Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria

Do you know the best network marketing companies in Nigeria to join? Or you’re looking to partner with one of the best network marketing companies in Nigeria?

This article provides a list of top network marketing companies you can choose from. But before we delve into the main topic, we’ll talk about identifying good network marketing companies in Nigeria.

Good Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria

There are lots of network marketing companies in Nigeria today. Network marketing often called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a legal trending marketing strategy big companies use to improve awareness and boost sales.

Good network marketing companies in Nigeria aim to create awareness and increase turnover. These companies need people to partner and work with them to achieve their goal to become multinational. The benefits and opportunities they offer differ according to their unique terms and conditions.

Before you decide to partner with any network marketing company in Nigeria, do the following:

  1. Get facts, figures, and vital historic details of the company
  2. Find out the terms and conditions of the company
  3. Know the registration fee
  4. Proceed to register (that’s if you’re satisfied with the details discovered)

With these guides, you’d easily identify good marketing companies in Nigeria. With that, let’s proceed to the main article.

The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria

network marketing companies in nigeria

It’s often safe to partner with network marketing companies that have existed for at least 3 years. Yet, new network marketing companies in Nigeria are rising faster to success.

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1. Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global

Alliance In Motion Global is of the best networking companies in Nigeria. It distributes premium nutritional organic supplements.

The Multi-level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) awarded AIM the best company in the network marketing business. It aims to improve members’ welfare via a favorable compensation plan.

Find below the four registration packages Alliance In Motion (AIM) offers.

  • Global starter package –N38,000
  • Entrepreneur package –N114,000
  • International business –N266,000
  • Global mega package –N700,000

Product:  Herbal and organic food supplements.

Compensation Plan & Other Benefits: AIM Global uses a hybrid compensation plan to reward partners. With this, they stand the chance to enjoy the three bonuses it offers.

  • Gifts
  • Free traveling experience
  • Financial literacy (learning in any company)

AIM Global is one of the best networking marketing companies in Nigeria.

2. Norland International

Norland international is a big networking marketing company in Nigeria founded in 2008. It distributes health and medical cosmetology products, e-commerce, and the direct selling industry.

Get started with Norland International via these packages.

  • Senior Member level –N87,000
  • Bronze member level –N160,000
  • Silver member level –N350,000
  • Gold member level –N700,000
  • Diamond –N1,350,000

Products: Organic food supplements and medical cosmetics products.

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Compensation Plan & Other Benefits: Norland uses a binary compensation plan. Every month, members earn based on their level.

  • Senior member level –N4 million
  • Bronze member level –N8 million
  • Silver member level –N6 million
  • Gold member level –N2 million
  • Diamond member level –N4 million

Other benefits include Incentives for cars, travels, and gadgets, honorary bonus, sales commission and leadership bonus.

3. Oriflame

Oriflame is a Swedish multi-level network marketing company. It trades different kinds of beauty products. It is one of the best networking marketing companies in Nigeria that sells beauty care products.

Oriflame allows its members to grow based on their input.

Here are the 9 membership ranks to pass through:

  • Consultant
  • Elite consultant
  • Group manager
  • Senior group manager
  • District manager
  • Senior district manager
  • Regional manager
  • Senior regional manager
  • Regional director

Products: Household & color cosmetics, skin and hair care products, perfumes.

Compensation Plan & Other Benefits: You stand a chance to enjoy one or more of these as you proceed from one rank to another with Oriflame.

  • 23% discount from products
  • Paid traveling expenses
  • Car allowances
  • Free household gadgets
  • Free products

4. Helping Hand International

Helping Hands International is one of the network marketing companies in Nigeria. It’s an NGO initiative.

Besides the fact that it’s a humanitarian-based NGO that thrives by the principle of network marketing, its members come together to give back to the poor, helpless, and needy. And at the same time, empower themselves financially

You register with $40 in any of the 5 categories listed below.

  • Associate member
  • Master member
  • Super master
  • Minister
  • Prime minister

Helping hands has been very effective over the years in rendering qualitative services in society.

Product: Helping hands offer these services:

  • Trade and skill acquisition
  • Assets and property support system
  • Humanitarian services
  • Financial empowerment
  • Scholarship awards
  • Compensation plan

Helping hands adopted the 2×2 and 2×5 matrix marketing system. Benefits you stand to gain when you join include:

  • Matching bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Housing funds
  • Scholarship
  • Paid trips
  • Cars
  • Promotional incentives

5. Trevo

Trevo is a rapidly expanding network marketing company popular for its integrity and cares to maintain highly qualitative products.

In Nigeria, you’d need about N38,150 to N277,800 to get started with Trevo. You can depend on Trevo for their unbroken integrity.

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Trevo deals in a health drink, in which one goes for $75 (N12,000)

The Trevo health drink has about 170 ingredients. Some are gotten from fruit extracts which makes it highly medicinal.

Compensation Plan & Other Benefits:

Trevo works on a straight downline plan. Trevo further provides 8 ways to make money in the business.

6. Edmark International

Edmark Group of Companies operates in over 30 countries. Being a multi-million dollar company, it’s one of Nigeria’s best network marketing companies.

Edmark manufactures, exports, distributes, and deals in real estate development. At the moment, it has about 1.2 million distributors.

Edmark has 3 registration packages.

  • Regular Sales Kit
  • P4 Registration Kit
  • Elite Business Package

Edmark has a GMP manufacturing plant in Malaysia. With a lot of equipment, industrial robots, and features, you can rest assured of a superior quality product from Edmark.

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Edmark provides healthy food supplements. Healthy Slimming Products, Beauty Care, Beverages, Healthcare, and Wellness products are some of its products.

Compensation plan & Other Benefits

Edmark uses a reward plan named “The Edmark Double Bonus Marketing Plan”. Edmark rewards 71% of total paid-up bonuses.

Asides from this, members are registered for life, enjoy low maintenance, and can transfer to another generation. Also, they can never be demoted in rank.

7. Super Life

Superlife is one of the latest networking marketing businesses in Nigeria. Launched in 2017, it got to Nigeria in 2018 (a year later). Superlife specializes in modern methods to cure illness and maintain body health using plant cells. Since it began in 2017, it has gained ground in over 20 countries of the world.

Superlife has four different membership plans. Each package has a unique financial reward that accompanies it. With these packages, you earn the reward as follows.

  • Starter package –N23,750
  • Star pack –N49,500
  • Supreme pack –N198,000
  • Super pack –N495,000


Superlife produces stemcell 30 (STC 30) and snow algae 15.

Stemcell 30 renews, replicate and replace dead and old cells in the body.

Snow algae 15 boosts energy and youthfulness. Also, it helps to maintain healthy skin.

Compensation Plan & Other Benefits:

Superlife offers bonuses in the following 4 categories

  • Direct sponsor bonus
  • Rollover bonus
  • Pairing/matching bonus
  • Unilever bonus

Free traveling tickets, gadgets, (iPhones, household appliances, laptops, android phones), and other free products are benefits super life offers.

8. Royale Business Club

Royale Business Club was launched in January 2016 in Abuja. Being one of the latest networking marketing companies in Nigeria, it works on a binary plan.

The three packages for registration with Royale Business Club are:

  • Starter package –N50,000 (here, you’ll be given products worth over N65,000 to trade with)
  • Business package –N150,000 (here, you’ll be given products worth about N185,000)
  • Elite package –N370,000, ( you’ll be given goods worth N455,000)

So, their products are on a high-quality stand, produced from purely natural and fewer exotic extracts.


Skincare & beauty products, food, and health supplements, and powdered beverages. Royale has several goods along these sales lines.

Compensation Plan & Other Benefits:

You enjoy sales and referrals commission, awards of the latest gadgets like household appliances, laptops, and iPods. Also, Royale Business Club funds traveling expenses to luxurious countries.

9. Recharge And Get Paid

Recharge and get paid (RAGP) is one of the latest networking marketing companies in Nigeria you can partner with.

RAGP partners with telecom companies. Hence, they allow everyone to make money just by recharging their phones, buying subscriptions, and utility bills.

It costs about N5,000 to N100,000 to obtain a VTU (virtual top-up).

Recharge And Get Paid has six packages you can register as follows:

  • Basic –N5,000
  • Bronze –N10,000
  • Silver –N20,000
  • Gold –N30,000
  • Diamond –N40,000
  • Platinum –N50,000
  • Executive platinum –N100,000 (upgrading to any level is permitted)
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RAGP offers services in virtual airtime top-up, data, utility bills (PHCN), and subscriptions (GOTv, Startimes, DSTV).

Compensation plan & Other Benefits:

You get a 20% bonus at each registration level. Also, you enjoy 20% bonus on your referrals alongside a commission on any transaction either in your e-wallet or from your downlines.

10. Immeri Global

Imeri Global was launched on April 15, 2019, in Lagos, Nigeria. With over 3,000 business partners, it’s a multinational company that has reached many countries across the globe.

It keeps a unique leadership structure that improves and promotes the health and welfare of its customers worldwide.

Immeri products are highly qualitative. They’re formed from natural and organic extracts. This helps prevent cancerous growth, and disease, and promotes metabolism in the body. Produced with well-developed scientific procedures in a conducive environment, Imeri Global products are effective.

With these distributor registration packages below, you can begin with Imeri Global.

Classic package – N59, 200

Agency package – N296,000

In the first package, you receive goods worth N80,000. You also get 5% referral commission on your first and second levels.


  • Immercare vagina – acts as a refreshing gel for women.
  • Vitide – a micro molecule that facilitates the repair and regeneration of cells in the body.
  • Adwelle – a plant-based enzyme that aids the absorption of nutrients inside body cells.

Compensation Plan & Other Benefits:

It has a systematic board scheme that ensures everyone gains tangibly at their package. So, the more downlines you get, the higher you rank. And that way, your commission grows steadily.

Final Notes

With the way several networking marketing companies are popping up in Nigeria these days, one can’t be too careful when choosing the most reliable one. With our list of the best network marketing companies in Nigeria, you can make an informed decision.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria”

  1. You didn’t mention Kedi healthcare company…

    KEDI Healthcare Industry is a network marketing company in collaboration with Fidson Healthcare Plc.and AOBO Pharmaceuticals Group China.
    Kedi Products are natural herbal health products certified by NAFDAC and they are marketed under Multi-Level Marketing strategy.

    KEDI has a research and Development centre in China and factories in many Africa countries producing healthcare products which are divided into two categories;
    Life Essentials Products and Special Solutions Productss

    All the products are based on (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, 100% Herbal extact which can CURE and PREVENT any form diseases at any level because of its useful nutritional supplements produced into capsules and tablets forms with NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!!!


    •Does the company have a good quality products?

    •Does the company have a credible marketing plan?

    •Is the company stable and trustworthy?

    •Does the company have a good training system?

    Therefore, joining Kedi is the right answer to the above questions and enjoy a life changing experience.

    Go to playstore, search for kedicare app and download it or go to Kedi healthcare office in your area and request for registration form.
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    •Your registration will make you a STAR 1 Consultant, if u buy at least one product.

    •Then purchase at once or cumulative purchase products of 80PV qualifies you as STAR 2 Consultant.

    •You earn 5% commission of 3 registered consultants on your direct downlines as a STAR 2 consultant and earn 20% commission of 3 registered consultants on your direct downlines as a STAR 3 Consultant .

    •Then you stop purchasing products when you make 250PV (Point Value), #126,000 You became star 3 consultant.

    •You need to register three (3) people ONLY under you. Please note that the three (3) people must be interested in growing the business because the more they grow, the higher the income.

    •You proceed to STAR 4 when you have just three (3) STAR 3 Consultants under you with a total Cumulative Point Value of 1,000PV (Point Value) in your network.


    1. *RETAIL PROFIT:* You get 20% as profit of every product ordered on your referral.
    2. *DIRECT BONUS:* You get 20% – 45% as direct bonus on every month recruits into your network base on your status.
    Star 3 = 20%
    Star 4 = 25%
    Star 5 = 30%
    Star 6 = 35%
    Star 7 = 40%
    Star 8 = 45%

    3. *INDIRECT BONUS:* You get 5% as indirect bonus on every person under your network.
    4. *SERVICE CENTRE BONUS:* You get 5% as bonus on monthly total sales in your office if you own a service centre.
    5. *LEADERSHIP BONUS:* You have 1% as Leadership bnus on every person in your network.
    6. *HONORARY BONUS:* You get 1% turn over of the company as quarterly bonus starts from one star Manager.
    (a) You get automatically, a FREE Brand New Car of your choice worth #7.2 million as star 8 Distributor.
    (b) You get FREE International Travel Award on star 6 – 8
    (c) You get FREE Villa Award as Two Star Manager.

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