Top 10 Best Female Native Styles in Nigeria

Are you searching the web for the female native styles in Nigeria? You probably have an upcoming wedding or a housewarming party or a chieftaincy party and are looking to find the best fashion styles you can rock there. Welcome. Here’s where you will find it.

In this article, we’ve dug out for you top 10 female native styles in Nigeria you can choose from.

But first of all, here’s a sneak peek into the different traditional styles in Nigeria.

Native Fashion Styles in Nigeria

When we talk about native styles in Nigeria, you remember the agbada, ankara, Atiku and senator styles right? And there’s more.

Nigerian native attire exists in various styles based on cultural diversity and ethnicity. With over 300 ethnic groups across Nigeria, you can’t but be filled with awe to see different native styles in their respective uniqueness.

Nigerian Native Styles Today

Nigerian native styles have gone beyond the popular iro, buba and sokoto that we all know. Latest fabric materials, new designs in short styles, shirts, and gowns, are the fashion trends today.

The Top 10 Female Native Styles in Nigeria

Below are the top 10 best female native styles in Nigeria.

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1. Black and Gold Iro and Buba Style

The black and gold female native style is fit for every occasion. From weddings, naming ceremonies, to get-together parties, you can rock any the design anywhere. A nice handbag, pair of shoes and a wristwatch are some of the accessories you can rock with this style.

female native styles in nigeria

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2. Light Pink Iro and Buba Style

For the ladies, this light pink iro and buba style will do wonders. Just make sure you tie the gele beautifully. With this design, you can add beads, earrings, and bangles.

female native styles in nigeria

3. Yellow Design Agbada Style

This yellow design agbada style is exquisitely designed for women. The Ankara design round the edges of the yellow fill makes it a unique sight. With a red cap to match, you’ll steal the show with splendour in the yellow design agbada style.

female native styles in nigeria

4. Black Gown Style (with stone design)

The black gown style is patterned with shiny stones. It is classy and makes you look unique anywhere anytime. Its organza design and flowing gown make it the best you can rock to any event.

5. Off Shoulder Pink Gown Style

The off-shoulder pink gown style is a classic beautiful Nigerian native female style. Nice, classy and flashy are words to describe the pink gown style. With its flounce design, it is one of the best outfits you can rock to any event.

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6. Purple Lace Gown Style

The purple lace gown style is one of the latest female native styles in Nigeria. Its two-stepped design which flows from knee to the ground makes you look stunning. The big royal beads adorning this outfit makes it unique for a nice outing experience.

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7. Royal Blue Gown Style

For your parties, meetings or any gathering, the royal blue gown style is a perfect choice. It features a two-stepped gown cut from the knee to the ground in two stepped round shape. With its off-shoulder touch of silver design and headtie, you can rock it to important events.

8. Purple Lace Style (with peplum)

The purple lace style is a trending female native style you should consider. For weddings, parties like birthdays, students’ matriculation, or a convocation, any owambe, the purple lace style is a nice outfit for female wears in Nigeria.

9. Pink Plus Gold Style

Make your day eventful in the pink and gold female native style designed for you. The gold headtie on the pink satin and gold material shines radiantly when exposed to light. This is one of the best female native styles in Nigeria.

10. Khaki with Black Patterned Gown Style

The khaki with black patterned gown leaves you stunning for every outing you’re invited to. It’s best for bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony. The black design on it makes it among the beautiful female native styles in Nigeria.

Final Note

Many female fashion trends abound today, but the really classy and unique ones for Nigerian women are the ones listed above. When you are looking to sew beautiful female wears, you should consider the above female native styles in Nigeria.

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