How Much Is France Visa In Nigeria 2023?

Are you in search of the price of a France visa in Nigeria 2023? Every information you need – from cost to requirements – to get a France visa in Nigeria, is right here in this article. Let’s begin.

How Much Does a French Visa Cost From Nigeria?

France visa costs vary based on the visa type the traveler is applying for. On that note, find below the current France visa fees according to the different visa types available. 

  1. Airport Transit $88.43 (N40,726.44)
  2. Short Stay $88.43 (N40,726.44)
  3. Short Stay Visa For French Overseas Department/Region – $88.43 (N40,726.44)
  4. Short Stay Visa For French Overseas Territories – $16.70 (N7,691.18)
  5. Student Visa – $55.60 (N25,606.58)
  6. Other Long Stay Visas – $110.10 (N50706.56)
  7. Long Stay Visa For An Adopted Child By A French Citizen – $16.70 (N7,691.18)
  8. Children Applying For Short Stay Visas – $38.90 (N17,915.40)
  9. African Nationals – $88.43 (N40,726.44)

Right now, we’ll proceed to list out the documents you need for processing your French Visa. Let’s continue. 

Documents Required For French Visa Application in Nigeria

In Nigeria, visa applications submitted are checked and approved by consular services. You’d find them in Abuja and Lagos. The embassies and consulates are the ones responsible to take decisions on matters related to visas. 

If you’d be staying for a short period of time, your application has to be submitted at least 15 days before your planned departure date. 

If you’ll be staying long, you must submit your application at least a month from the date you desire to depart. In the same vein, you can submit your application 6 months earlier before your desired departure date. 

Right now, let’s focus on the main part of this subheading. 

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france visa fee in nigeria

France Visa Requirements And Documents

In applying for a France visa, you need to have the following documents ready.

1. Completely Filled France  Visa Application Form 

You need to have the right visa application form. Remember, there are two types – one for a short and the other for a long stay. Do well to pick the right one for your use and fill it accurately. 

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2. 2 Recently Taken Passport Photographs

This is the following requirement after you’ve gotten your application form ready. You will submit two photos not older than 3 months together alongside other documents. Also, the snapshots must follow the France Visa Photo Requirements for them to be approved.  

3. Valid Passport

Before applying, you need to check the state of your passport. Two things are vital – its validity and issued date. It ought to have been issued within the last 10 years and is valid for at least 3 months after your stay in France. What’s more? 

The passport must have a minimum of 2 blank pages which will serve to hold the visa stickers. 

4. Older Visa Copies

Copies of visas you’ve used earlier to some countries would be required. Ensure you submit them as it would be requested. 

5. Travel Medical Insurance

You must provide proof of medical insurance that covers health problems and help tackle unforeseen health emergencies that could arise while you’re away in France. This would not only cover France, but it also has to cover the territorial area of Schengen with at least €30,000.

6. Complete the Itinerary

This document lists everything you aim to carry out in France. It further goes on to explain the details of how you plan to reach France. Supporting documents to help validate the authenticity and sufficiency of your itinerary include a round trip flight, railroad booking or a document of a booked organized tour which includes transportation costs. 

7. Proof of Financial Sustainability 

How would you live the period of your stay in France? No country wants to add to the number of dependents in their nation. As a result, the French authorities will request the following documents to verify your ability to finance yourself throughout your duration of stay in France. 

  • Recent Bank Statement

This will help to ascertain your transactions, inflow and outflow of cash to determine your spending capacity. 

  • Employment Contract 

The employment contract will state your salary. It’s peculiar for people who will be working in France, or for those who came for employment reasons. 

  • Income From Rented Property

This applies if you own a property in Real Estate which generates returns for you. 

  • Retirement Benefit Plan

This document shows the expected income from your retirement benefits and what you intend to do with it. 

  • Proof of Sponsorship

If you are travelling based on sponsorship, you’d need to provide a document that shows the willingness of your sponsor to cover your cost of travel. That’s not all, you’d need to provide other documents to verify the potential of the sponsor in fulfilling his sponsorship role. For instance, the bank statement of the sponsor is usually required. 

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8. Proof of Accommodation

Proof of where you’d live all through your stay in France. On this note, you’d need to provide one or more of the following:

  • Hotel or hostel reservations for the places to visit.
  • Certificate of reception “Attestation d’accueil”, issued by the person to accommodate the visa candidate, stamped by the city hall (for private visits)
  • Rental contract – “Bail de location” in France if you will be staying in a rented place.
  • Certificate of title for a property in France, if you are the owner of a house/apartment in France.

9. Certificate of Criminal Record 

This must come from the home country– showing that the candidate has no open crime case involvement

10. Proof of Paid France Visa Fee

The proof is vital as you won’t proceed to apply without your payment proof.

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French Visa Required Documents for Minors

Besides all of the documents listed above, if the applicant is a minor, then you’d need to present the following additional documents:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Application form signed by both parents/guardians
  3. Certified copies of IDs/passports of both parents/guardians.
  4. The family court order, in cases where only one parent has full custody over the child.
  5. A notarized parental authorization to travel to France, signed by both parents/guardians, if the minor will be travelling alone with another person.

Required Documents Based On Your Employment Status

The French authorities categorize travellers based on their employment status. Consequently, they’ll be required to submit documents to attest to their current occupational status. On that note, below is the list of categories for which the following documents are required in processing the France visa application. 


If you’re employed, you’d need to provide a letter from the company that employed you and documents showing proof that you’ve been receiving a salary for over the past 3 months. 


If you’re self-employed, you’d need to provide the Certificate of Registration for your business. 


If the candidate is unemployed and married, the employed partner’s documents would be required. Such would submit the work contract from the employing company of his or her partner, their marriage certificate, as well as receipt of the past 3 months to validate employment status. 


A retired candidate must submit a certificate of retirement or any related document. 


An official letter from the educational institution confirming that the student is enrolled in studies there – if the candidate is a student in the home country.

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Now, all of these documents required must be presented in their original form with a photocopied version of each of them. The application document has to be in French or English Language. 

In a case where you make translations of the documents, be sure to keep all of the copies – from the original to the translated and the photocopies of both. 

Shortly before the wrap of this article, we talked about France embassies and consulates in Nigeria. In the last subheading below, we’ll talk about the locations you can visit when you need to make inquiries or kickstart your visa application process to France.  

France Embassy In Nigeria Contact Details 

Just like the Spanish embassy and the Canadian embassy details, the details below will help you with the details of the France embassy in Nigeria, as well as the Consulate General of France In Nigeria, Lagos.

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France Embassy Contact Details 

Address: 37 Udi Street Off Aso Drive, Quartier Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone: +234-9-460-23-00

Fax: +234-9-460-23-09

Email: [email protected]

[email protected] 


France Consulate Contact Details

Address: Ikoyi Island – 1 Oyinkan Abayomi Drive

City: Lagos

Email: [email protected] 

Fax: [234] (1) 46 28 480

Phone: [234] (1) 46 28 484


Final Notes

Everything about the France Visa in Nigeria is what this post has provided. No more worrying about the requirements, documents and eligibility as you read the guide in this article. 

If you need to get a France Visa in Nigeria, go and start the process right away with confidence, having thoroughly read this article. 

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