Top 10 Best Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria

Many manufacturing industries in Nigeria have contributed hugely to the country’s economic development. As a nation gifted with numerous natural resources, it is not surprising that it boasts of different manufacturing companies with several products that benefit the populace.

In case you’re looking to delve into the manufacturing industries, whether as a business person or an investor, you will find this post useful. You will read about the different manufacturing industries in Nigeria, especially what makes one unique from the other.

Before then, we’d peep into some vital facts about the manufacturing sector in Nigeria. That leads us to answer the question: what does the manufacturing sector in Nigeria look like currently?

The Manufacturing Sector In Nigeria

Manufacturing industries transform raw materials into newly processed products or usable forms for people. The manufacturing sector in Nigeria contributes 10% of the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) every year. Cities like Lagos, Ibadan, and Portharcourt are major places where manufacturing activities take place.

The manufacturing sector has been made better recently even though it’s facing certain challenges. The inconsistent power supply is one big problem. Another is lack of infrastructure, and expenses on imported raw materials, among others.

At the moment, the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic hit all manufacturing industries. Being a global economic issue, Nigeria isn’t alone in the struggle. Countries across the world face the uphill battle. It affected demand, supply, and the workforce. Only industries that deal in personal care products like pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, and beverages, and food items experience high demand for products. Manufacturers with less essential items have very low demand and are pressurized to cut operational costs.

All in all, it became obvious the need to strategically encourage domestic production to rebuild the economy of most developing countries, including Nigeria.

That’s all on how the manufacturing sector is fairing in Nigeria, let’s now look at the different manufacturing industries in Nigeria.

The 10 Best Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria

manufacturing industries in nigeria

In this part of the article, we’ve compiled detailed information on the top 10 best manufacturing industries in Nigeria. From their addresses to contact details and every vital fact you should have, we’ve revealed them all below.

1. Dangote Industries Limited

Dangote Industries Limited is a household name in Nigeria. Having built its reputation as the largest conglomerate company in Western Africa, it leads in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.

Founded in 1981 by Akilo Dangote, the company has several factories and offices in Nigeria. More than that, it now has subsidiaries in African countries like Benin, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Cameroon. It’s one of the largest companies in Africa.

Dangote Group produces food and beverages. Recently, the company added rice, fertilizers, oil, and gas to its list of products.

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Union Marble House 1 Alfred Rewane Road, PMB 40032,

Falomo Ikoyi,

Lagos, Nigeria.


+234 1 448 0815

+234 1 448 0816

+234 1 463 0316

+234 1 271 2231



2. Unilever Nigeria Plc

Unilever Nigeria Plc, was first known as Lever Brothers West Africa Ltd. in 1923. It worked its way to becoming a famous brand in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

The company is a subsidiary of the international Unilever Plc producing consumer goods. It specializes in food and personal care products. Popular food products from the stable of Unilever Plc include Lipton, Knorr, Royco, and Blue Band.

You’d also find Lux, Close Up, Lifebuoy, and Vaseline amongst their recognized personal care products. Omo and Sunlight are detergents they produce, widely accepted for home use.


1 Billings Way, Oregun

P.O Box 1063,

Ikeja, Lagos.






3. Nestle Nigeria Plc

Nestle Nigeria Plc leads as one of the best manufacturing industries in Nigeria that deals in food and beverages. Established in 1959, the company already existed in Africa and has been trading since 1957.

Nestle Nigeria Plc is a subsidiary of Nestle S.A, a Swiss Company that majors in food and drinks. Confectionaries, cereals, and water products are their main products.


22-24 Industrial Avenue

Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.


+234 1 493 4131

+234 1 493 1409



4. Nigerian Breweries Plc

Nigerian Breweries Plc brews various beers for beer lovers all over West Africa. Founded in 1946, the company is the largest brewery in Nigeria.

Beyond producing beers, the Nigerian Breweries Plc also makes energy drinks.


Iganmu House, Abebe Village Road, Iganmu, Lagos.


+ 234-1-2717400

070 8255 8662752



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5. PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc

PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc focuses on food, nutrition, and personal, and home care products. It also deals with electrical production.

Originally named PB Nicolas & Company Limited, the company was formed in 1948. It’s now a Nigerian subsidiary of PZ Cusson Plc, a firm in Manchester (United Kingdom).

Widely used personal care products from them are Cussons Baby, Carex, Premier, Venus, Robb, Joy, and Imperial Leather. Their common home care goods are Morning Fresh and Zip detergent. Finally, nutritional foods from the industry include Nunu, Yo!, Coast, Devon King’s, Mamador, and Olympic.


45/47, Town Planning Way, Ilupeju Industrial Estate,

P. M. B. 21132,

Ikeja, Lagos.


23401 270 2874-5






6. Flour Mills of Nigeria

Flour Mills of Nigeria ranks as one of the biggest agro-allied companies in Africa. It was founded in Lagos in 1962. It’s a very popular brand in Nigeria.

The industry initiated the Golden Penny Products categorized into three – food, animal food, and Bagco.

Confectionery, flour, pasta, sugar, and other products fall under the food category. Premier Feed Mills is solely their animal food. Bags, threads, ropes, and other related goods are for Bagco.

They are one of the biggest manufacturing industries in Nigeria.


1 Golden Penny Place, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria.





7. DUFIL Prima Foods Limited

De United Foods Industrial Limited (DUFIL), has grown to become one of the best manufacturing industries in Nigeria. This group operates as a joint venture of two companies – Tolaram Group in Singapore and Salim Group in Indonesia.

With 2 factories in Nigeria, one in Ogun (established in 1995) and the other in Port Harcourt (founded in 2001), the company has a third factory named Northern Noodles Limited, a DUFIL subsidiary in Kaduna.

Recognized products by this company are Indomie instant noodles as well as other kinds of nutritional foods.


38, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria





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8. United Africa Company of Nigeria (UACN)

United Africa Company of Nigeria (UACN) is one of the top manufacturing industries in Nigeria functional since 1931.

It re-branded and took its present name in 1973, expanding its horizons, running different businesses. They major in food and beverage production.

Funtime coconut chips cakes, Gala, Sausage rolls, Snaps, and Supreme ice cream are their recognized food products. Their beverages also include Gossy warm spring water, Swan water, and different fruit drinks flavors like orange, apple, and pineapple. They also produce Grand Oil and Cereal, as well as Vital Feeds.


1-5 Odunlami St, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria





9. Guinness Nigeria Plc

According to Forbes magazine, Guinness Nigeria Plc, is one of the most recognized companies in Nigeria. It’s a subsidiary of Diageo Plc, situated in the United Kingdom.

The company started in Nigeria with a brewery in Ikeja. Afterwards, two more were built in Benin and Ogba.

Products by them include Malta Guinness, Malta Guinness low sugar, Harp Lager Beer, Foreign Extra Stout, Satzenbrau, Guinness Extra Smooth, amongst others.


24, Oba Akran Avenue Ikeja, Lagos


+234 (1) 2709100

+234 (1) 2709338



10. Larfarge Cement

Larfarge Cement is a manufacturing industry that specializes in building materials. They began with Elephant Portland Cement production in 1960 which celebrated 50 anniversary in 2010.

The company is a subsidiary of a French firm operating two cement factories in Nigeria. One of them is located in Ogun State (Sagamu). The other is in Abeokuta (Ewekoro).


27B, Gerrard Road, Ikoyi,

Lagos State


+234 (1) 2713990



Final Note

If you’re looking to partner with a manufacturing firm for your project, you should find this useful. These manufacturing industries in Nigeria are the best we’ve researched. If you need to venture into any manufacturing deals or investments, this list is very resourceful.

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