Why You Need Your National Identification Number (NIN) Today

Did you know that getting your National Identification Number in Nigeria today is mandatory on you as a Nigerian citizen?

In Nigeria today, doing almost anything related to the government including getting a government job, getting paid your pension and even doing any bank transaction has been linked to the use of the National Identification card.

Now if you’re reluctant about getting the national ID, you might want to reconsider that decision. But when you think of the many benefits having your National Identification Number will bring, you would not waste time before you find a means to get one.

What Is the National Identification Number?

The National Identification Number also known as NIN, is your unique identification number as a Nigerian. Issued by the National Identity Management Commission in Nigeria, the National ID is a set of numbers you will be given after your enrolment at any National Identity Management Commission’s designated centre.

Having the National Identity number means that you’re a Nigerian and anyone issued the number cannot transfer it to someone else. It is your sole identity as a Nigerian, so when you make transaction, leaves or returns to the country, your records will reflect in the National database.

Your NIN or National Identification Number consists of a randomly assigned 11-digit number. It is used for record purposes and to certify you’re a Nigerian.

national identification number

Where Can You Use The National Identification Number?

After supplying your biometric data at the National Identity Management Commission in Nigeria (NIMC), you will be issued the National Identity Card which will contain your National Identification Number when it’s ready. But if your card is not ready for collection, you will be issued a temporary slip to stand as your National Identity card. This card contains the National Identification Number (NIN) that you can use to do any of the following:

  • Gain access to relevant services by the Nigerian government
  • Process your international passport
  • Open a personal bank account
  • obtain your driver’s licence
  • need it for the National Health Insurance Scheme
  • make your tax payment
  • for transaction related to your pension scheme
  • land transaction subject to the land use act
  • process your Permanent Voter’s Card
  • Get your National ID card
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Who Is Eligible For The National Identity Card?

If you’re a legal citizen and a resident in Nigeria, you’re eligible to enrol for the National Identification Number. But you must be at least 16 years old to get the National Identification (NIN) number. If you didn’t know, getting your National Identification Number is mandatory on every legal Nigerian citizen within the minimum age of 16 years.

How to Enrol For The National Identification Number

Enrolment for your National identity number may be done in any of these three ways:

  1. Self-service

For this service, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has provided Enrolment Centres where you can register for your ID number. Walk into any of the Enrolment Centres. You will fill in an enrolment form containing your demographic details.

This will then be given to the Enrolment Officer who will enter your details into the database. After asking you to confirm the information supplied, your headshot, fingerprint and signature will be captured.

national identification number

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After this, you will hand over these supporting documents which will be scanned by the Enrolment Officer:

  • Old National Identity Card (If you’ve been previously issued any)
  • State of Origin or Local Government Certificate
  • Birth certificate or declaration of age
  • Valid Driver’s Licence
  • Valid International Passport
  • Permanent Voter’s Card
  • Government Staff identification card
  • Any other valid Identity document accepted by NIMC
  1. Assisted Service
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This has the same process as the self-service. The only difference is that here, you don’t fill in the form yourself, in the case of the aged or the physically challenged. The Support Officer will guide and help you fill in the form.

  1. Mobile Service

This gives you the opportunity to enrol for your ID card at any available Mobile Centres. You can enrol for your identity card at the Mobile Enrolment Centre in your neighbourhood. The process is the same as above only that most times the mobile centres do not have all the necessary gadgets to complete the enrolment. So it is advised you go to the actual National Identity Management Commission offices to complete your registration.

How To Know If Your National Identity Card Is Ready

Knowing that the National Identity Card is mandatory for almost every important transaction and documentation, you want to know when you will be issued yours, right?

Yes, some Nigerians enrolled for their National Identity Cards years ago but are yet to collect the cards. During registration, you were one of those who were probably only issued the temporary slip which contains your unique Identification Number (NIN).

But, instead of going to the National Identity Management office every time, here is how you can conveniently check whether or not your Identity card is ready for pickup.

How To Check Your National ID Card Status Online

Follow these simple steps to check for the readiness of your national identity card.

  • Go to https://touch.nimc.gov.ng/
  • Click “Proceed”
  • Enter your first name, last name and your National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Click “Check Now”

After this, a message telling you whether or not your National Identity card is ready for pick up will come up.

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Things You Should Note About The National ID Card

  1. It is important to note that you should not pay anybody for the enrolment for the National ID card. It is a programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria and it is absolutely free.
  2. You must not enrol for the card twice. You can only do it once.
  3. Besides being a National ID card that you can use for important documentation, it can also be used as a cash card. As the holder, you can use it to withdraw money from the ATM just like the other ATM cards from your banks.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what the National Identification Number is, where to get it and how to use it, you shouldn’t waste time before you go and enrol for yours if you haven’t done so yet.

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