Top 10 Best Special Schools in Nigeria

Are you looking for special schools in Nigeria to enroll on your ward this year? This article is for you. Special schools in Nigeria are for children whose condition demand a special approach to facilitate their education.

In this article, we’ve provided you with useful details about special schools in Nigeria and their locations.

But before we delve into the main article, let’s have a quick look at some other important information about special schools.

Let’s begin.

What Are Special Schools?

Unlike the primary, junior and senior secondary or University, special schools are tailored to meet the needs of some special students.

These special students can only learn in environments that cater for their terms and conditions for learning. They can’t attend the regular day or boarding schools every student does.

special schools in nigeria

Who Are Special Students?

Special students are students with physical, mental or emotional disabilities, depriving them of learning in common classrooms. Students who need special treatment to learn enroll in special schools in Nigeria. To aid learning, the schools offer special services like:

1. One-to-one communication with the tutor

Students are permitted to have one on one interactions with the tutor. Special students must have a good rapport with friendly tutors concerned about their well-being and desire to help them learn.

2. Small classrooms

The goal of the small classrooms is to ensure students learn effectively at their own pace. General education allows hundreds of students in a class. Students learn by paying attention to a tutor.

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In a special school, however, tutors are responsible to keep tabs on special students. Only in the small classrooms can this be achieved.

3. Resource hub

Special learning resources are provided for special students in special schools. Depending on their various disabilities, these resources go into a wide range of items, structures, and features.

4. Specially trained tutors

Every tutor is not qualified to teach special students. Tutors are specially trained for the job. There are courses, lessons and practical training to be acquired to teach or train special students.

5. Personalized learning

Learning is personalized in the sense that, the students are taught about their diverse disabilities. Tutors take a personal and individual approach to help special students learn uniquely.

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Common Disabilities Among Special Students

Disabilities vary among special students, ranging from physical to psychological, developmental, and mental issues. Some common disabilities among special students include:

  1. Emotional/Behavior Disorders
  2. Learning Disabilities
  3. Cerebral Palsy
  4. Developmental Delays
  5. Neurological Disabilities
  6. Visual Impairment
  7. Down Syndrome
  8. Seizure disorders
  9. Cystic Fibrosis Mental Retardation
  10. Dyslexia

Now that you know what a special school is and have learned about its operations, here is a list of the top 10 best special schools in Nigeria for special students.

The Top 10 Best Special Schools In Nigeria For Special Students

In no particular order, the special schools in Nigeria are listed as follows:

1. Modupe Cole Memorial Childcare and Treatment Home

Modupe Cole Memorial Childcare and Treatment Home specializes in educating children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism among others. Established in 1960, it has risen to become one of Nigeria’s top 10 best special schools.

Location: 1, St. Finbarr College Road, Akoka, Lagos.

2. Royal School of Therapy Education

Royal School of Therapy Education simultaneously provides general and special education services. There is provision for students who can learn the usual way, from prep to nursery, primary and secondary. And from kindergarten to adulthood, the school offers aid for disabled or traumatically afflicted children to acquire education.

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Location: Abubakar Ali Gombe Street, Plot 194, 4461 Crescent, by Citec Gate Gwarinpa Abuja, FCT.

3. Centre for Children With Special Needs

Popularly known as CCSN, Centre for Children With Special Needs, is a learning institution that assists students with special needs. Children with a cerebral palsy, learning disorder, autism and other developmental disabilities enroll in the school.

Location: 4 Lake Chad Crescent, Off IBB Way, Maitama District FCT-Abuja.

4. Open Door Special Education Centre

Open Door Special Education Centre is one of the best special schools in Nigeria with highly distinguishing features for special students. Children with developmental issues, intellectually slow learners with reading disability, dyslexia, and speech and articulation problems get an adequate learning experience in the school.

Location: Open Doors Special Education Centre, Off Liberty Boulevard in Giring, Jos, Plateau State.

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5. Anthos House

Anthos House is a school that majorly focuses on children with autistic problems. With a highly pathetic approach to teaching disabled children, attention is given to their intellectual development, verbal communication skills, and overall academic excellence. It’s one of the best special schools in Nigeria recommended for special children.

Location: 1, Platinum Way, Opposite Jakande First Gate, Lekki Phase II, Lagos.

6. Patrick Speech and Language Centre

Patrick Speech and Language Centre (PSLC) is a non-governmental organization established for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy that impairs learning.

Location: Patrick Speech and Languages Centre 13b Remi-Fani-Kayode Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

7. Benola School

Benola Schools strategically evolve from networking friends and family, healthcare practitioners, caretakers and educators, enlightening them on managing children with cerebral palsy.

It is one of the best special schools in Nigeria.

Location: Suite 19/20, Praise Plaza, Ajah/Ado Road, Lekki, Lagos.

8. A.D.E.T. Academy

Comprehensive Autism and Related Disabilities Education and Training Academy, popularly called C.A.D.E.T, is one of the best special schools in Nigeria.

They offer intensive research strategies aimed at providing the best learning condition for special children in a loving atmosphere. The research methods applied are to ensure standard academic experience irrespective of learning disability in students.

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Location: Block L2, 13, Uruguay Street, Maitama, Abuja.

9. Alderstown School for the Deaf

Alderstown School for the Deaf was founded in 1954. It was established to educate children between 4 to 12 years, who are deaf, can’t hear or speak well.

Location: Along Skinn Road in Warri, Delta State.

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10. Kids Start Right

Kids Start Right School is specially established for children who find it difficult to learn regularly due to disabilities.

Children who exhibit issues of attention disorder, autism and other learning difficulties should attend Kids Start Right Schools.

Location: 24, Ayinde Giwa Street, Masha, Surulere, Lagos.

Contact: 08102115212, 07085221103

Final Note

If you know any special child who needs to enroll in a special school, have a look at our list of the top 10 best special schools in Nigeria. Even if you had no idea what the special schools are, this post has enlightened you. Make it worthwhile.

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