Top 10 Job Opportunities In The Tech Industry

job opportunities in the tech industry
                By Oluwafemi Oyeleye

Are you aware of the relevant job opportunities in the tech industry? With the rate of advancement in technology today, it’s not surprising to see more and more jobs become automated.

In other words, the world is tilting towards a culture of work in which machines are being programmed to do jobs humans do manually!

Before we proceed to the job opportunities, here are some useful tech industry statistics for your information.

Tech Industry Statistics You Should Know

34% of employees admit that by 2025, they’ll be unemployed if they’re unable to keep up with the tech skills required to retain their employment. As a result, 78% of workers are willing to learn new skills as much as their job requires.

Currently, success in the tech industry tops the news headlines. In 2021, the Nigerian tech industry raised up to $1.7 billion. Today, many Nigerians actively desire to unbundle the wealth within the tech industry.

Now, to sustain your employment, you’ll need relevant tech skills in Nigeria’s huge tech market. That’s why this article is for you.

In this post, you’ll discover the top 10 job opportunities in the tech industry you should know. This information will help you choose the best tech skills to learn. It’ll further guide you to making the best decisions as regards job opportunities in the tech industry. Let’s begin.

The Top 10 Job Opportunities In The Tech Industry

This section contains information that will help you discover the top 10 job opportunities in the tech industry. Here below are the top 10 job opportunities in the tech industry.

Data Science

Data science involves data analysis. Experts in data science are called data scientists. They use technical skills to gather insights, discover and solve several managerial, sales, and growth-related problems in business organizations.

It’s one of the top job opportunities in the tech industry you should consider today. It’s a high paying job. And many enterprises are seriously looking for competent data scientists to work for them.

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Software Development

One of the top job opportunities in the tech industry is software development. Software developers make the apps you use on your smartphones. More than that, they structure the game apps you download and play to enjoy leisure, and application programs you use to perform different operations on your phones and PCs.

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Software developers are brilliant and intelligent. In addition, they’re the mastermind behind different kinds of computer programs. A software developer could either be an applications or systems software developer.

An application software developer develops apps or programs for a specific purpose. On the other hand, systems software developers create programs and systems that form part of other software.

If you’re looking for one of the top job opportunities in the tech industry, you can consider being a software developer.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are those who work to protect the computer networks of companies, organizations and businesses. They also program software and install firewalls into systems that serve to secure the computer systems.

The demand for information security analysts keeps increasing as the cybercrime rate isn’t reducing. Hence, you’ll be making a good decision to learn the skill or take up a job in this area in the tech industry.

Computer Systems Analyst

Unlike information security analysts, computer systems analysts deal with computer systems efficiency.

In other words, they check the state of a company’s computer systems and set it up where necessary. They do this in order to enhance the working capacity of these computer systems.

With a proper understanding of the business’ needs, goals and objectives, computer systems analysts provide tech solutions to build up computer systems and improve the organization.

Every organization wants such transformation. And computer systems analysts are the ones to help them fulfil their high hopes of being on the top of their game. It’s one of the top job opportunities in the tech industry you can delve into.

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Web Development

Web development involves building and maintaining websites. When you browse a website link, the result is a product of a web developer.

Of course, many businesses surely want online visibility and awareness. And one of the ways to do this is by owning a website.

Hence, the need for a web developer. A web developer possesses coding skills to create fast, effective and active user-friendly websites.

A web development skill is not just high in demand, it pays richly too. It’s one of those skills you don’t need a degree to learn.

Sales Engineering

Sales engineering deals with selling scientific and tech products to businesses and services. People involved in this field are called sales engineers.

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They get in-depth knowledge of products’ parts, functions, and scientific nature. In doing that, they understand to a very great degree how the product works.

As a result, a sales engineer is able to:

⦁ Provide support and advice to trigger sales
⦁ Team up with sales personnel to increase customer loyalty
⦁ Arrange orders and structure goods delivery
⦁ Provide solutions to customer complaints
⦁ Research and develop new products

When it comes to the line of sales, you can be sure that thousands of people are out there trying to sell their products, but often get it wrong trying to do it on their own. Hence, sales engineering is one of the highly profitable top job opportunities in the tech industry.

Information Technology Management

This working field deals with coordinating the operations of all computers within an organization. Information technology managers ensure that the hardware, software, application systems and networks function effectively and efficiently.

Since they know all it takes for the IT system of the company to be at its best, they’re responsible for managing the IT budget of organizations where they’re employed. They earn about $152,860 a year.

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Computer Research Science

Computer Research Science deals with increasing network technology, speeding up computers and improving information security. Experts in this field are known as computer research scientists.

They also create and modify algorithms (sets of instructions that tell the computer what to do) to advance technology and improve computers’ efficiency.

In large organizations where computers are maximized among staff members as tools for work purposes, computer scientists are high in demand. Little wonder then that this is also one of the top job opportunities in the tech industry.

AI Engineering

AI engineering is all about developing new applications and systems that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve performance and efficiency, make better decisions, cut costs and increase profits.

Today, many organizations are looking for competent AI engineers to help them develop their various systems and applications. If you’re interested in getting into the tech industry, you’d be making the right decision if you choose to delve into AI engineering.

Product Management

Product management is a sphere of marketing that deals with identifying customer needs and objectives a product is created to fulfil.

The product manager is the one that carries out this task. He defines and simplifies all that’s required for the product to succeed, and goes on to lead the team to achieve the vision of the product.

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Customer needs, product features and specifications all need to be clear as it helps to adopt meaningful strategies to scale up business and boost sales. It’s no wonder why product management makes our list of the top job opportunities in the tech industry.

Final Notes

With the rate the use of technology is fast becoming the norm to scale businesses these days, we’d not be wrong to observe that those highly skilled in software and other problem-solving fields would continue to cash out real big. And if you want to be one of them, you need not be told to pick up a skill among this list of the top 10 job opportunities in the tech industry.

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