4 Easy Steps To Help You Find The Perfect Name For Your Fashion Business

               By Grant Polachek

The success of the fashion industry has always been hinged on generating beautiful designs that can capture the interest of customers and consequently become trends.

And while going about opening your fashion business, you should be ready to make creative decisions to make your business stand out, from picking the name of your fashion business to choosing the best place to source materials and addressing the backend of the business. At this stage, you need to focus on finding a powerful name that’ll help you craft a great brand identity.

And if there’s anything we’ve realized as a naming agency with years of delivering outstanding company name services for over 35,000 firms, it’s that the right name can be a game changer for your fashion business and can help or ruin it.

So, if you have trouble or are unsure of the best unique name to use for your brand, then this article will give you just what you need. 

First, start with:

1. Analyzing Your Fashion Business

The fashion industry has an impact on many different industries and niches, so it is understandably a big industry with limitless opportunities. This is why, before launching your company, it is critical that you select a certain niche and properly research it.

By performing market research, you can better understand what is going on in the niche, know where to source supplies, how to handle logistics and shipping, and other issues influencing the everyday operations of fashion enterprises in your area.

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Analyzing your fashion business includes researching the intricacies of your market, considering the challenges experienced by organizations in the same industry; those you can handle; those you can’t; and particular areas where your brand can excel. Understanding these can make your naming process considerably easier.


2. Creating Your Company’s Branding Elements

Fashion entrepreneurs are unlikely to develop a reputation that fulfills their full market potential unless they clearly identify their business’s branding elements.

The fashion industry, more than any other, requires businesses to create a brand with a strong personality. Creating these branding elements will aid in the development of a strong reputation and better brand positioning among your consumers.

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These brand elements include your:

  • Big Ideas: What fundamental ideas guide your brand?
  • Tone: How would you prefer to interact with customers? Do you want your company to be known as a modern or vintage brand?
  • Values: What fundamental shared values do you and your audience have?
  • Story: What compelling story does your company have that your customers can relate to?
  • Industry Specifics: What fashion industry standards do you follow?
  • Benefits: What particular benefits will your consumers receive?
  • Emotions: What emotions should your customers have when they interact with your company?
  • Value proposition: Why should customers choose your fashion brand over those of competitors?

3. Make a List of  Unique Name Suggestions 

Following the establishment of your brand’s elements, the next step is to apply them as criteria for finding the best name. While brainstorming, you should scour rhyming books, dictionaries, thesauruses, and any online resource for inspiration. The idea here is to choose words that reflect the personality you want your fashion brand to communicate.

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Choosing a good fashion brand name is time-consuming, so be prepared to devote the necessary time and resources. However, if your timeline is limited, the best option is to employ a reputable company name generator or engage a naming agency.

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4. Trademark Your Company’s Name

Even if you’ve come up with a unique, distinctive name, you won’t be able to use it unless you obtain a trademark for it. If you use your brand name before trademarking it, you may endanger your brand with legal consequences.

It is usually best to go about trademarking under the guidance of a trademark expert or lawyer. They can help you save time and avoid making blunders along the way.

Always Work to Improve Your Brand’s Image

Building a strong fashion business name is more than just conducting market research, identifying your branding elements, brainstorming catchy ideas, and filing for a trademark.

It takes effort and determination to use that name as a foundation for branding your firm. So endeavor to pay close attention to improving your brand image, even after you find the perfect name.

The Last Line

If you’re passionate about making your fashion business unique and memorable in the minds of your prospective customers, choosing the most fitting brand name is key. It doesn’t only help boost your brand image, it also serves as a powerful tool for your business evaluation. And what other way to start the process than by acting upon the above 4 easy steps to help you find the perfect name for your business?

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