Top 20 Visa Free Countries For Nigerians In 2023

There are many visa free countries for Nigerians. Visa requirements and applications can be tiresome and its long process annoying. But, the good news is that there are countries Nigerians can visit without a visa.

In this article, we’ve done our best to reveal to you top visa free countries for Nigerians in 2022. If you love to travel and you’re looking for countries Nigerians can visit without a visa, here we gat you covered.

Now, at this juncture, let’s quickly take you through what it takes when a visa is required when jetting out of Nigeria. This way, hopefully, you’d realize how much stress you’d avoid when you discover countries you can visit without visas as a Nigerian.

That leads to our next point:

Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens

To obtain a visa, it’s either you’re going on a business trip or you want to go on an excursion and explore new places. Visa application requirements for Nigeran citizens in these cases differ.

visa free countries for nigerians

We’ll take them one after the other. Here we go.

We want you to show you how much stress you’d save when you travel visa-free. So, we’ve decided to take you through a journey of visa requirements for Nigerian citizens traveling to Canada.

Canada is one of the countries of the world many Nigerians desire to explore. Being the largest total land area in the world, it shares borders with the United States. But, it’s situated above North America.

Before we check out the visa requirements to get to Canada, we’d check out the available visa types and cogent details about them.

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Canadian Visa Types For Nigerians

  • Study Permit

Also called the students’ visa, students who want to study in Canada take the study permit. The visa is valid for the period of study plus an extra 90 days. Multiple entries are allowed. But, it’s with confirmation that your program is still running. It takes 38 days to process and it costs #28,000 to apply.

Applicants must provide pieces of evidence of

  1. Admission by an educational institution.
  2. Financial capability to pay tuition fees, sort accommodation, transportation, and other basic and maintenance needs.
  3. Sound health with a medical report
  4. Clean criminal record

Without these, the Nigerian citizen won’t be able to proceed with the application.

  • Business Visa

Also named the tourist visa, the business visa is for people who want to start a business in Canada. It’s valid for 6 months. An extension is possible but must be processed 30 days before the expiry date. It takes 38 days to process and it costs N28,000 to process.

  • Work Permit

The work permit is issued to people who intend to work temporarily in Canada. Applicants must provide proof of employment offer to qualify for a work permit. It lasts for 2 years. However, plus extensions, the validity period lasts up to 4 years. Application costs N28,000 and is sponsored by the employer.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the Canadian visa requirements.

General Requirements for a Canadian Visa

To apply for any of the above visa types, applicants must have a clean criminal record. And be able to speak, understand, and interact fluently in the English language. Most importantly, must assure the immigration officer to willingly leave Canada at the agreed time.

The documents for a Canadian Visa include:

  1. Complete Visa Forms
  2. An original and photocopy of your Nigerian passport. It must be valid for at least six months ahead of your returning dare and possess at least two blank pages.
  3. Two colored photographs that meet the visa photo requirements.
  4. Proof of visa application fee.
  5. Proof of sufficient funds for the period of the trip. Documents like 3 months bank statements, payslips, proof of investments, e.t.c to funds sufficiency.
  6. A letter from the person or institution sponsoring your trip and additional documents. A copy of their passport and bank statements are required. They serve to prove their ability to fully sponsor the trip. Note that this only applies if you’re not paying for the trip.
  7. Proof of connection with Nigeria. An employment letter, proof of business or assets, e.t.c will provide evidence for identification.
  8. Copy of provisional flight booking and travel itinerary. That is a fixed accommodation plan.
  9. Evidence that you are in good health. This is often backed by medical reports and tests.
  10. Previous passports to show travel history.
  11. Additional documents that support your application. Marriage certificates, invitation letters, e.t.c are used.
  12. A self-addressed return courier envelope.
  13. An authorization letter is signed by both parents or legal guardians. This applies to minors (under 18) traveling alone.
  14. An authorization letter from the non-accompanying parent or legal guardian is required. This applies only to minors traveling with one parent.
  15. An invitation letter detailing the purpose of the visit, duration, details of the host person or business, and so on.
  16. Finally, your biometrics.
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Canada had sought to expand its biometrics collection to the vast majority of immigrants since 2018. Hence, you’ll do biometrics. Except, you’re a transit visa holder. Additional documents demanded in this case vary according to the visa application type.

Do you now see how much stress you’d bypass if you’d travel without having to get a visa?

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Now, let’s shoot straight for the high point of the article.

The Top 20 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians in 2023

Now, we’ll take you through the list of the top 20 visa free countries for Nigerians in 2021.

They’re visa-free! You’ll need no files. And you’ll fill no forms. Just pack your bags and let’s travel.

1. Maldives

visa free countries for nigerians

Maldives is one of the visa free countries for Nigerians. Just with your Nigerian passport. And your valid exit ticket from the country, you can travel there. You’ll get a 30-day free visa when you get to the country.

Country Capital: Male

Location: South Asia

Population: 540,544 people

2. Cambodia

visa free countries for nigerians

It’s easy to travel to Cambodia. The simple way to save the stress of visa processing is to contact the embassy or Cambodia consulate closest to you.

There, you’ll get an electronic visa that’ll allow you the ease to travel to Cambodia, visa-free!

Country Capital: Phnom Penh

Location: South East Asia

Population: 16,718,965 people

3. Seychelles

visa free countries for nigerians

Located in East Africa, Seychelles is a beautiful country to spend vacations. Visa-free policy in Seychelles permits Nigerians the opportunity to spend 30 days counting from the date they arrived there. Just ensure you have means of livelihood over the period and that you’re a Nigerian citizen.

Country Capital: Victoria

Location: East Kenya

Population: 98,347 people

4. Cote DIvoire

visa free countries for nigerians

Nigerians can travel to Cote D’Ivoire visa-free. Often called The Land of Ivory, it’s popular for its genre of music, beach fronts, African arts and food.

It’s one of the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS). Nigerian citizens enjoy their free visa trip based on familiarity with the country as a West African State. You too can take advantage of this.

Country Capital: Yamoussoukro

Location: West Africa

Population: 26, 491, 888 people

5. Ethiopia

visa free countries for nigerians

Ethiopia, (the home of coffee and HRH Haile Sellasie) allows Nigerians access to its borders with their passport. At the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, an arrival visa is issued. And the visitor has 90 days maximum to be within the country.

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Country Capital: Addis Ababa

Location: East Africa

Population: 115,863,663 people

6. Uganda

visa free countries for nigerians

Uganda is one of the easiest and visa free countries for Nigerians. Get your Nigerian passport, a passport photograph, and proof that you test negative for yellow fever. With them, proceed to take the Ugandan visa, and you’re ready for the trip.

Country Capital: Kampala

Location: East Africa

Population: 45,741,007 people

7. Mauritius

visa free countries for nigerians

Nigerians are bilaterally unified with some countries. This means that the country is just a flight away from the location. A return flight ticket plus proof of self-sustenance during your trip are just all you need to journey to Mauritius.  You’ll be issued a 30 days free visa on arrival.

Country Capital: Port Louis

Location: East Africa

Population: 1,271,768 people

8. Madagascar

visa free countries for nigerians

Madagascar boasts of a beautiful paradise for people who love wildlife. Just like the movie, Madagascar portrays, if you love animals and wildlife, you can consider visiting the country. The world’s fourth-largest island is situated there. And you can spend a maximum of 90 days (3 months) in the country, totally visa-free. Interesting, right? Yes!

Country Capital: Antananarivo

Location: East Africa

Population: 27,691,018 people

9. Ghana

visa free countries for nigerians

Ghana is a popular African country many Nigerians travel to. It’s because access to the country isn’t a tug of war at all.  With a valid Nigerian passport, you’re welcomed in Ghana to spend up to 90 days (3 months). All you need to do is follow its visa-free policies in the gold coast.

Country Capital: Accra

Location: West Africa

Population: 31,072,940

10. Comoros

visa free countries for nigerians

Comoros is one of such countries Nigerians can visit without a visa. You’ll need 30 Euros pere (just 30 Euros) for a 45 days visa. But, it’s alongside your Nigerian passport. If you’ve got that, you need nothing more.

Country Capital: Moroni

Location: East Africa

Population: 869,601 people

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11. Barbados

visa free countries for nigerians

Barbados is a beautiful country with features like islands and underground caves. Nigerians with passport holders have the opportunity to travel to Barbados visa-free!

All that’s required are a valid passport and a return ticket. With them, rest assured of 90 days of maximum enjoyment in Barbados. Care to catch the Island fun? Let’s go to Barbados visa-free.

Country Capital: Bridge Town

Location: North America (East Caribbean Island)

Population: 287,375 people

12. Cameroon

visa free countries for nigerians

If you want to tour Cameroon to return to Nigeria within one, two or three months, it’s visa-free. You’d find celebrated works of arts, especially wood carvings, in the country. If you desire to explore the wildlife in a low plain valley bounded by beautiful forest sights, find your way to Cameroon.

Country Capital: Yaounde

Location: Central Africa

Population: 26,545,863 people

13. Benin

visa free countries for nigerians

Being one of the ECOWAS, Nigerians won’t need a visa to get to the Benin Republic. However, citizens must possess evidence of identities such as a passport (also the ECOWAS passport) or the ECOWAS travel certificate.

Your passport must have blank visa pages. Also, you should confirm if your destination requires a transit visa before you travel. These are sufficient for you to proceed with your plans to the Benin Republic.

Country Capital: Porto-Novo

Location: West Africa

Population: 12,123,200 people

14. Burkina Faso

visa free countries for nigerians

With Burkina Faso visa-free policy for Nigerians, citizens have bypassed the visa struggle. You can get there at no visa cost at all! And you can spend 3 months (90 days). Just ensure your Nigerian passport is valid, and your visa pages blank. There you go! Off to Burkina!

Country Capital: Ouagadougou

Location: West Africa

Population: 20,903,273 people

15. Chad

visa free countries for nigerians

All you need to get to Chad is your valid citizenship ID and travel passport. You can stay up to 90 days (3 months) with their free visa policy. Chad is a center of tourism many care to explore. You could pen down the country for consideration on your next vacation or leave at work.

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Country Capital: N’Djamena

Location: North-Central Africa

Population: 16,425,864 people

16. Mali

visa free countries for nigerians

As a Nigerian citizen, you don’t need a visa application to get to Mali. Your passport and other sufficient proof of identification are enough to make your trip. Also, you’d need to provide evidence that you’re yellow fever-free.

Country Capital: Bamako

Location: West Africa

Population: 20,250,833 people

17. Cape Verde

visa free countries for nigerians

Cape Verde is one of the visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders.  Citizens can spend complete 90 days (3 months), having bypassed the hassle of getting a visa.

Just your means of identification, coupled with your return ticket are enough to grant your entry and exit to and from Cape Verde. Also, be sure you’ve got the correct address you intend to visit.

Country Capital: Praia

Location: Africa

Population: 555,987 people

18. Haiti

visa free countries for nigerians

You don’t need a visa to get to Haiti provided you’ve got your Nigerian passport intact. However, you’ll need to pay an entry fee of $10.00 at the airport.

Your passport must bear 6 months minimum validity beyond the arrival date in the country. Also, your return ticket is an essential document they’ll ask for at the immigration department. And you’ll have to prove you’re able to sustain yourself through the period of stay.

There are several other policies Haiti demands from immigrants,  but these are the major ones Nigerian citizens would comply with to be allowed in Haiti visa-free.

Country Capital: Port-au-Prince

Location: North America

Population: 11,402,528 people

19. Senegal

visa free countries for nigerians

The Senegalese government permits Nigerian citizens to spend at most 3 months (90 days) without a visa. Whoever wishes to exceed the time applies for an extension at the immigration department of the country. A Nigerian valid ID, passport and means of sustenance must be provided to proceed at the Senegal border.

Country Capital: Dakar

Location: West Africa

Population: 16,743,927 people

20. Guinea Bissau

visa free countries for nigerians

Guinea Bissau is one of the countries Nigerians can visit without a visa. Citizens are allowed to stay 90 days (3 months) maximum in the country.

Valid Nigerian passport, proof of sustenance, and blank visa pages are the documents you’d provide. After then, you’d be granted entry into the country.

Country Capital: Bissau

Location: West Africa

Population: 1,968,001 people

Final Notes

With just your Nigerian passport and other simple documents, you can visit the above visa free countries for Nigerians. They’re linked to Nigeria based on Commonwealth membership or association via ECOWAS.

Thinking of a vacation, relaxation, or an excursion abroad? You can always check back or bookmark this page for the top choice visa-free countries you should consider traveling to.

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