Zzapo Mobile Phones In Nigeria (4GB RAM+64GB Memory at N7,999)

Did you know that the latest gist about smartphones in the country today is all about Zzapo mobile phones in Nigeria? Talk about getting a smartphone at the lowest price you can ever imagine.

Yes, with as little as N 7,999 and N9,999 you can get yourself quality smartphones with 4GB RAM  +  64GB storage and 6GB RAM + 128GB storage respectively. That’s incredible!

So if you’re planning to get yourself a new smartphone in Nigeria soon, you might want to consider this mouthwatering offer from the Zzapo mobile.

The new mobile phones which were launched in Lagos, Nigeria on the 30th of November, 2019 were said to come with great features like the 5G support. No doubt, when you talk of the most affordable mobile phones in Nigeria presently, you’re referring to Zzapo mobile phones.

With Zzapo mobile’s grand entrance into the Nigerian smartphone market, the idea of ensuring that everyone in Nigeria has access to a smartphone is no longer a farfetched dream. Who could believe that with just N7,999, you can get yourself a brand new smartphone with the best features?

Zzapo mobile phones in Nigeria

According to the Zzapo Mobile company’s Managing Director, Mr Rakesh Upadhyay, the company’s research into the smartphone market in Africa has shown that the demand is very wide. But because most phones available are expensive, many could not afford them. So Zzapo Mobile has come in to bridge this gap.

The Powerful Features Of the Zzapo Mobile Phones In Nigeria

RAM: 4GB and 8GB

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Storage: 64GB and 128GB

Camera: 720-degree, 26MP HD camera

  • Rear: 16 MP
  • Front: 13 MP

Processor: Snapdragon

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Battery: 3200 mAH

Security: Fingerprint Unlock

Other Key Features Of The Zzapo Mobile Phones In Nigeria

Apart from its superb camera, huge memory and awesome processor, the Zzapo Mobile also includes these great features:

  • Adaptive brightness for better display and battery
  • Inbuilt screen recorder
  • Inbuilt antivirus
  • Intelligent power-saving mode
  • management
  • Single click phone lock

Accessories of the Zzapo Mobile Phones In Nigeria

  • Zzapo 720 degree Flexi cover
  • Zzapo Bluetooth earbuds
  • Zzapo powerhouse 20000 mah
  • Super magnetic USB cable ‘ c ‘ type
  • Super mobile holder

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Things You Should Know About This Great Offer From Zzapo Mobile In Nigeria

Now unlike other mobile phones that came into the country with very expensive prices, Zzapo Mobile phones in Nigeria have carefully studied the Nigerian market and have realised that making the phone affordable is key.

This is why Zzapo Mobile company decided to launch their mobile phones in Nigeria with the most affordable prices

But the promo won’t be forever.

So, you have the golden chance to buy the Zzapo mobile phones in Nigeria at the affordable price of N7,999 and N9,999 from Monday 2nd December till Friday 6th December 2019.

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This is a promo price which means that after Friday 6th December 2019, you no longer have the opportunity to buy the phones at N7,999 and N9,999.

At the end of the promo sales on Friday, the price goes to N45,000. Though the original price is N108,000, you can still get the phone at N45,000 after the promo at the company’s office in Ikeja, Lagos till the end of the year.

Here is their office address: shop C87 Asset Plaza, 21 Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Or, better yet, you can shop online at https://zzapo.ng/Products.aspx and in 21 days’ time, you will receive your phone.

With Zzapo Mobile in Nigeria, the issue of not having your own smartphone this year has become a thing of the past. You can now get a quality mobile phone fro as low as N7,999.

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