electronically controlled pressure regulators.

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6. Superior Design and Technology

The modern electronic pressure controllers have the best design if you compare them with the old mechanical devices. The design of these regulators is modern and sleek. If you use these devices then you don’t have to worry about manual changing and management of pressure. The design of these regulators and the technology used are advanced and intelligent which makes the results very accurate. In simple words, if you need to get a proper level of pressure of air or any other fluid then you need to make sure that you use the electronically controlled pressure regulators.

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7. Provides More Control and Enhances Communication 

One of the top reasons to use advanced electronic controlled pressure regulators is they can provide more control to the user over pressure. You cannot properly control the pressure of air and other fluids by using mechanical devices because they don’t provide you with any control over the inlet and output pressure. But with the modern electronically controlled pressure regulators you can have full control over the pressure in a pneumatic system. You can communicate your desired output pressure to the machine via sensors.


Electronically controlled pressure regulators are one of the most reliable tools for managing pressure. Controlling high pressure or lowering the pressure of a gas, air, water or any other liquid is not an easy job as there is always a chance of loss and leakage. Also, know that the old devices are very costly so if you have a low budget then you need to get digital devices. The electronic pressure regulators are easy to use, cheap, and can also promise zero leakage. These are some of the reasons why you need to use electronically controlled pressure regulators!

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