Latest Nigerian Native Attire For All Occasions

The beautiful Nigerian native attire is your best bet at any occasion or event among notable figures in society.

Nigeria, being the most populous African country, accommodates several tribes and ethnic groups with elegant native attire. So each with her own native wears.

In this article, we have compiled a list of popular Nigerian native attire styles best for you.

But before we delve into that, let’s take a look at the Nigerian native attire among the major ethnic groups.

Nigerian Native Attire among The Major Ethnic Groups

The three major ethnic groups in Nigeria are the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. The attire among these major ethnic groups has distinctively unique features. Also, they are worn daily, especially on special occasions such as festivals and weddings. Yet, they serve various purposes in different tribes and ethnic groups.

In this article, we’ve covered the Nigerian native attire for the three major ethnic groups – Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

Native Wears Among The Yorubas

The Yorubas are known to dress beautifully, gorgeously and flamboyantly to occasions and ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

They believe that when you buy the latest attire, outfits, and matching accessories, you are accorded much respect in society.

One of the ways the Yorubas measure status and wealth is through what you wear. Little wonder the Yoruba guys and ladies rock the different traditional attire like a pro.

native wear

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The Yoruba Nigerian native attire for men and women include a combination of the following:


The gele, often called a head tie, or African head wrap is made in several forms from fabrics such as netted aso oke, Sego gele, aso oke proper, damask and others. Of course, as its name implied, it is tied on the head. There are different ways to tie the Gele.

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Centuries ago, the gele symbolised wealth. Usually, a lady who hails from a prestigious family rocked the gele the best.

There are different gele types and styles such as casual, couture, aso oke, custom aso-oke and bling. The gele is a perfect top match for the iro and buba which we will talk about shortly.

Iro and Buba

The iro and buba attire, often worn by Nigerian women, became popular in the 50’s into the early 80’s. The iro is a clothing material cut and shaped in a rectangle, wrapped and knotted around the waist. The buba, for the top, is a loose blouse, long-sleeved. At times, it is cut around the elbow level. The iro and buba goes together for women.

For the men, we talk about buba and sokoto. The sokoto, is the name for trousers worn with the buba. Although the Sokoto is related to men’s outfit, it is now embraced by the ladies and there exist today buba and sokoto designs for ladies.

Native Attire Among The Igbos

Long-time ago, native attire among the Igbo wasn’t to showcase wealth, nor status, but to portray a modest lifestyle and a decent character. Nigerian native attire among the Igbo consists of cotton wrappers, shirts and sandals.

Igbo style

Native Styles Among The Hausas

The Nigerian native attire for Hausa men includes babban riga, a traditional headpiece and fula (a round cap). Also, colourful wrappers, called Abaya, are worn by the Hausa women with blouses which fit as a top.

Native Hausa wear

Having looked at the Nigerian native attire among the major ethnic groups, below are the different styles.

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Top 7 Nigerian Traditional Styles

Need ideas on the best Nigerian native attire for your next occasion? Below is our carefully selected list of different Nigerian wears.

1. The Royal Blue Agbada Style

With the abeti aja cap, translated dog’s ear cap, the royal blue agbada Style is a complete attire suitable for important occasions. With a fine leather or Rolex wristwatch to match, you’ll be good to go.

Unlike the Atiku and Ankara, the agbada demands embroidery to adorn and bring about its colourfulness. Neck and hand beads, plus nice shoes to match are perfect for this style.

royal blue style

2. Flowing Gown

Fashionable women feel fly in this beautifully flashy outfit. The silver accessories complement this style so much that it is incontestably the best for it. Shoes for the native attire style need not be too high since your gown is flowing. Just choose something comfortable. The head tie is cool too, just rock it the best way you can.

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Stand out among your circle of friends in a party, family meeting, or any traditional occasion, by rocking this traditional dress.

nigerian native attire

3. All Black Atiku Style

Black is beautiful, so goes the saying when people describe the dark complexion. When it comes to the Nigerian native attire, black is cool.

The black Atiku long-sleeved shirt and trousers make a great look for the handsome Nigerian who desires to stand out in a wedding ceremony.

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With a nice dark pair of sunglasses, a black native cap, black leather or chain wristwatch to maintain the blend, you might go home with a wife at the end of the end though you didn’t come with one.

Choose any colour patterned design you feel is nice on the black Atiku native attire. The yellow pattern design is cool. Just go with what’s best for you and you will be cool..

all black atiku native attire

4. Senator Style

The senator styles are popular designs mostly associated with high-class Nigerian politicians and celebrities.

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Usually long-sleeved or short, its top shirt always almost touches the knee cap. Patterned designs are made around the neck, chest and belly part of the shirt. Most times, it is adorned with a cap or hat.

If you want to look attractive and classy, you should try the senator style.

nigerian native attire

5. Iro and Buba Lace Style

The white lace iro and buba style goes with a blackhead tie, hand purse and black high heel shoes to match.

Whether you’re in a family meeting, a ceremony, or a social class event, the white lace iro and buba style can never fail you.

iro and buba style

6. Two-Stepped Ankara

The latest Nigerian native attire young women love today is the two stepped long gown Ankara style. It comes in layers of two and the top is designed with one shoulder off. The Ankara long gown with its unique features makes you elegant, bright and bold.

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ankara native wear

7. The Isiagu Style

The isiagu style is Nigerian native attire popular among the Igbo. Also known as chieftaincy wear, it is traceable to the loincloth popular among the Igbo worn during chieftaincy title ceremonies.

Similar to the dansiki, the isiagu is a pullover tunic shirt, patterned with an adult head lion designed all over its top. It depicts the strength of a man. Its colours and designs are those permitted by the Igbo tradition. You can rock it with trousers and nice flat shoes.

A red or black cap or the Igbo leopard cap also goes with it. You can choose to add coral beads and a walking stick to your accessories.

Today, the isiagu style is worn in weddings, coronation, and naming ceremonies. If you want to appear classy, stylish and unique in your next outing, consider the isiagu attire.

isiagu style

On the Last Note

Are you looking for what to sew for your upcoming wedding or coronation ceremony?  Check out the different styles of the Nigerian native attire given above. Apart from giving you brilliant design ideas, you will also be able to make an informed decision next time you meet your fashion designer.

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