Nigerian Men Agbada Fashion Styles (Trending Fashion)

The Agbada Fashion styles are a classic affair and only those who value them best know the best string to pull. Nigerian men understand the best fashion trend and they don’t slack before delving into the latest of them when the opportunity comes.

The Nigerian fashion industry has become very popular, not only among the Nigerian youth but also generally among all fashion-conscious people across the globe. From celebrities to media personalities, actors and actresses, the agbada style has evolved into a unique style loved by all and sundry.

How The Agbada Design Came To Be

In the past, it was traditionally believed that the agbada style was primarily male, and so the women were scarcely seen wearing it. But as time went by, things began to change as men and even women started rocking the agbada design to important events like weddings and even political gatherings.

Before its popularity among Nigerian men, it used to be a cloth only kings and chiefs whose ranks among the people commanded much respect that normally wore the agbada style. But today, the trend has shifted and we all know that almost every Nigerian man now rocks it to important events. This means that by rocking the agbada style too, you have the bragging rights of a chief and king.

The Agbada Style Colour Combinations

Unlike what used to be the trend in the days of yore, the agbada design has become so fashionable nowadays even the colours are enough attraction. Different colour combinations like all shades of blue, black, brown, pink and purple are the constant features in the new agbada style.

We cannot, however, talk about the agbada style without mentioning the relevance of embroidery in bringing out its true class.

The Agbada Fashion Style Embroidery Among Nigerian Men

For other designs like Atiku and Ankara, one can still have the option of either adding embroidery or not. But for the Agbada style, embroidery is key as it brings out a classic look that presents you as a man of great fashion taste. The agbada embroidery can come in different designs based on creativity. The more creative your tailor is, the more beautiful your dress.

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Now, let’s get on to the main talk – the different agbada styles for Nigerian men.

White Agbada Style

Now, let’s face it: does this not look royally? Yes, that’s the feel of donning yourself in a classy agbada fabric. Like the fabric made for kings and chiefs, putting on the agbada does the magic when you appear at an occasion. The unique design not only commands respect, but it also draws attention when you attend that wedding ceremony. You can rock it for special occasions like the king that you are. Just stay beside your queen so other slay queens won’t be eyeing you.

Check out new designs.

White agbada style.

agbadas style

Blue Agbada Style

No doubt about it, the blue agbada style is one of the best designs among fashionable Nigerian men. When you rock this agbada design to weddings, you get the feel of a VIP because there will be all eyes on you. It’s nicely cut and looks great on you so much that you can rock it to suit your fashion taste. We all know the great feelings that come with wearing what’s in vogue, you hardly pass by without people commenting about and admiring your cloth. Yes, that’s the agbada style feeling of a celeb.

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agbada fashion styles

agbada style

Purple Agbada Style

When you want to make a fashion statement at a great event, do just one thing: put on your purple agbada cloth and rock it like a star. It’s a fashion secret that most Nigerian men understand. And that’s why many of them do not joke with trending fashion like the agbada designs especially this purple cut. Depending on how you want it, you can rock the purple agbada design with nice embroidery that shows class. And you’ll be good to go.

purple agbada style

Well-embroidered Agbada Style

Here is another great design for your pick. The agbada cloth is remarkable for its beautiful embroidery. Sometimes it can come with a long-sleeved shirt but if you prefer to rock it with a short-sleeved, it’s cool. The colour is unique and classy making it one of the regularly sewn agbada styles among Nigerian men.

agbada fashion styles

The Trending Agbada Style Accessories

Gone are those days when the classy agbada cloth used to be plainly aso ofi. Those days it would be wide and roomy like a baggy cloth. These days the trend has changed, agbada has now been transformed into what we refer to as a “total package”, a blend of both native and casual wear. This is why you now see fashionable Nigerian men rocking the slim-fitted agbada fashion styles with pencil trousers. In short, some even wear fancy shoes like sneakers and it looks great on them. If you have to try that, however, make sure to look for a true blend of sneakers that goes with your kind of design.

Check out new designs.

Most times Nigerian men like to rock the agbada fashion styles with a nice traditional cap. Some men prefer it without a cap though. Whether with or without a cap, the design is a trend anytime. Besides a nice cap, you can also top the design with nice specs and a classy wristwatch. Also, depending on the colour, beautiful shoes, (if you like) – as some men like to feel royal – a staff wouldn’t be out of place.

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Agbada styles among Nigerian men are the trend in fashion now. You will see it as aso ebi at weddings. The style has been completely transformed into a different design from what we used to know. Like in the past, in traditional Yoruba societies, the agbada design commanded much respect and people generally accepted it as a royal cloth. So when you try it on today, little wonder people admire you. Needless to say, the agbada cloth still retains its respect among us. So if you’re considering sewing a fantastic design for that special occasion, trying out any of the agbada designs above will be a nice decision.

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