The Complete List of Postal Codes in Nigeria (36 States)

The postal codes in Nigeria are unique for each state. Whether you’re a student or business person dealing in mini importation or maybe you want to fill in certain form online, you need the postal codes. So if you’ve been wondering what the Nigeria postal codes look like or what you can do with them, here is where you will read all about it.

In this article, you will read about everything you need to know about the Nigeria postal codes in the 36 States.

Before we explore the main article, we’ll let you know what postal codes are and why you need them.

So, let’s first check that out.

What Are Postal Codes?

Postal codes are series of digital codes that allow postal services to dispatch letters, emails, and other delivery items easily and successfully.

Postal codes are usually added to mail addresses. They’re numerical sets that show areas and specific places used to ease the delivery processes of postal services.

What Are Postal Codes Used For?

Postal codes were developed to ease the postman’s duty. It simplifies the urgency of identifying a mail’s delivery place.

If you’re a blogger and needs to verify your Google AdSense account, you need a valid postal code to which Google would send your verification PIN.

postal codes in nigeria

Also, postal codes are used for:

1. Mail Services

The postal codes are mainly used to enhance mail services.

2. Delivery Services

In delivering parcels, mails, and packages, using postal codes has helped to achieve easy and speedy delivery.

3. Estimations

The postal codes serve statistical and estimation purposes. At times, the total postal codes in a country are collated and used as a source to gather data on vital facts.

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4. Internet Uses

Most educational or trading websites include postal codes on their web pages. It is to help their business and customer service through the postal services.

5. Marketing

Items of sales are delivered in exchange for money by the use of postal codes.

6. Determine Rates

Shipping businesses use postal codes to set the prices of goods ordered by customers.

7. Credit Card Authorization

Postal codes can be used for credit card authorization.

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Now, let’s move on to why postal codes are important.

Why Are Postal Codes Important?

Postal codes are so important to ensure postal offices deliver efficient services. The reasons below show why we use postal codes:

  1. Correct placement of parcels for delivery
  2. Deliver items within a short time frame
  3. Shipping payments are determined by postal codes

Postal codes must be correctly inputted. When wrong codes are matched with delivery items, they will be delivered to the wrong destination.

Having had an awesome insight about postal codes, we deemed it fit to take you through the historical development of the postal code.

Historical Development of The Postal Codes

Postal codes developed as a solution to issues that rose when cities got bigger and postal services became more difficult.

More post offices were raised to meet the needs of increased users. There would be loads of packages to deliver and greater tasks on post officers’ desks.

In a bid to ensure services were shared across available post offices, postal codes system were adopted to create definite boundaries. Specially arranged numbers were allocated to districts and zones, which aided the division of labor amongst various postal units.

Postal codes became prominent in the 1930s and it’s still in use today. Different countries at various development levels got to establish their unique systems, symbols, and formats of postal codes.

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Terms Associated with Postal Codes in Some Countries

Just like American English differs from British, here below are terms related with postal codes you need to know. We’ll look through their meanings and usages across some countries.

1. Postal Codes

This is widely accepted and generically used in most countries. It is universally adopted and used for Canadian postal codes.

2. Zip Codes

ZIP codes are used in the US. ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan.

3. Postcodes

Used in Netherlands and several English-speaking countries, the postcode is identical to postal codes.

4. PIN Code

This term is used in India. It fully means Postal Index Number code.

5. Eircode

The Eircode is the name for the latest delivery code system adopted.

6. CAP

CAP (Codice di Avviamento Postale) is used in Italy. It implies Postal Expedition Code.

7. CEP

The CEP (Código de Endereçamento) is used in Brazil’s postal code name. It means Postal Addressing Codes.

8. PLZ

PLZ stands for “Postleitzahl.” When translated, it simply means postal codes.

Before we go on to list the postal codes in Nigeria, let’s quickly take a sneak peek into how they’re formatted.

The Format of Postal Codes in Nigeria

Nigeria Postal Service System divides the country into 9 regions. Each has a regional code with a unique first digit.

Postal codes in Nigeria consist of 6 numbers. The last 3 digits represent the delivery area, usually the closest post office or an urbanized center. Each Nigerian zone head office has a postal code that ends with 0001.

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Now, to the main article.

Below is the list of the postal codes in Nigeria (36 states).

The List Of Postal Codes In Nigeria (36 States)

  1. Abia – 440001
  2. Adamawa – 640001
  3. Akwa Ibom – 520001
  4. Anambra – 420001
  5. Bauchi – 740001
  6. Bayelsa – 561001
  7. Benue – 970001
  8. Borno – 600001
  9. Cross River – 540001
  10. Delta – 320001
  11. Ebonyi – 840001
  12. Edo – 300001
  13. Ekiti – 360001
  14. Enugu – 400001
  15. Gombe – 760001
  16. Imo – 460001
  17. Jigawa – 720001
  18. Kaduna – 700001
  19. Kano – 800001
  20. Katsina – 820001
  21. Kebbi – 860001
  22. Kogi – 260001
  23. Kwara – 240001
  24. Lagos (mainland/island) – 100001/101001
  25. Nasarawa – 962001
  26. Niger – 920001
  27. Ogun – 110001
  28. Ondo – 340001
  29. Osun – 230001
  30. Oyo – 200001
  31. Plateau – 930001
  32. Rivers – 500001
  33. Sokoto – 840001
  34. Taraba – 660001
  35. Yobe – 320001
  36. Zamfara – 860001
  37. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) – 900001.
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Final Note

Large and small businesses in Nigeria need the postal codes especially when activities involve identifying physical locations within the country. And if you don’t want to miss your delivery from abroad, you need it too. So if you’re struggling to know the exact postal codes to use when filling a form especially online, our carefully researched list of the 36 States postal codes in Nigeria come in handy.

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