Technology Trends in Nigeria: These 3 Apps Will Shape Businesses In 2020

Do you know what will be the technology trends in Nigeria next year? Nigerians will change the way they do business. The level of buying and selling will be so advance those who ignore the trend will be left behind. It’s that serious – and that change has already begun.

With a population of more than 180 million, Nigeria boasts of a robust emerging market for not only startups but also the big guns in the tech industry.

And when you consider the African country with the highest population and highest online engagement, you will realize her huge potential in scaling the business world.

Online Business Trends in Nigeria

With a population of over 180 million people, 93.39 million of which use the internet and 54% of which visit the net on a daily basis, you should know that the Nigerian tech market is no doubt a huge one.

But despite the big bang in their internet presence, many Nigerians still prefer the traditional form of buying and selling to the advanced digital one. For instance, 44% of Nigerian online buyers still prefer to see physically the products they are buying before going ahead. Call it a trust issue if you like. But the majority of Nigerian online shoppers wouldn’t just jump on a product no matter how attractive if they are not 100% convinced they would get the value for their money.

But the good news is, this trend is gradually changing, especially with the advent of these 3 powerful online business platforms – Luno, Wondafu and OPay.

With these interesting online platforms, businesses have been transformed and Nigerians are now embracing and are more comfortable transacting online.  No doubt, these technology trends will shape the future of business in Nigeria in 2020.

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The 3 Apps That Will Change The Nigerian Business Culture In 2020

From cryptocurrency to the online payment system and e-commerce services, these three business trends have come to deepen the country’s online market structure.

Now let’s take a look at the online platforms one by one.

technology trends

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Technology Trend #1: Luno

Tell Nigerians about cryptocurrency and they will be like, “Are you freaking kidding me? The money I can’t even feel in my hand! Heck!” Not to now talk of fraud and other fears in the cryptocurrency market.

But not anymore, with the advent of Luno in the market, some Nigerians have now begun to really have a look at the opportunities presented by the crypto world.

With their sophisticated security measures and a proven intermediary system in place, Luno has made sure that the fears of Nigerians about crypto dealings have now been crushed.

Now hear this, with the Luno app, you can invest by buying and selling Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies conveniently. You can also send and receive money (no matter how huge without any annoying bank charges or government taxes and other ripoffs). That’s not all, you can also buy goods and pay for services using cryptocurrency.

With this trend in place, it won’t be long before business-savvy Nigerians begin to dive into the amazing world of cryptocurrency investment. And with just a few days into 2020, you might want to consider taking the lead in the wonderful world of cryptocurrency now that a Bitcoin is still N2,491,999 before the price goes up astronomically.


Technology Trend #2: Wondafu

One of the most amazing business trends in Nigeria that will ease the means of doing business in 2020 is Wondafu. And the fact that it’s integrated with your WhatsApp makes it super interesting.

A highly powerful payment system designed by TechAdvance, the foremost innovative tech company in Nigeria, Wondafu is so amazing it will take off all your payment worries within a click away.

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As one of the fastest payment platforms in Nigeria, the system is designed in a way that it gives you a personalised experience. With a user interface that is as simple as blinking an eyelid and as friendly as a credit alert on your phone, rest assured your business transactions are taken care of.

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With Wondafu, you can:

  • Pay your electricity bill
  • Subscribe for your internet data
  • Buy airtime
  • Buy cinema tickets
  • Pay for your cable TV subscription
  • And so much more

Technology Trends #3: OPay

Remember that online transport service system that enticed Nigerians with their superior marketing strategy at inception? But you at least remember you once paid just N200 for a bike ride to a far distance that if you were to use any of Nigeria’s local commercial buses like the danfo or even the so-called BRT, you would have paid a fortune.

Yes, That’s ORide, one of OPay’s and most popular of their services. Even we at TheNigerianWeb have benefitted at some point in their incredibly generous Friday N10 per ride offer. Trust us, in Nigeria right now, there is nothing like it!

With the way Opay has already revolutionalised online business and payment services in Nigeria so far, now think of what is to come in 2020.

In 2020, more Nigerians will completely abandon Uber and Taxify (except maybe occasionally) for the ORide, and even most recently – OCar and OBus.

Other services rendered by Opay include:

  • ORide
  • OFood
  • Owealth
  • OPay Agents
  • OTrike
  • Olla


2020 in Nigeria promises to be highly rewarding for business owners and with a trend like the OPay system, transportation and other relevant services are going to be a lot easier.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a business owner or an investor, one of the best ways to ace your game in 2020 is to tap into a proven system that’s come to make life easier both for you and your customers. And this is exactly what Luno, Wondafu and OPay are bringing into the increasingly growing Nigerian business environment. Trust us, this will be one of the biggest technology trends in Nigeria to watch out for in 2020.

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