Zenith Bank Customer Care Contact Details 2023

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Zenith Bank of Nigeria

Zenith Bank customer care

Jim Ovia, one of the richest men in Nigeria founded Zenith Bank of Nigeria in May 1990. It first operated as a commercial bank until it was approved as a public limited liability company on 21st October 2004. The same year, it was enlisted in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Zenith Bank has its headquarters in Lagos. It has 500 branches spread across the 36 states of Nigeria with up to 1 million shareholders. The bank strategically grew its shareholder’s fund of ₦20 million (1990) to ₦704.50 billion (2016).

Zenith Bank Subsidiaries

Zenith Bank operates both locally and internationally. Below are other Zenith Bank’s various locations.

  • Zenith Bank, Ghana
  • Zenith Bank, Sierra Leone
  • Zenith Bank, Gambia
  • Zenith Bank representative office, The People’s Republic of China.

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Zenith bank plans to extend beyond the borders of Africa to Europe and Asia.

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Awards And Recognition of Zenith Bank of Nigeria

Zenith Bank is ranked among the leading banks in Africa. Listed in this section are the latest 2020 Awards of Zenith Bank of Nigeria.

  • Biggest Bank in Nigeria (2020) by tier-1 Capital – The Banker Magazine
  • Best Bank in Nigeria (2020) – Global Finance Magazine
  • Most Valuable Banking Brand in Nigeria (2020) – The Banker, London
  • Bank of the Decade (2020) (People’s Choice) – Thisday Newspaper, Nigeria
  • Bank of the Year 2020 – Independent Newspaper, Nigeria

The Zenith Bank Customer Care Contact Details 2023

Zenith Bank has strong customer interest and values. One of its aims is to ensure customers leave satisfied with the services they enjoy, so they come for more. So as one of the leading banks in the African continent, the bank has made it very easy for its teeming customers to reach out to them for queries and complaints.

So for a swift response, here are the zenith bank customer care contact details.

Zenith Bank Website

Surprised? Of course not. The first on our list here is the bank’s website. There is absolutely nothing you want to do on their apps and other platforms that you can’t practically do on their website. Yes, that’s one of the interesting things about Zenith Bank of Nigeria.

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So for enquiries or any important issue relating to banking with Zenith Bank of Nigeria, you can visit www.zenithbank.com.

Zenith Bank Service Numbers

If you prefer to speak with a customer care representative of Zenith Bank, then you’d need the service numbers they use. Check them out here.

  • 234-1-2787000, 0700 – for general enquiries, account opening, internet banking
  • 234-01- 2781740, 2782273 – for card services
  • 234-1-2781543, 234-1-2708930-4, 2782734, 2784056, 2781588, 2781555, 2781568, 2787000 – for          corporate internet banking services.
  • 234-1-2787000, 0700 – for products and services
  • 234-1-2783411, 2783421, 2701004-5, 4613704 – for online insurance services.
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Zenith Bank Twitter Handle

Zenith Bank of Nigeria is very active on Twitter and you can get your transaction issues resolved in no time. And it’s simple to use.

If you’re on Twitter (if not, register), and then go to Zenith Bank Twitter handle: @ZenithBank.

Zenith Bank USSD Mobile Banking Code

Zenith Bank of Nigeria uses USSD Mobile Banking. Dial the code *966#. It’s free. With the code, you can do vital basic transactions like bank transfers, purchase airtime, subscribe to data, make payments, and many more.

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Zenith Bank Email Address

If you want to reach Zenith Bank by email, you can easily do so by using any of the email addresses below.

Zenith Bank Branches

There are about 400 Zenith Bank branches in Nigeria alone. Locate Zenith Bank of Nigeria nearest to you to have physical contact with their customer care representatives. The bank is open between 9 am to 2 pm on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays).

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when banking in Nigeria was extremely difficult for customers. From the usual long queue in the banking hall for every transaction to the delay in response from the customer service desks, it was really an unfavorable experience. But things have changed now, you can now enjoy effective customer service by using any of the Zenith Bank of Nigeria customer care contact details.

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