How Much Is Indian Visa From Nigeria?

Do you want to know how much an Indian visa is from Nigeria? For different reasons such as study, work or vacation, you might want to travel to India. If you’re a Nigerian looking for vital information on getting an Indian visa from Nigeria, then this article is for you.

We have researched everything you need to know to process your visa to India from Nigeria. Let’s dive in in a jiffy.

how much is indian visa from nigeria

How Much Is Indian Visa In Naira?

India visa from Nigeria costs ₦ 92,500. But, before your visa processing can begin, you need to submit your documents and pay the above amount at the Indian embassy. It’s vital that you know the requirements before you think to kickstart your visa processing. Else, you’d waste quality time trying to get them if they’re not all ready before you proceed to the embassy.

Indian Visa Requirements Nigeria

Now that you’re aware of the cost of an Indian Visa from Nigeria. In this section of the article, we shall list the Indian visa requirements (documents) you need for smooth visa processing from Nigeria. Below is a comprehensive list of them.

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  1. Valid ECOWAS Passport with a validity of at least 6 months from checkout.
  2. Personal 3-Month bank statement (savings) with all pages stamped and signed.
  3. Introductory letter from company of employment/ directly from the employer, professional and business documents, national and work ID
  4. A separate letter that gives complete details of previous visits and time spent in India if you have previously visited India.
  5. A letter that contains information on your current job and clear reasons for your impending visit to India.
  6. 2 current colour passport photographs (having white background)
  7. Invitation Letter from India with a copy of Indian passport or Pan Card (applicable only when the visit is for business purposes).
  8. Hotel and flight reservation documents for confirmation.
  9. Full CV / Biodata
  10. Yellow Fever (vaccination card), to verify your state of health.
  11. Enclosed affidavit and photo ID that bears the sponsor’s signature (this applies only when a different bank statement is presented because that is the sponsor of the planned trip)
  12. Business registration document (CAC) for individual or corporate organisations, alongside an original copy of tax clearance as well as a photocopy for self-employed.
  13. Evidence of permanent and present address (Nigeria National ID, INEC card, rent agreement, electricity bills etc.)
  14. Invitation from the Indian host along with a copy of the inbox email printout indicating that it was copied to the High Commissioner of India (HCI). It must also include contact details, present and permanent address, mobile number and valid email ID.
  15. Copies of PAN/AADHAR/Election ID cards of Indian host
  16. Invitation letters for businesses and conferences should be emailed to India High Commission.
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With all of the above documents ready, you can proceed to the Indian embassy to start your visa processing right from Nigeria.
Right now, let’s have a quick adventure into the application process online.

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Indian Visa Online Application In Nigeria

With the exhaustive information on the Indian visa requirements for Nigerian citizens in the last subheading, the next thing to know is how to apply for an Indian visa in Nigeria online.
Here below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Indian visa in Nigeria online.

Step 1

Visit the India Immigration website.

Step 2

Click on Regular/Paper Visa Application.

Step 3

On the next page, enter your details for registration.

Step 4

After registration, input the applicant’s detail.

Step 5

Upload your passport-size photograph.

Step 6

Choose a port of entry.

Step 7

Input hotel reservation where it says host details.

Step 8

Save or submit the application.

Step 9

Print out the submitted application with the reference number.

Step 10

Go to appointment booking to get a date.

Step 11

Input your reference number in tandem with your application ID.

Step 12

Click on submit button to create an appointment.

Step 13

Screenshot or print out your appointment date. When you’ve followed all these steps, you will exercise patience as you await your appointment date.

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Did you just ask how long? Well, let’s see.

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Indian Visa In Nigeria?

As we’ve taken our time to guide you through the application processes for an India visa from Nigeria, how long would it take you to get an appointment? Acknowledging the stress you went through to get the required documents, you won’t need to pass through another to secure an appointment date. However, you need to take note of the following.

  • Book your appointment immediately

After your application has been submitted, you need to proceed to book an appointment. Since you won’t be the only one applying, the earlier you book your appointment, the earlier your appointment date will be scheduled.

  • India visa processing time for Nigerians takes 33 days on average

You have to wait for at least 33 days to get your appointment date.

In Conclusion

Are you about to get an Indian visa? With the sufficient information available in this article, you need not look further. Rather, rest assured that you’ve got everything you needed for a successful application for an Indian visa from Nigeria.

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