How To Migrate From Nigeria To Germany In 2023

Do you intend to migrate from Nigeria to Germany in 2023? If you’re not armed with the necessary information needed for a successful migration, the process might be challenging. 

But, now that you’re here, you’re about to get equipped with essential information on everything you need to know before you migrate from Nigeria to Germany. Unlike that of Dubai and France visas, German visa procedures have a slightly different approach which we’ve revealed wholesomely in this article. 

With all we’ve packaged for you and revealed in this article, you’re sure on your way to getting to your dream country (Germany) from Nigeria. Let’s begin.

how to migrate from Nigeria to Germany

How Difficult Is It to Immigrate to Germany?

If you want to migrate to Germany from Nigeria, you must have thought about the above question before. To get started, you need to know how to acquire a German residence visa and work permit, if you’d be working there too. That’s the first process. We’ll deal with that in subsequent parts of the article. 

The process isn’t a very difficult one if you’re an EU national. A European Union (EU) national is one whose country is a member of the European Union. If that’s you, then all you’d need to do is register with the local authorities in Germany, get a place or someone to live with and make your way to Germany. 

But, if you’re not from Europe, you’d need to pass through the visa application process. It could take some months of processing before you finally get approved. 

Right now, the next thing that could linger in your mind as you think to migrate from Nigeria to Germany is the cost. How much would it cost? Let’s answer that next. 

How Much Money Do You Need To Immigrate To Germany?

According to visa guide world, to immigrate to Germany, you would spend well over €3,000 (N1,472,259.41), N in Nigerian Naira. Factors such as flight costs and rent (when you land in Germany) influence the price of migration from Nigeria to Germany.

Besides just the visa cost, the table below shows some of the things you might need when you get to Germany that will contribute to the original visa cost. 

Work Visa €75 (N36,741.29)
Residence Permit €50 (N24,494.19) – €110 (N53,887.23)
One-way plane ticket €200 (N97,976.78) – €600 (N293,930.34)
Travel health insurance €30 (N14,696.52) – €90 (N44,089.55) to cover the first three months
Deposit of three month’s rent €1,500 (N734,825.85) – €5,000 (N1,199,931,177.4) (based on where you choose to live in)
One month’s cost of living €1,000 (N489,883.90)
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Now that we’ve supplied you with adequate information about the cost to migrate from Nigeria to Germany, it’s now time to discover the requirements you’d need to provide in the process.  Let’s continue. 

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Germany Immigration Requirements

There are different immigration methods people have used over the years to relocate to Germany, with each having some specific requirements, alongside similarities too. 

Before you can get approved to move to German, you would need to do the following:

Show proof of Financial Stability

To apply and be considered, you’d provide proof that you can sustain yourself financially in Germany. Applicants have to prove that they’re sufficient enough to care for themselves in Germany. 

Even when you’re relocating based on getting employed, you still need to have enough funding till you get paid your initial salary. All in all, your financial strength will be checked and it’s a factor in whether you’ll be approved for immigration to Germany. 

Get Health Insurance

Without health insurance coverage, you will be disqualified from immigrating to Germany. The best thing is to get German health insurance since you’ll be staying in Germany, as the authorities there may not approve foreign health insurance coverage. 

Get Basic Proficiency in German

You need to know how to speak German if you want to migrate from Nigeria to Germany. You don’t have to break your back, you just need to know the basics. There are three levels of language proficiency in Germany – A, B and C levels. Each has two parts – A1/A2, B1/B2, and C1/C2. 

B, the proficient level, is higher than A, which is the basic level and C, the advanced level is higher than B. A1 is a higher result than A2, which follows after it. The same sequence goes for B (B1 is the better of both grades) and C (C1 is the better of both grades). To successfully migrate from Germany to Nigeria, you’d need to sit for the exams and get up to either A1 or B1. To get a permanent residence, you need to have a C1/C2 grade.

Get a German Visa

Germany, being a member of the Schengen area, allows nationals of 62 countries to enter its country without having to apply and get a visa. They only need to apply for a residential permit after entering Germany. This covers a period of 90 days.

However, such visitors are restricted from working though they can engage in business. 

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Below is the list of countries (62) that fall under Germany’s visa-waiver program:

  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Argentina
  5. Australia
  6. Bahamas
  7. Barbados
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Brazil
  10. Brunei
  11. Canada
  12. Chile
  13. Colombia
  14. Costa Rica
  15. Dominica
  16. El Salvador
  17. Georgia
  18. Grenada
  19. Guatemala
  20. Honduras
  21. Hong Kong
  22. Israel
  23. Japan
  24. Kiribati
  25. Macao
  26. Malaysia
  27. Marshall Islands
  28. Mauritius
  29. Mexico
  30. Micronesia
  31. Moldova
  32. Monaco
  33. Montenegro
  34. New Zealand
  35. North Macedonia
  36. Nicaragua
  37. Palau
  38. Panama
  39. Paraguay
  40. Peru
  41. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  42. Saint Lucia
  43. Saint Vincent
  44. Samoa
  45. San Marino
  46. Serbia
  47. Seychelles
  48. Singapore
  49. Solomon Islands
  50. South Korea
  51. Taiwan
  52. Timor Leste
  53. Tonga
  54. Trinidad and Tobago
  55. Tuvalu
  56. Ukraine
  57. United Arab Emirates
  58. United States of America
  59. Uruguay
  60. Vanuatu
  61. Vatican City
  62. Venezuela

You must have scanned through the list and you noticed that Nigeria isn’t on it. That means that you’d need to apply for a short-stay visa to migrate from Nigeria to Germany. The subsequent subheading will give more details on this, as it takes you to the core of this article. 

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How to Migrate from Nigeria to Germany (Full Details)

As we’ve identified in the last subheading, EU member countries (62) don’t need a visa to travel to Germany. However, the following countries listed below would need to get a short-stay visa before proceeding to Germany. 

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Angola
  4. Armenia
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Bahrain
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Belarus
  9. Belize
  10.  Benin
  11.  Bhutan
  12.  Bolivia
  13.  Botswana
  14.  Burkina Faso
  15.  Burma/Myanmar
  16.  Burundi
  17.  Cambodia
  18.  Cameroon
  19.  Cape Verde
  20.  Central African Republic
  21.  Chad
  22.  China
  23.  Comoros
  24.  Congo
  25.  Cuba
  26.  Rep. Of Congo
  27.  Djibouti
  28.  Dominican Republic
  29.  Ecuador
  30.  Egypt
  31.  Equatorial Guinea
  32.  Eritrea
  33.  Ethiopia
  34.  Fiji
  35.  Gabon
  36.  Gambia
  37.  Ghana
  38.  Pakistan
  39.  Guinea
  40.  Guinea-Bissau
  41.  Guyana
  42.  Haiti
  43.  India
  44.  Indonesia
  45.  Iran
  46.  Iraq
  47.  Ivory Coast
  48.  Jamaica
  49.  Jordan
  50.  Kazakhstan
  51.  Kenya
  52.  Kiribati
  53.  Kosovo
  54.  Kuwait
  55.  Kyrgyzstan
  56.  Laos
  57.  Lebanon
  58.  Lesotho
  59.  Liberia
  60.  Libya
  61.  Madagascar
  62.  Malawi
  63.  Maldives
  64.  Mali
  65.  Marshall Islands
  66.  Mauritania
  67.  Micronesia
  68.  Mongolia
  69.  Morocco
  70.  Mozambique
  71.  Namibia
  72.  Nauru
  73.  Nepal
  74.  Niger
  75.  Nigeria
  76.  North Korea
  77.  Northern Marianas
  78.  Oman
  79.  Palau
  80.  Papua New Guinea
  81.  Philippines
  82.  Qatar
  83.  Russia
  84.  Rwanda
  85.  Samoa
  86.  Sao Tome and Principe
  87.  Saudi Arabia
  88.  Senegal
  89.  Sierra Leone
  90.  Solomon Islands
  91.  Somalia
  92.  South Africa
  93.  Sri Lanka
  94.  Sudan
  95.  Suriname
  96.  Swaziland
  97.  Syria
  98.  Tajikistan
  99.  Tanzania
  100. Thailand
  101. Timor-Leste
  102. Togo
  103. Tonga
  104. Tunisia
  105. Turkey
  106. Turkmenistan
  107. Tuvalu
  108. Uganda
  109. Uzbekistan
  110. Vanuatu
  111. Vietnam
  112. Yemen
  113. Zambia
  114. Zimbabwe

If you scan through keenly, Nigeria is the 75th country on the list up there. To migrate from Nigeria to Germany, you’ll need a short-stay visa as a Nigerian. How then do they carry out the application process?

The process will include getting all the German visa application documents required, attending an interview and paying the visa fee. After that, the applicant awaits a decision on the application.  

Note that we’ve explained that all of the countries above would need to obtain a short-stay visa to get through to Germany. But, some of them could still enjoy exemption based on different reasons. That’s the final part of this article. 

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In the last subheading below, check if your country belongs to those exempted from getting the short-stay visa. 

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Categories of Non-EU Nationals Exempted from Getting Germany Short Stay Visa

If you’re from one of the countries that would need to obtain a visa to enter Germany, you may not need to if you belong to any of one of the categories below. 

  1. If you’re from one of the EU/EEA/EFTA countries, then you won’t need to get a short-stay visa to travel to Germany.
  2. Are you travelling as a partner with EU/EEA/EFTA or you are the child of an EU/EEA/EFTA National? If yes, you’re exempted from getting a short-stay visa as well.
  3. Do you hold a Diplomatic, Service or Special Passport from Chad, Ghana, the Philippines, Thailand and Turkey? Then, the exemption grace covers you from getting a short-stay visa. If you hold a Diplomatic Passport and you’re from  Algeria, Georgia, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Namibia, Pakistan, Russian Federation, and South Africa.

Final Note

While you might have been worried about getting accurate information on how to migrate from Nigeria to Germany, we cooked up this article to help you see that it’s an easy, seamless process. To migrate from Germany to Nigeria in 2023 won’t be difficult if you follow all of the above procedures as explained in the main heading to the last subheading you’d find in this article. 

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