Hungary Embassy In Nigeria And Contact Details

On this page, you’re going to read everything you need to know about Hungary embassy in Nigeria and contact details. If you’re working on traveling to Hungary, you’ll find this information useful.

Before we dig into that, first, let’s have a look at relevant information about traveling to Hungary, and getting a Hungarian visa.

Here we go.

Hungarian Visa Fee in Nigeria

Hungarian visa fee in Nigeria depends on which visa type an applicant wishes to apply for. Since Hungary isn’t one of the visa free countries, it’s important that we explore the Hungarian visa types and see their costs.

There are 2 types of visa Hungary offers applicants.

1. Unified Schengen “C” visa for short term (<90 days) stay

Also called Hungary C Visa, Unified Schengen “C” visa holders are eligible to stay in the Schengen area. There, they could spend up to 90 out of 180 days of the visit.

This visa costs 80 Euros in Nigeria.

2. Residence permit (90 days of stay) “D” visa

Also called the Hungary D Visa, “D” type visa holders have the opportunity to visit Hungary. There, they can retrieve their residence permit (for work, study, etc.) within the next 30 days.

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This visa costs 60 Euros in Nigeria.

Hungary Student Visa in Nigeria

hungary embassy in nigeria and contact details

As a Nigerian that wants to apply for a Hungarian student visa, it means you’ve chosen to further your education at specified tertiary institutions in the country. To be eligible, you must take note of these:

1. You must provide proof of Nigerian citizenship. Alongside that, you must have completed O’level, before you think of getting an undergraduate degree in Hungary.

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2. You must have enough finances to be able to cater for yourself and bear the cost of living and studying costs in Hungary.

3. You should apply for the type D visa. It covers study purposes.

Hungarian students enjoy special treatments like discounts on items, transport fares, cinemas, and games. You only need to have your ID card with you to enjoy these benefits. To get on with the application as a Nigerian student looking to study in Hungary, you need the following:

1. Nigerian passport with at least 18 months validity from the application time. The international passport must have at least 2 unused pages. If you’ve got an old passport, it’s always required that it should be submitted alongside the new.

2. Hungary duly signed the visa form. If the student is a minor, then the parents would fill out the form on the student’s behalf.

3. Four passports having a white background.

4. Travel itinerary or flight tickets. It should bear the arrival date to Hungary, airline name, as well as the flight number.

5. Parents’ passports if the applicant is a minor.

6. Travel medical insurance certificate which covers up to 30,000 Euros.

7. In the event of accidents, lost canceled trips, and unforeseen cases amidst transit, travel insurance covers them.

8. A consent letter from a parent or guardian is applicable if the student is a minor.

9. A cover letter that details the reason and motive for selecting the Hungary school. Also, intentions after the scholarship ends.

10. At least, 6 months’ bank statement showing the applicant’s financial ability or the strength of their sponsor.

11. Statement (in item 10) must be legalized or notarized.

12. Students may need up to 700 Euros monthly. It’ll cover feeding, transportation, and so on.

13. Affidavit of sponsorship, which states the relationship between the sponsor and applicant. It is essential to prove the continuity of sponsorship till the scholarship ends.

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14. Proof of relationship with the sponsor (if being sponsored).

15. Notarized copy of transcripts from

16. Proof of payment of tuition (depending on the school’s policy) whether in full or in part.

17. Proof of payment of a general deposit (an acceptance fee, form fee, or a general levy).

18. Payment must be made 2 weeks before the application starts.

19. Evidence of admission by the institution in Hungary.

20. If employed, proof of employment is required. It must show the source of income.

21. Proof of temporary accommodation or evidence of a reserved place paid for, to spend the time in Hungary.

22. Accommodation plans, if provided for, would be disclosed by the institution. Hence, you need not worry (about item 21), if available from the school.

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Having all these ready, you can then go ahead to apply for the Hungary visa:

1. Download the Hungary Visa form in Nigeria and fill in block letters (this should be done online and printed out).

2. Put together all requirements above.

3. Submit them to the Hungary Embassy in Nigeria

4. Visit the embassy with your visa application fee (60 or 80 Euros depending on the type).

5. You might need to contact the embassy to finalize your submissions (their contact details will be disclosed later).

How Long Does Hungary Visa Take?

The Hungarian Schengen Visa may take up to 15 days to be ready. In extreme cases, it could take up to 60 days. It’s best to apply early for your visa up to six months before you travel.

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Hungary Embassy in Nigeria

Hungary has a consulate in Lagos. In addition to that, it has two other representative offices in Nigeria. These include an embassy in Abuja, as well as a consulate in Kaduna.

Hungary Embassy in Lagos

Hungarian Consulate in Lagos is situated at:

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Azosik Brothers International Limited, Shop F – 5

Shopping Complex Victoria Garden City Epe Expressway,

Ikota, Lagos Nigeria.


(+234) 1 461-9618


[email protected]


Billy Friday Amar Aigbe – Consul

Office Hours:

Only scheduled Consulate Appointment

Hungary Embassy in Abuja

Address:  Embassy of Hungary Abuja is situated at:

11 River Niger Street


FCT Abuja






Consular Section:



Dr. Sándor Beer

Consulate of Hungary in Kaduna


4 Abba Habib Road

P.O. Box 2958







[email protected]

Wrapping Up

To apply for a visa to Hungary whether as a student or tourist or worker, you’d need to know the Hungary Embassy in Nigeria and contact details.

Since meeting hours are fixed by appointment, you’d need to check up on the best way to contact them. You’ll find our article useful to help you easily do that!

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