Latest Ankara Styles For Nigerian Ladies

According to the fashion trend, latest ankara styles abound in different colourful and elegant designs today.

Ankara styles are popular among West Africans, especially the Yorubas. We know well the Yoruba adage, “whoever rocks an ankara style is the one to be served semo (eni wo ankara lo ma je semo).”

The ankara is a native attire most reckoned with among Africans. Rocking the ankara style in an event such as a traditional wedding ceremony, an engagement, a cultural day and other events speaks volume and portrays the value of the African culture.

In this article, we have compiled for you the latest ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria. But before we delve into that, let’s see a few things about the ankara style.

The Ankara Origin 

The ankara originated from a Dutch textile company in Indonesia. It became widely recognised in West African countries. It uniquely pictures the African tradition.

From Ghana to Nigeria, to all West African countries, the ankara styles have been creatively patterned in latest designs.

Ankara Styles Today

The Iro and Buba ankara styles were commonly worn in the ancient days. Today, the ankara styles have evolved into body fitted styles, peplum tops, ball and bridal gowns, jumpsuits, men’s ankara shirts and corporate suits. These trending ankara styles are the talk of every event you step into.

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Now, unto the core of our article. We know ladies are extraordinarily sensitive, classy and choosy when it comes to fashion. Based on this, TheNigerianWeb offers you the best collection to select from.

The Red Design Ankara Style

The red design ankara with a touch of flowery purple is popular for its unique colour combination. It’s best for an aso ebi. It’s a stepped down blouse and short sleeve. Its long gown fits from the waist to the legs. When you confidently rock the style, you’ll surely enjoy the cool and fun of it.

latest ankara styles

red gown

Check out new designs.

latest ankara styles

The Purple Design Ankara Style

Having rocked the agbada styles for ladies and the ankara styles too, you will find this latest purple design ankara style highly inspiring.

Its amazing features are the off-shoulder chest designed with thick purple wool, yellow pattern all over it, and the flowing, curvy towards the down part of the gown.

This grand design can be rocked with its gele, to any occasion you desire.

purple ankara gown

purple design

latest ankara styles

The Multi-color Pattern Ankara Style

The multi-coloured pattern ankara style comes with diverse colour such as the deep brown, green, orange, and off white on it.

Check out new designs.

The blouse has a Y neck shape design, a round fly design from the silver belt. The skirt is cut from the knee to the ground level. It goes perfectly with gold colour high heels. A pair of sunglasses on the multi-coloured ankara style makes you cool and completely amazing for every occasion.

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multicolour ankara

multicolour ankara design

Check out new designs.

latest ankara styles

Sun Flower Yellow Ankara Style

Wear the beauty of the sunflower, as you consider the beautiful sunflower yellow ankara style.

It is classy and elegant with the sunflower design. To cap it all, a special yellow material is sewn to flow below the knee cap of the short gown or just beneath the top part of the blouse.

With a yellow high heel, be prepared to receive nice comments from friends, family and people in every occasion or event you rock it to.

sun flower design

sun flower yellow

The Diamond Patterned Ankara Style

All back with diamond-shaped pattern ankara style reigns today. The shoulder chest is a black net and the top chest is a green material, with a diamond pattern design from the middle chest to its downward part.

Designed with a combination of blue, red and green, the diamond-patterned ankara is stylish, fanciful and beautiful for every event. You can choose to tie a gele, use a wrist bangle, a bracelet or necklace to adorn the style.

Trust us, you’d be stunned at the many admirations you’d attract.

diamond pattern

The Pinky Design Ankara Style

The pinky design ankara style is flashy, classy and cool. Designed to meet the latest fashion trends, occasions, events or owambes, this style gives you that glowing look of a classy Nigerian woman who knows the language of fashion.

Its flying chest layer, and its round pattern, light and royal blue design give it an artistic colour mix. With a gele that matches it, pink or royal blue, rest assured you’d get the hype.

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pink ankara style

Bottom line

The ankara style is more popular among Nigerian ladies than the Atiku and agbada styles. As a Nigerian lady, you’d love to appear exclusively elegant, bright, bold and beautiful. Just consider the latest ankara styles above. And you’ll be glad you did.

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