How to Merge PDF Files On PC, Mac & Linux – Its Pros & Cons

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Are you worried about managing the PDF files on your device? Do you want to keep all the files in order and make them easily accessible?

So, here is the easiest method for that. You need to merge PDF documents with the same topic and keep them in a separate folder. Isn’t this amazing?

Instead of opening every single file and reading the content, you can go for an alternative plan and compile all those documents.

Users can go for multiple plans to merge PDF files. Changing the format of the file and merging them, using software, or getting help from online tools. These are some top ways that you can use to compile PDF files.

But, do you want to go for the easiest one? That is using an Online PDF merger! This method is the most reliable and preferred one that can help you combine the files within seconds without losing the content.

The best element of using an online PDF merger is that one can combine all the files on every platform regardless of device or browser.

Whether you are using a PC, Mac, or Linux; this tool will work on every device. Moreover, you can avail of all its features regardless of the browser and system.

Here, we are going to talk about PDF mergers in detail and how you can use them on different devices. Also, we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the PDF merger.

How to Use PDF Merger to Merge PDF on Mac, PC, and Linux

As told earlier, a PDF merger is not device-specific. You can get all the features of this online tool on every device and browser. Moreover, one can keep the file safe in this tool.

The working of a PDF compiler is the same for every device. Irrespective of your system, whether it is Mac, PC, or Linux; you will have to use the same procedure.

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There is no difficulty in using this online tool. You can learn about its working quite easily. And we will also talk about its working in detail.

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Working on PDF Compiler

The interface of online PDF merger is quite simple which makes it much easy to use. One just needs to follow some simple steps and it will bring all your PDF files to a single page.

  • Open the browser on your device (Linux, PC, or Mac) and search for a PDF merger there.
  • Click on the upload button and browse all the files that you want to merge.
  • All the files must be in a sequence. If you have not uploaded the files in order, you can easily sort them and change their order as per requirement.
  • Once you finish uploading the files, the next thing is to merge the files. For it, you have to click on the merge button.
  • The tool will compile all the PDF files in a few seconds.
  • Click on the download button and you will have the merged files in your folder.


Here we will talk about the top advantages that you can get with the help of a free PDF combiner online and bind multiple PDF files.

All the top-rated tools offer these features to the users without any cost. So, you must go for a PDF combiner where you get these advantages as it can be the best option you can have for managing the documents.

  • Easy sorting

This tool allows you to edit the files and keep them in order before merging them. So, you can easily sort them and change their position with ease.

  • Quick results

By using a PDF combiner, you can increase their work productivity. This tool provides the result quickly which makes the work fast.

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  • No compatibility issue

This is the best element of using this online tool as one can get access to this tool on every platform regardless of the device and browser.

  • Use without installation

There is no need to install the tool on your device. You can get access to all of its features online and compile the PDF files easily.

  • Upload multiple files at once

With the help of a PDF merger, one can combine numerous files at one time. You can select multiple documents at once and click on the merge button. This tool will compile those files in a few seconds.


Just like pros, you will also see the cons in every element. So, here are some disadvantages that you may face while using some of the PDF mergers.

Not every tool has these drawbacks, but you may face this issue in rare cases. So, it is necessary to share those shortcomings with the readers.

  • Too many ads

This is an issue in some tools that show too many ads. This often interrupts the users and makes it difficult for them to focus on the actual work.

  • Sign-up before usage

Some online PDF mergers ask for sign-up or registration before using them. Although it is not a disadvantage, still many users are concerned about privacy and they avoid sharing the data.

Bottom Lines

To merge multiple PDF files and keep them in a sequence, you need to go for a PDF merger. This is an amazing way that can help you save time and compile multiple files at once.

The best thing about this online tool is that you can get access to it on every platform regardless of the device. Whether you have a PC, Mac, or Linux, this tool will work on every device.

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This amazing element makes the tool handy for everyone. So, to manage large folders and bind PDF files, you should use the PDF combiner.

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