How Much Is Saudi Arabia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

Are you looking for a Saudi Arabia visa fee from Nigeria? You’ve just landed in the right place. Just like we’ve explained how to get your international passport or the Qatar working visa, this one won’t be any different. In this article, you’d find every detail you need about the cost of a Saudi Arabia visa fee from Nigeria. Let’s get started. 

How Much Is the Visa Fee for Saudi Arabia?

Nigerian passport holders will spend up to $46 to journey to Saudi Arabia. Whether for single or multiple entries, Temporary Work Permit (TWP), and Subject to Regularization (STR). According to the current official exchange rates, that equals (N460.52 X $46) N21,183.92. 

Right now, we shall discuss the types of Saudi Arabia visas available to Nigerians.

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Saudi Arabia Visa Types for Nigerians

There are different Saudi Arabia visas available to Nigerians based on the purpose of their visit. Below is a list of them.

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa

As the name implies, if you’re a Nigerian who wants to travel to Saudi Arabia solely to visit family or friends, this is the visa process. It also covers tourism purposes.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

Nigerians who seek to travel to Saudi Arabia for business, commercial, trips, or conferences will apply for a Saudi Arabia Business Visa. The requirements for the business visa are more demanding compared to the visitor’s visa. 

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Saudi Arabia Transit Visa 

At times, some Nigerians are journeying to some areas where they would need to pass through Saudi Arabia. In such cases, the visa is a permit to stay within the country for a maximum of 48 hours before the flight gets ready to take off for the actual destination. 

Saudi Arabia Study Visa

Nigerian students interested in furthering their education at academic institutions based in Saudi Arabia can apply for a student visa in Nigeria.

The visa types come with additional requirements beyond the general, including presenting an admission letter from the school in Saudi Arabia that will include the details of the course to be studied and how long the program will last.

Applicants will also need to provide Medical Certificate when applying for a Saudi Arabian Student visa.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa

The Saudi Arabia work visa is for Nigerians who have been offered employment in Saudi. This will involve migration from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to work physically with the company. In this case, one of the required documents is the letter of employment. 

In the next subhead, we shall talk about Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. 

How Can I Get a Saudi Visa from Nigeria?

Talking about how to get a Saudi visa from Nigeria, the first thing to deal with is the requirements to get one. You need to get ready all the documents required to process the Saudi Arabia visa from Nigeria.

Below are the steps to take alongside the documents required to kickstart the process to get a Saudi visa from Nigeria. 

Step 1 

If you’re a Nigerian, you need to fill out the Saudi Arabia visa application in block letters. 

Step 2

As an applicant, you must have a valid international passport which possesses two free pages. Also, it must have a validity period that covers your plan to stay in the place. 

Step 3

You need to have two recent snapshots of your passports. It must possess a white background that meets the visa passport photograph requirement. 

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Step 4

Provide a cover letter stating the reason why you want to travel to Saudi Arabia. It must communicate the purpose of your visit clearly and convincingly. You may also need to get a confirmation letter for holiday insurance which covers your trip if required. 

Step 5

Documents like proof of Hotel Booking covering a period of stay, evidence of financial capacity to cater for your trip, and flight itinerary which includes dates of departure from Nigeria and exit from Saudi Arabia are required and must be provided. 

Step 6

If you’re applying for business reasons, you must get an original invitation letter from a host in Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, you should have evidence of their business relationships or deals with business organisations in Saudi Arabia. 

Step 7

If you’re applying on a work basis, then you’d need to get an employment certificate and a stamped bank statement not less than six months. 

Up next, let’s take a step further by looking at how to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa from Nigeria. 

How to Apply for Saudi Arabia Visa in Nigeria

In this section, we’re about to talk about how to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa in Nigeria. We have broken down the processes into three simple steps. 

Step 1: Visit the Saudi Arabia Embassy

Visit the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Nigeria. When you visit one of their offices in Kano or Abuja, the staff will inform you of the requirements for an appointment.

Step 2: Fill out the application form

Obtain and complete the visa application form. Provide accurate and genuine answers to the questions as these will be examined and added to your other documents. The application form should be attached to your passport, alongside the receipt for the visa processing fee, which you’d have gotten from the embassy after payment.

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Step 3: Expect approval by email

You will get an email notification that will inform you of the status of your visa. Whenever it is confirmed approved, you can pick up your passport from the Saudi Arabia embassy on the date specified for pick up. After that, you can make your trip to Saudi Arabia. 

How Long Does a Saudi Visa Take in Nigeria?

It takes 24 hours to process and get a notification mail of the approval of your Saudi e-visa. It’s valid for one year from the issued date. Based on Saudi Arabia’s policy, it can only be processed 6 months before the trip you intend to make.

Final Note

As you have seen, getting a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia is easy and simple. With all of the above steps, you can be sure that the process is smooth and stress-free. So, from now on, no worries about asking the question: how much is Saudi Arabia visa fee from Nigeria?

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