How Much Is Qatar Working Visa?

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In this article, we shall disclose every necessary detail that’ll help you secure a Qatar working visa. Most importantly, our well-researched article reveals the current cost of a Qatar working visa. 

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qatar working visa

Is Qatar Working Visa Available Now?

Getting a Qatar work visa will take some time. Also, you need to have the necessary requirements if you’d get one. 

Once you follow the steps and processes, you can get your Qatar working visa. Qatar work visas are currently available to both employers and employees.  

That said, what are the Qatar work visa requirements you should have?

Qatar Work Visa Requirements

First of all, there are different types of Qatar visas. To get any of them, you need to have specific requirements.

The various types of Qatar visas include:

1. Tourist visas

With a tourist visa, also called a travel visa, the bearer can visit a foreign country for tourism or vacation. Users are allowed to stay for a specific period. 

This visa does not allow users to work or do business in Qatar.

2. Business visas

If you want to travel out of your country to Qatar for business reasons, then you need to have a business visa. Now, this visa is limited to making business trips, meetings and conferences. 

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3. Work visas

When it comes to working or getting employed in Qatar, you need a work visa. A work visa gives you permission to work in a foreign country. 

4. Family visas

If one or more of your family members is in Qatar, you need to get a family visa to make your trip to join them.

5. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) resident visas

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is an alliance of six Gulf countries, most of whom share borders. If you are from one of these neighboring countries, you will have an easier time travelling to Qatar.

All of these countries are located in the Middle East. They include:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Oman

Qatar offers a special visa for GCC countries to foster unity and strengthen the bond of peace among Gulf countries.  Qatar work visas – the focus of our article – is for employment purposes. 

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The requirements to obtain Qatar work visas include the following:

  • Work Permit

To apply for a work permit, get the following documents:

  1. Employment contract
  2. A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour
  3. A medical certificate that confirms that the employee is healthy
  4. A copy of the employee’s passport
  5. Two passport photographs
  6. Any relevant educational certificates
  7. The immigration card of the employer
  8. The employment visa
  9. Biometrics, including fingerprints

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  • Residential Permit

To obtain a residence permit, an applicant will provide the following documents:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Two passport photographs of the employee
  3. The employment visa
  4. A copy of the company’s Commercial Registration
  5. A copy of the business’s immigration card
  6. The employee’s medical certificate

How Long Does It Take To Get A Work Visa For Qatar?

The hiring process in Qatar is quite long. 

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To kick start the process, your company will have to register with the Immigration Department within the Ministry of Interior. This process has to be completed before getting a work permit. Some other documents and a trading license will be requested. 

Once all of that is done and the application is approved, you will get an Immigration card and a Representative Card. 

After that, the company would apply for a block of work permit for all the expatriates to be employed. The application would be completed in Arabic and the number of foreign employees, alongside their job positions and nationalities will be stated. 

All requirements – already listed in the previous subheading – would be submitted for each of the employees, to the Ministry of Labor. 

With that, employees’ work visas would be in process. Upon receiving them, they can then travel to Qatar. Right there, their residence permit would be processed. The application has to commence within seven days of their arrival. 

The required documents – already listed in the previous subheading – will be submitted to the Ministry of Labor for verification and approval. 

Consequently, the residence permit would be issued and the employee can begin working for your company in Qatar. 

The residence permit allows employees to work in your company alone. You can choose to renew the permit as the need arises. 

Next, before we talk about the cost of a Qatar working visa, we’ll talk about the Qatar visa fee in Nigeria.

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How Much Is Qatar Visa Fee In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, a 30-day Qatar visa fee is $68 (₦24,616.00), while a 96-hour visa costs $44 (₦15,928.00).

The prices above are subject to change and once paid are non-refundable. 

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Right now in the next subheading, we’ll answer the question – how much is a Qatar working visa?

How Much Does A Qatar Working Visa Cost?

A Qatar working visa is quite an expense. But, the good news is that since your employer will take charge of the processes, it’s usually paid for. Entry visa into Qatar costs QAR 200 (N25,189). 

An additional QAR 500 (N62,972) will be used to convert the entry visa to a work residence permit. In total, QAR 700 (N88,161) is the cost of a Qatar work visa.

Wrapping Up

Are you on your way to the Qatar Embassy to begin processing a Qatar work visa? This article has done justice by providing you with every necessary detail on the requirement and the cost of a Qatar working visa. 

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