How To Open Apk File On Android, Windows And iPhone

If you have ever needed to do it but don’t know how to open APK file, stay glued to this article till the end to find out.

TheNigerianWeb has simplified all you should know on how to open APK File. Follow through as we walk you through the process of how to open APK file on your Android, Windows and iPhone.

But before then, what’s APK?

APK (Android Package Kit) are extended files of Android package files. They’re for sharing applications from Google to Android.

They’re similar to .exe files in Windows OS used to install the software.

APK files have all data of an application – resources, manifest, and the compiled application code.

Now, let’s quickly see where these files are stored on Android devices.

Where Are APK Files Stored On Android Device?

how to open apk file

Apk files on Android phones are in two forms – user-installed or pre-installed.

You’ll find the user-installed apps under /data/app/directory. On the other hand, you’ll locate the pre-installed ones in the /system/app folder.

You can access both with the ES File Explorer, your default file manager app, or any good one you install.

Before we proceed to the focus of the article, let’s see why APK files are used.

Why Are APK Files Used?

With downloads from the Playstore, the usefulness of APK files is hidden. That’s why we’ve revealed them in these clear summaries below:

With APK files, you can:

  • download and use leaked apps.
  • download the latest Google updates by overriding carriers.
  • download apps restricted by Google.
  • download apps by developers not offered on Playstore.

Now, before we proceed on how to open APK file, you need to know how to have it installed before you do.

Hence, let’s quickly see how to install the APK file.

Follow the simple steps below:

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  • Set up your device for APK installation

how to open apk file

It’s quite easy to set up your Android device.

Go to settings, then select the security option. Grant permission for the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Click and check the box beside verify apps options. It helps to detect harmful APK files to avoid. With the option, you’re sure to only access healthy APK files.

  • Find APK file for download

how to open apk file

Before you download an APK file, you should be sure about the one you’re going for. You must check good sources for APK file download. It saves you time and struggles when it’s time to open it.

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Open the browser and search for the APK file you want to download. Click to begin download. Having completed the download, click open to install.

In some cases, the APK file installation is disabled, you will get a notification where you can reset options to allow APK files from unknown sources to install.

Then, you proceed to install with a click.

You can also install APK files on the computer.

how to open apk file

Before you begin the process, ensure your computer permits access to third-party apps from other sources.

To do this, go to settings and then find the security option.

Click on unknown sources to verify your computer’s access to unknown apps.

Next is to download and install the APK files from your computer to your Android device. You’d need to search the APK file you want to download and get it on your system. Remember to look up the site ranking, reviews, and comments to ensure you’re downloading from the best source. Click download and save at a location you choose.

Having done that, connect your Android device to your system. Ensure you connect as a media device. From there, locate the downloaded APK file and copy it to any location you choose to save on your android device.

Now, to download and install APK files from your computer to your Android device, first find the file you want to download and then click on download to get it in your system. Select an appropriate location to save it.

Now, we’ve finally reached where we’re going. Let’s open the installed APK file. Let’s see how.

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How To Open An APK File

Besides Android, other Operating Systems can open the APK files. But we’ll begin with How To open an APK file on Android.

How To Open APK File On Android

how to open apk file

Opening an APK file on an Android device is quite easy. Just download it and open it, following the instructions after downloading.

In a bid to prevent viruses, some Android restricts the installation of applications from sources other than the PlayStore. So, you’d have to change the settings to allow APK files from unknown sources.

Depending on your android version, navigate to apps via your settings. Find the notification options, then click the advanced option and click the special app access. From there, click to allow installation of unknown apps.

Alternatively, you may just need to locate the options from your device and enable install unknown apps or sources.

How To Open APK File On iPhone

On all iOS gadgets, including iPhone, it takes a very different approach to use APK files. Both (iOS gadgets and APK files) aren’t compatible. So, an APK file can’t be opened on an iPhone or iPad.

Let’s now see how to open APK files on Windows.

How To Open APK File On Windows

To open an APK file on Windows, you might need a cross-platform medium like Bluestacks or Android Studio.

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With them, you’ll find tabs with options to install Apk on Windows.

How To Open APK File Using Software

Certain tools or software allow you to open APK files. Explained below are some of these tools, and their features.


WinRAR is very easy to use. Also, it’s widely available in the market and it’s a nice software program.

It currently has over 500 million users. It best helps to open an APK file with no issues.

Below is a list of features of WinRAR software:

  1. A powerful tool with several other functions that helps organize the compressed archives
  2. Faster and better than similar software in the market
  3. Efficient and saves transmission costs, disc space, as well as working space
  4. Nearly supports all compression formats
  5. It automatically selects the best method to compress each multimedia file
  6. With WinRAR, archives can be easily split into different volumes and saved on different disks

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WinZip is an easy-to-use compression software. It’s among the most popular software for compression. It’s widely recommended and adopted to unpack files and open APK files. Within a short time, it extracts the file contents of the APK.

Listed below are some features of the WinZip Software:

  1. It unzips almost all major file types
  2. WinZip effectively compresses and reduces the size of email attachments
  3. It comes with banking-level-encryption to secure files
  4. It can access and manage files on PC, networks, and clouds
  5. It connects to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more


7-Zip, an open-source file archiver, helps to place file groups in archivers. This program is widely known and used to open APK files.

Here below is a list of features of the 7-Zip.

  1. It compresses on ratio.
  2. It supports almost all the major file types
  3. 7-Zip has strong encryptions to secure files
  4. It possesses the self-extracting ability
  5. It possesses Windows Shell integration
  6. 7-Zip possesses a powerful file manager and a command-line version
  7. It has 87 languages


This software helps Android applications usable on PCs and Mac. It’s a free emulator for PC popularly used with Windows and Mac. It’s one of the best ways to open APK files.

Listed below are its features:

  1. It synchronizes apps between Windows and phones through a cloud connect app.
  2. Files between Windows and Bluestacks are movable via a shared folder.
  3. By double-clicking an APK file, you can side slope apps from the desktop.
  4. Easy installation and use.
  5. It uses less RAM.


This software permits users to run app stores just like Android apps via Windows PC. With the virtual Android emulated environment it creates, it is useful for opening APK files. It’s downloadable free and its home version is available for sale as well.

Find below features of the YouWave software:

  1. Possesses a simple interface that makes it easy to use.
  2. Optimum performance.
  3. YouWave works with 4.0 IceCreamSandwich and 2.3 Gingerbread.
  4. It allows screen rotation.
  5. With YouWave, you can play Android multiplayer games from your computers.
  6. Android apps can be tested on PC with YouWave.
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Google Android SDK

Coming with a graphic interface that emulates a handheld environment, the Google Android SDK is what software developers use to write apps on Android-enabled devices. It allows developers to test and debug codes to write apps.

Here below are some of its features:

  1. It has a visual layout.
  2. It allows comparison between two APK’s to see differences in sizes as well as changes with app versions.
  3. Google Android SDK possesses intelligent code editors that speed up work and present better codes.
  4. Easy customization and ease to generate multiple variants for various devices.

With tools or software like the examples above, you’re not just able to open APK files, you can edit or convert them too. However, care must be taken to choose the best ones out of numerous available in the market. Some software only destroys your devices rather than open APK files for you.

Final Notes

Working with APK files are cool. You’ll access apps you can’t get via Google Play Store or those unique apps not found in your location. You’re able to get some apps leaked before their launch if you can get their APKs.

That’s why this article has detailed the process on how to open APK file. From Android, windows and iPhone, installation to opening the APK files, everything you need to know about this is within your fingertips.

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