Qatar Embassy In Nigeria And Contact Details

With the Qatar embassy in Nigeria and contact details, your plan towards acquiring a visa to travel to Qatar is just a step away. Only stick with our article to the end, as we’ve revealed relevant information you’d need to kick start your journey to Qatar.

Nigerians often visit Qatar for tourism, business, or study purposes. But before you think to plan a trip to Qatar, the first thing to do is to apply for a visa. So, how much does it cost?

Let’s get started with that.

How Much is Qatar Visa in Nigeria?

Since Qatar isn’t among the free visa countries Nigerians can explore, it’s smart to plan with the traveling expenses.

Qatar Visa costs ₦15,064 ($41.84). You pay in cash or use debit cards via the Qatar Embassy in Abuja. You can also use your debit card to pay online registration.

Qatar Visa Requirement

Qatar embassy in nigeria and contact details

To speed up your application, it’s wise you know earlier the Qatar Visa Requirements. We’ll share that with you here. Before then, let’s have a sneak peek into the types of Qatar Visa that exist.

Types of Qatar Visa

The type of Qatar Visa you choose depends on why you want to visit the country. Here below are the 6 different types.

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1. Tourist Visa:

This visa is for travelers who care to explore Qatar’s top-notch locations and visit friends and family members. It’s valid for two weeks.

2. Transit Visa:

If you’re going to connect a flight via Qatar to another location, you’ll need a transit visa. It’s only valid for two days. Just for the period, you’ll spend till you take the next flight.

3. Business Visa:

Just like the name gives you a clue, this visa is for you if you intend to attend formal meetings in Qatar. As a member of an organization, business trips, conferences, and seminars are commonplace. Qatar may be the next meeting venue base. The visa is valid for 30 days.

4. Student Visa:

If you intend to take an academic program in Qatar, then you’d need to take a student visa. It’s valid for the duration of the course you apply for.

5. Work Visa:

This visa applies to people who’ve secured a job in Qatar. It’s valid for about one to three months.

6. Family Visa:

If you’ve got relatives in Qatar who can sponsor your stay, then this visa is for you. It’s valid for as long as the family sponsor lives in Qatar.

Certain conditions determine the validity of the Qatar visa. However, an extension is always possible for business and tourist visas.

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Now, you’d find below a list of all it takes to get a Qatar Visa from Nigeria.

1. Valid Nigerian Passport

Your International passport must be valid for six months beyond the entry date. Besides that, your passport must possess two blank pages for stamps.

2. A printed copy of the filled application form

3. Two colored passport-size photographs

4. Only one of these below (as they’re substitutes):

  • Hotel stay details (for tourist visa applicants)
  • An invitation letter from a sponsor in Qatar (for family visa applicants)
  • Income tax returns for the past two years
  • Any other documents supporting your planned visit

5. A proof of Provisional Admission:

  • This applies to those who want to take the student visa
  • An admission letter from the institution that proves you’re accepted to take the visa
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6. Proof of employment status in Qatar:

  • This applies to people who want to take the work visa
  • Your employer prepares a NOC to allow you to proceed
  • Then, you’ll apply for a residential visa based on your employers’ guide
  • Finally, you’ll take medical tests to verify your status against HIV and TB

7. Your sponsor will have to apply for the residence permit on your behalf

  • This applies to people who want to take the family visa

Now that you’ve gathered all the Qatar visa requirements necessary, let’s now explore the application location and method from Nigeria.

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Qatar Embassy in Abuja Address

If you’ve ever asked the question, ‘How can I get a Qatar visa from Nigeria?’, this session is for you.

Qatar Embassy in Abuja is the place you can apply to take a Qatar visa in Nigeria. It’s the only representative in Nigeria. The Qatar embassy in Abuja is among the 122 Qatar diplomatic and consular representations abroad.

Their details are as follows:


Transcorp Hilton,

1, Aguiyi Ironsi,





+234 909 426 4010


[email protected]

[email protected]

Operating Hours:

On appointment basis

Head of Mission:

Mr. Abdulaziz bin Mubarak,



At the given address, you’d be able to process your visa, and passport and confirm the legality of your documents.

Some have asked if an online application is possible.

How Can I Apply For Qatar Visa Online?

If you’ll be traveling via Qatar Airways, you can apply via Qatar airline’s website. This option demands that you purchase your flight ticket on time.

Also, you’d need to stay updated with the directive from the ministry of public health. Since the spread of Coronavirus, airline policies have been reformed many times to ensure lives are protected.

How Long Does It Take to Process Qatar Visa in Nigeria?

Whether online or via the embassy, it’ll take about 4-15 working days to process the Qatar visa in Nigeria. You can shorten the days when you book appointments duly, prepare your documents, and get all requirements ready.

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Once your visa is done, your receipt of payment, ID, and other documents you got when you applied will be requested. You get the visa immediately after you provide them.

To save stress, you can employ a courier service to get your documents from the embassy. The Qatar embassy will deliver your documents based on your notifications to them as well as the courier service representatives.

Wrapping Up

There you have all the information you need to get a Qatar visa. Armed with this invaluable information, you’d no longer see the process of traveling to Qatar from Nigeria as climbing the mountain of Everest.

With this Qatar embassy in Nigeria and the contact details, we’ve researched, you can easily process your visa for tourism, work, study or vacation to Qatar.

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