First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details

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What You Should Know About First Bank of Nigeria

The First Bank of Nigeria Limited (FirstBank) was established in 1894. It was a product of Sir Alfred Jones’ initiative, a shipping businessman from Liverpool, England.

first bank of nigeria customer care contact

The bank was first established in Liverpool, England before moving to Lagos Nigeria where it started full operation. Today, it is the premier bank in West Africa, one of Nigeria’s best brands providing financial services.

There is more.

Below are some notable historical facts about First Bank of Nigeria.

Historical Facts About First Bank of Nigeria

  • It started in Lagos, Nigeria, as Bank of British West Africa (BBWA).
  • In 1912, the bank acquired the Anglo-Africa Bank in Nigeria, founded in 1899 by Royal Niger Company.
  • In 1957, the bank changed name to Bank of West Africa (BWA).
  • In 1966, it merged with Standard Bank, UK. It was later renamed Standard Bank of West Africa Limited.
  • According to Companies Decree of 1968, it was fully incorporated to become a Standard Bank of Nigeria Limited in 1969.
  • In 1971 and 1991, the bank respectively changed name to First Bank of Nigeria Limited and First Bank of Nigeria Plc.
  • In 2012, the bank restructured and changed name to First Bank of Nigeria Ltd. It separates First Bank Holdings Plc (commercial businesses) from the First Bank Group, completely complying with CBN policy.
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Now over 126 years old, First Bank has become one of the best brands in Nigeria. Their quick customer service response to transaction issues keeps the customers coming back.

The bank boasts of a customer base of about 17 million people. In September 2016, First Bank of Nigeria Holdings Plc recorded total assets of N5.066 trillion (US$16.2 billion).

With subsidiaries in London, Paris (UK), Republic of Congo, Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Sierra-Leone and Senegal and a Representative Office in Beijing, it’s an internationally recognized bank of records.

Enough about its history, let’s now look at main information for this post – First Bank of Nigeria’s customer care contact details.

The First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details

To fully enjoy First Bank services, you need to know the First Bank of Nigeria customer care contact details. These are the different channels and contacts the bank provides to address customers’ complaints especially when they have transaction issues.

If you’d have a completely eventful adventure throughout your banking journey, take these details seriously. Check each below, and benefit from using them.

First Bank of Nigeria Service Numbers  

If you wish to speak with customer care representatives of First Bank of Nigeria, call their service numbers below.

  • +234 1 905 2326
  • +234 708 062 5000
  • +234 1 448 5500
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Prepare to use your airtime for these calls since the lines aren’t toll-free. Read on as we explore other free First Bank of Nigeria customer care details.

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First Bank of Nigeria WhatsApp Banking

Banking is simple with the WhatsApp banking system First Bank adopted. You can perform services onboard, send money, check balance, pay bills, buy airtime and data via their WhatsApp platform.

To get connected, add up First Bank on WhatsApp 08124444000. Say hi, then follow the procedures to enjoy WhatsApp banking with First Bank of Nigeria.

First Bank of Nigeria Twitter Handle

Companies and businesses use their Twitter handle channels to serve their customers. It’s a fast contact medium that users like to use.

Follow First Bank of Nigeria via @FirstBankngr.

To get help or report issues, use @FBN_help.

First Bank of Nigeria USSD Mobile Banking Code

Banking with First Bank anywhere you are is easier via their USSD code. You’re just one dial away. First Bank USSD code is totally free of internet charges or any kind of cost.

Dial *894# to get connected.

First Bank of Nigeria Email Address

The email is regarded as a very good way to make requests, demand help or inquire about their products and services.

Reach out to First Bank of Nigeria via email at [email protected].

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First Bank of Nigeria Branches

First Bank has branches in major cities and towns in Nigeria. Locate the branch closest to you to have a physical touch of their customer service.

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Wrapping Up

First Bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria with topnotch customer service. A bank truly committed to making life easy for its customers would create many different channels for customer feedback and complaints. And that’s why you have this list of First Bank of Nigeria customer care contact details.

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