5 Trending Atiku Styles For Nigerian Men

The Atiku styles for Nigerian men are the latest unique fashion styles in town. As the name suggests, the style probably came to the limelight because of the name attached to it. We are not sure, but the story of how this style became a trend went like this – the former Nigerian vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar loved to wear it a lot.

But one thing is certain, the Atiku fabric is now in popular demand among fashion-conscious Nigerian guys. People wear it in different styles to weddings, cocktail parties, and even political gatherings.

In this article, we will show you the different Atiku styles among Nigerians.

Before going into the different styles in which Nigerian men sew their Atiku cloth, let’s take a quick look at what the Atiku fabric is made of.

The Atiku Fabric Materials

The Atiku fabric comes in different shades of colors and textures. It’s most popular in purple, pink, grey, white, and blue. But it is different from a see-through kind of lace material. Depending on the thickness you want, the Atiku fabric comes in varying degrees of materials. It lasts long and it’s good for ironing.

Now, on to the real matter:

The Different Atiku Styles for Nigerian Men

Nigerian men like to rock the Atiku fabric in different styles. But most of them usually sew the cloth into buba and trousers or fitted agbada. Depending on your choice, the Atiku fabric is good for a variety of styles. You should try sewing popular traditional attires like short-sleeved and long-sleeved kaftan, shirt, and trousers. The texture of the fabric is cool and soothing on the body. You may pick any popular color of your choice: brown, navy blue, cream, white, black, or sky blue.

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Embroidery is a popular feature in the Atiku styles among Nigerian men. Whether it is agbada style you want to sew or a buba and trousers, adding the embroidery touch to it makes it classic. While some men love to have the embroidery blend with the color of the cloth, you may decide to leave it if your choice is a simple design.

Accessories For Atiku Styles For Nigerian Men

Check out new designs.

Nigerian men known for their swags during parties and popular occasions, like to rock the Atiku style with all kinds of accessories. This makes them look fashionable and adorable and makes you want to associate with them. While some guys might use caps of different shades like the regular traditional cap, others prefer to rock the Hausa cap. Either of them is a perfect fit for the Atiku fabric. Also, nice shoes, classic glasses, and wristwatches will give you a perfect look.

1. The Celebrity Atiku Style – Femi Adebayo’s Design

We all know that the famous Nigerian actor, Femi Adebayo, likes to rock the Atiku style a lot. You hardly see him in a function not glamorously clad in the Atiku fabric. And he wears it so perfectly it’s like he’s born to rock it. The design looks good on black shoes and a simple but classic wristwatch. Best without a cap, but it’s not really a bad idea if you decide to top it with a cap that matches.

Atiku Styles for Nigerian men

2. Purple-stripe Atiku Style

The purple stripe Atiku fabric is unique and classy. You can wear it to all kinds of occasions. It’s cool for weddings and political events. Get yourself a matching cap, a black cap is cool and nice shoes. You can also rock it with a nice pair of glasses. The design is cool and nice for Nigerian guys aiming for the best in fashion. Want to be the focus of all eyes at that wedding ceremony? Rocking the purple Atiku fabric is a sure way to go.

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Clad in this beautiful cloth, you will not only look fresh and stylish, but it will also give you that respect usually accorded anyone wearing the cloth. Who knows, it might have something to do with the fact that it was introduced by a prominent Nigerian politician, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. He was the former Vice President and the Atiku cloth was named after him probably because he used to rock it a lot. Indeed, the Atiku styles for Nigerian men is classic.

Atiku styles for Nigerian men

Check out new designs.

Atiku style purple

3. Plain Wine Atiku Style

This is a unique design and it’s simple and lovely. You can rock this Atiku style to weddings and social functions. This short-sleeved Atiku fabric is cool and nice for your fashion goals. If yours is to look classy, this is the trend. This Atiku style goes with nice shining black shoes and if you prefer to wear a cap, a nice black cap will look great. Yes, the Atiku syles for Nigerian men on a plain white material are super unique and trendy.

Plain wine atiku style

4. Plain Black Atiku Style

Most Nigerian men and guys like to wear the plain black Atiku style to weddings. In case you’re looking for a classic design you can rock to that important event, this Atiku style is a good option. Long-sleeved and with a touch of white design, the black Atiku fabric looks great and you can slay in it for weddings and other important events.

Check out new designs.

Black atiku style

5. Striped White Atiku Style

This is a unique Atiku style that is trending among fashionable Nigerian men and guys. As a fashion-conscious guy, you should try out this unique striped white Atiku cloth. You will probably have come across this design at weddings. Yes, most people like to choose the design as the general aso ebi for the guests so the occasion can be colorful.

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And if you’ve been to Nigerian weddings, the colorful Atiku designs are enough pointer to how Nigerian men so much love the cloth. It goes with a nice black cap and black shoes.

striped white atiku style

Bottom line   

In Nigeria, weddings and parties are taken seriously and people want to look nice and presentable. This is why they pay attention to the kind of cloth they wear on such occasions. Among the popular clothing designs, most Nigerian men like to wear to events is the Atiku style. So the Atiku styles for Nigerian men have become a household item. And if you have not yet tapped into it, it’s like not knowing what’s in vogue.

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