Top 5 Richest Doctors In Nigeria And Their Net worth

If you want to know who the richest doctors in Nigeria are, this post is for you. As a beautiful country endowed with great brains especially in the medical profession, Nigeria boasts of medical doctors who have made a mark in their chosen career and have become very wealthy as a result.

As we have previously written about the richest men and women in Nigeria, this post too will reveal to you the prominent Nigerian doctors, their lives and net worth.

 The Top 5 Richest Doctors In Nigeria And Their Net worth

Below is a list of Nigerian richest doctors, you will learn about their lives, businesses and net worth.

richest doctors in nigeria

1. Ambrose Bryant Chukwueloka Orjiako

richest doctors in nigeria

Net Worth: $1.2 billion

Popularly known as Dr ABC, coined from his name, Dr Orijako is one of the richest doctors in Nigeria. He practised his profession (General Surgeon) at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos.

In 1985, he studied at the University of Calabar and earned an M.B.B.Ch degree in the College of Medical Sciences. In 1996, he joined the West African College of Surgeons (WACS). He specifically where he was responsible for treating traumatic and orthopaedic patients.

After a while, Dr Orjiakor ventured into businesses in the private sector. He invested in Pharmaceutical companies, Oil and Gas Industry, Insurance, Banking and Shipping. He’s the chairman and co-founder of Seplat Petroleum. He holds up to 47,251,325 shares worth N31.4 Billion.

Being a philanthropist, he established the Daniel Orjiakor Memorial Foundation. With the aim of supporting youngsters in small businesses, the foundation offers aids in several ways to help business-minded youths in Nigeria live their dreams.

Dr Ambrose Bryant Chukwueloka Orjiako tops our list of the top 5 richest doctors in Nigeria.

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2. Godwin Maduka

richest doctors in nigeria

Net worth: $500 billion

Dr Godwin Maduka is one of the richest doctors in Nigeria based in the United States. He carved a name for himself in the health industry in Nigeria. His weighty contributions to health reforms in Nigeria will never be forgotten.

Born in 1959, he’s from Anambra State, Umuchukwu town. He attended All Saints Grammar School, Unmuze. He studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

In his struggle with finances in 1982, he luckily gained a scholarship to study at Rust College. Mississippi. As he went on to study Pharmacy at Mercer University in 1988 (6 years later), he clinched greater opportunities. He served there as a pharmacy technician before he further went to study Medicine at Tennessee where he specialized in anesthesiology, critical care and pain management.

Dr Godwin later founded Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center based in the United States. He serves as a Clinical assistant professor of surgery at UNLV School of Medicine. Also, he holds the post of a clinical faculty and a supporting professor of pain management and anesthesiology at Touro University, Nevada.

His medical research centre, situated in Umuchukwu – his hometown – is the largest in West Africa. It aims to advance medical research in Africa. He has also shared his wealth by meeting the needs of many hapless and hopeless through the Godwin Maduka Foundation. He has committed over $20 million to building hospitals, churches, orphanage homes, hotels, schools among other projects.

Dr Godwin Maduka is a billionaire, one of the richest doctors in Nigeria. He possesses landed properties, real estates, hospitals, medical research centers. He is happily married to Stella, blessed with 5 children.

3. Olubukola Saraki

richest doctors in nigeria

Net worth: $100 Million

Dr Olubukola Saraki was born on 19th December 1962. He attended Corona and King’s College in Lagos. He finished from Cheltenham College in the United Kingdom. He had his degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) at London University.

Dr Olubukola Saraki is an Ex-Nigerian senate president. Unknown to many, he’s a medical doctor – one of the richest doctors in Nigeria. He’s also one of the richest politicians in Nigeria and had served Kwara State as a Governor.

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In his tenure as Governor, he built several hospitals and employed the best hands to manage them. He reduced the infant mortality rate, helped pregnant women gain access to medical treatment without breaking the bank.

Dr Bukola Saraki owns landed properties in Kwara and other places in Nigeria. No wonder he is on our list of the top richest doctors in Nigeria. He is happily married to Toyin, now they have four children.

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4. Chris Nwabueze Ngige

richest doctors in nigeria

Net worth: $40 Million

Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige was born on the 8th of August 1952. In 1979, he was certified with degrees of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

He joined the civil service and grabbed the opportunity to work at the State House clinic at the National Assembly. He practised his profession for years before delving into politics. He once served as a senator and Governor of Anambra State.

Currently, Dr Chris Ngige is an acting minister of Labor and Employment. He is successful both as a medical doctor and as a politician. Today, he is one of the richest doctors in Nigeria with his net worth running into billions of naira.

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5. Bankole A. Johnson

richest doctors in nigeria

Net worth: $30 Million

Dr Bankole A. Johnson is one of the richest doctors in Nigeria who specializes in psychopharmacology. Psychopharmacology deals with the study of drugs to treat addictive conditions and mental disorder in humans.

He became famous when he discovered topiramate, a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) used to treat alcoholism.

As a certified physician and psychiatrist in American and European countries, Dr Bankole has demonstrated the Nigerian spirit of industrialism and professionalism. He was also an Alumni Professor and Chairman at the University of Virginia, in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences.

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In a recent development, the foremost Nigerian medical doctor was appointed to become a Psychiatry chairman at the University of Maryland, to lead a Brain Science Research Consortium in the neurosciences.

With several awards pointing to his many achievements, Dr Bankole A. Johnson is one of the richest doctors in Nigeria.

Wrapping Up

Medical doctors are important people amidst us, they save lives. So if you’re looking to study medicine and become a lifesaver too, reading about the lives of the richest doctors in Nigeria will help you a lot.

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